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  • Halloween Spooky: A Rare Full Moon 2020

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    In 2020, an extraordinary event is about to happen to us. For the first time in 76 years, the full moon Halloween will be able to be admired all over the world, not just in a few locations.

    Halloween Spooky: A Rare Full Moon 2020

    Halloween has always brought about weird things and can be scary. But this year, the Halloween night sky will be a special picture, with nothing to do with pumpkins or makeup. It is the Blue Moon, which will be revealed on October 31, 2020.

    blue moon

    The name "Blue Moon" does not actually mean that the Moon will give off a strange blue glow, but to explain a full moon. Normally, the moon would be full once a month. But in October this year, we will have 2 full moons: On October 1 and October 31. The rarity of this phenomenon has resulted in the English phrase once in a blue moon, meaning "very rare". Because the blue Moon is so rare, everyone who can see it is considered lucky!


    and like the moon we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again

    According to the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the full moon will appear twice in October 2020. The second full moon that happens in the same month is called the Blue Moon, which will appear on Halloween this year.

    "Most of these blue moons are gray and white, indistinguishable from any other moon you have seen. The second full moon of the month will not change properties," NASA explained. The moon's physics, therefore, its color is kept the same.

    "The actual or at least bluish-blue moons as seen from Earth are likely to appear only when there was a volcanic eruption somewhere prior to this," NASA said.

    Astronomer Jeffrey Hunt said this year's Halloween full moon will be able to be seen from around the world, not just in a few places. This phenomenon is last recorded to occur in World War II.

    "When I teach, my students have the same idea that a full moon happens every Halloween," Hunt said. This is not entirely correct, it's just that popular culture makes it. We think so, he said, the last time the Halloween full moon was visible globally was in 1944. He wrote about the event on his website When the Curves Line Up.

    Hunt said the Halloween full moon was visible in several locations in 1955 but excludes western North America and the western Pacific. Although this year's Halloween full moon will be seen all over the world, that doesn't mean everyone will be seen.

    Residents living in the United States, India, all of Europe, and much of Asia will be able to see the full moon Halloween. However in Australia, only residents of Western Australia will see the full moon, and in the central and eastern part of the country will not be seen. The reason is the time zone difference.


    Halloween Witch Collection

    Witch halloween shirt collection

    Observers said, this year, the full moon Halloween will be very bright. So whether you live in a crowded urban area, or on a remote farm, you can see this amazing phenomenon.

    In the near future, the full moon will appear on October 1, 2020, which Asian people call the Full Moon Moon. Therefore, the full moon of Halloween (October 31, 2020) is also known as 'Blue Moon' - the name of the second full moon appearing in the same calendar month.

    If you miss seeing the Full Moon on October 31, 2020, you'll have to wait until 2039, or in the following years: 2058, 2077, and 2096 respectively.

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  • Top List 15 Genius Halloween Party Ideas 2020

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    Halloween is a spooky, horror festival loved by many young people. This festival is a perfect combination of small details such as dressing, choosing costumes for the space for Halloween party. To be impressed and attract all eyes of the party, you need to know how to decorate and choose the main color of the festival. Often red, orange, black, silver, white, and red colors are the main colors to make the holiday more impressive and unique.

    Halloween decoration ideas to make your party more "creepy". Surely, you will make an unforgettable impression on those participants.

    1. Pumpkin decorated Halloween festival

    Pumpkin decorated Halloween festivalPumpkin is a feature and indispensable in any Halloween season. Without the pumpkins, it would be impossible to express the atmosphere of a true Halloween. Decorating a house with pumpkins is quite simple. The model can be used to simulate, print paper or some symbolic things shaped like a pumpkin with a distinctive orange color. The pumpkins are carved with parts such as eyes, nose and mouth, or painted with black paint, stickers and patterns and inside, place a candle to let them glow at night, creating a mysterious and interesting effect.

    Halloween Town University Pumpkin Shirt

    Halloween Shirt - halloween town university

    2. Decorate the Halloween festival with spider web

    To make the space of the Halloween festival more special, you can try decorating with a rubber spider web. Can be placed in the wall area, around the windows, the door, or right on the stage of the party.


    3. White candles shed blood

    You can easily make yourself a few such creepy candles to decorate the party. The method is quite simple, just heat a red candle and then drip onto a white candle. It looks like a white candle is bleeding, just light the candle, it will be very magical.

    candle blood Residence Style Halloween Window Decorations Ideas to Spook up Your Neighbors

    4. Wreath from iris

    How to make this garland is also quite simple but needs a bit of dexterity and care. You only need to prepare table tennis, paint and steel to create a horrible wreath like this already.

    5. Ghost of harassment

    Imagine, the guests of the party came in and saw ghosts with eyes wide open like this. Probably scared to death.

    Just buy a paper lantern or hang a wedding, a little cloth, and paint on it the facial expressions that can create cute ghosts like this already.

    6.Bat made from cardboard paper

    A flock of bats in the room, it looks great, not only that but it is also very easy to do. Just cut the black cardboard in the form available and draw eyes to complete it. You can use the sticker on the wall or door as you like.

    Bat made from cardboard paper

    7. Zombie style portrait, the atmosphere will be very spooky

    With this decoration, wash a few photos of the guests attending the party. Attach the Led to the eye area and draw a few fangs on it. Decorate a few more spiders, imagine watching the Led turn on, the atmosphere will be very spooky.

    Zombie style portrait

    8. Spooky banquet table

    A party is indispensable for food and drink, and you can create a highlight right there with a table like this. It is simply a plain white cloth covered with black nose-eye decals. Simple and creative is not it.

    Spooky banquet table

    9. A vial filled with ghosts

    Even Halloween doesn't need to worry because you already have this ghost captive. Empty bottles of wine or beer can turn into a colorful Halloween decoration. Just a little creativity and dexterity is enough. You can draw cute ghostly shapes on it. Add a little effect of Led lights inside that you already have a nice decoration.

    A vial filled with ghosts

    10. The ghosts

    A good suggestion to decorate the banquet hall or stage area is the ghosts. Just buy balls of different sizes and a little drooping fabric and you can make ghosts like this.

    the ghost halloween

    11. Blood hand

    A familiar tip of the American horror film but still causes obsession when encountered. You can decorate bloody hands around the festival area. And make sure it can be removed.

    12. Glowing drinking water

    Please serve all kinds of Tonic water for the party because it will create a pretty glowing effect. Tonic drinks have not been used popular in Vietnam, but you can still find them on some online sites.

    Glowing drinking water for halloween, skeleton tonic

    13. Gifts for Halloween guests

    And finally on this list are gifts for guests at the party. Celebrate the Halloween you celebrate with cute gifts. I suggest you use the stylized lollipops shown in the following image, easy to make, right?

    gift for halloween guest

    14. Human skeleton, zombie

    The image of moving skeletons or zombies is always alive in Hollywood movies recreated during Halloween. According to some records, Halloween is also a day of peace and harmony, which means that the dead and the living can interact with each other. Living people never want their bodies to be "stolen" by the spirits, so on the evening of October 31, all the houses turned off the heat and wore extremely disgusting costumes, marching loudly throughout the neighborhood to banish the spirits to come and seek the body to enter. In addition to makeup, they can be modeled from paper and plastic. You can easily buy it anywhere on this occasion or you can make it yourself.

    Skeleton dancing shirt

    Halloween Skeleton shirt15. The witch

    No one grows up without hearing the stories of evil wizards and flying brooms to scare children. Appears in fairy tales with the role of bad, cruel characters, often "playing tricks" to harm the meek with miracles and poisons. The witch represents evil, dark. The image that comes with the broom comes with a wide-brimmed black hat.

    16. Devil's face

    Ugly faces, weird shapes, if you don't want to scare people, you can make it more fun. However, wide eyes, wide mouth, big face, horned head are important factors in order not to make them inherently scary.

    Through the suggestions above, hopefully, you can manually prepare the pretty items for the party. Wish you a colorful Halloween festival and many memories.

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    Halloween Collection for Witches

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