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Unique, but still bold on Halloween is the decorative style of houses, restaurants, and parties that their owners want to aim for. With just a little creativity, skillfulness, you can immediately take advantage of the available objects to turn them into unique - beautiful - strange - scary decorations to welcome the Halloween ghost festival.

Here are some great Halloween decoration ideas you can refer to and apply to your party.

Before embarking on making decorations for Halloween night, you need to clearly define the main colors of the party to make your "guideline". Some commonly chosen tones are black, orange, silver, wine red, and white. These are all ghostly tones when combined with decorations that will definitely help you have an impressive party with bold characteristics of Halloween night.

Halloween party banner

Any party is indispensable for the event name. First, you need to print the form on white paper, then put on an orange, black card to cut. The above are a few suggestions to help you choose.

Pumpkin lanterns

Halloween can't be without pumpkins, right? You just need to use a sharp knife to cut a small slice at the base of the fruit to remove the intestines, then cut out your eyes, nose, mouth and drop the led light inside. In addition to the demon face, you can also create many other shapes to increase the novelty.

In addition to the real pumpkins, you can make handmade pumpkins out of colored paper. This way, you can make decorations and lanterns.

White ghost

To make sure anyone shudders, you should create some of these scary ghosts. Only with a foam ball drawn with two large, black eyes covered by a torn bucket cloth (or white cloth) will you have a ghost. You can also use plastic balls as a substitute for foam balls, but remember to paint the balls white before using them.

Horror flower pot

With the flower pots, a little ripped cotton spreads up to create a fake spider web and a few more black spiders, you can make a mark on the table. More simply, you just need to buy scary animals such as spiders, snakes, black false centipede to drop on the flowerpot, it is enough to make people scared.

Mysterious pumpkin tree

The devil-faced pumpkin tree with a few poisonous bats, poisonous spiders, fake human bones,... will make your decorative corner more strange and unique.

Halloween balloons

Put glowing led lights inside the white balloons. Pump up and use a black marker to paint on it ghost faces that you have scary ghosts on Halloween night. More simply, you can buy pre-printed balls with typical patterns and motifs on Halloween night.

Use a black marker to draw a dot on white plastic balls of different sizes and sizes and stick them together to form horror eyes. You can attach them to walls, fences, trees... to add creepiness.

"Tornado" spider

Just attaching a swarm of fake spiders on brightly colored doors or a wall is enough to terrify many people. You can cut out a giant spider web with black paper and stick it up for a realistic effect.

Decorate cup and cup in the family

With a wine glass and a few simple items you can make unique candlesticks to decorate on Halloween night.

Halloween welcome gate 

In order to make the first strong impression on everyone when coming to the restaurant or house, you need a unique and ghostly facade decoration. A spooky wreath combined with typical Halloween tools: fake spider, skull, fake spider web, pumpkin, ghost,... will bring a creepier and more attractive atmosphere.

Human skeleton and zombie

Images of moving human skeletons or zombies always come alive in Hollywood movies that are re-enacted during Halloween. According to some other records, Halloween is also a day of Yin and Yang harmony, meaning that the dead and the living can come into contact with each other. Living people never want their bodies to be "robbed" by souls, so on the evening of October 31, all houses turn off the fire and wear extremely disgusting costumes, marching loudly throughout the neighborhood to banishing souls to seek body to enter. In addition to makeup, they can be modeled from paper, plastic. You can easily buy it anywhere on the occasion or you can make your own.