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  • Keys to Successful Magick

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    Magic is a network of energy. It affects all that is around us by directly influencing natural energies. Naturally, magic manifests subtly with one's own abilities to make cosmic changes of energy sources.

    Magic is not supernatural, it is a positive method to help you achieve your goals in life, just like feng shui it does all but is in harmony to create life thoughts. You're better. With the guidance of the angels, you can live a life with the power to be happy, confident, and achieve life goals.


    Although all of these may be important for "spellwork", you really do not need any objects to spell. Sorcery draws power from the user's intentions and magic within each individual. If you have the ability to use Magick, you can cast spells with or without them. Tools, or their respective ones, are powerful objects that can be used to focus and symbolize strength within yourself and in nature, but you don't have to go out and buy a pile of these things before you start practicing magic.

    The best and easiest way to start practicing witchcraft and casting your first spell is to research. Learn as much as you can about the different traditions and find the correspondences (symbols or forces) that attract you the most. A very powerful ritual can be performed without ever spending a penny. Go to your favorite place in the wild, such as a beach or in the woods, and collect rocks, shells, leaves, flowers, and other objects that have some magical meaning for you. These items are inexpensive and completely function as online purchases that are both powerful and expensive.

    After all, even if you don't have to have any magic tools to cast spells, you should still have at least 1 Book Of Shadow to yourself - it's like a magic diary in then you write down your own knowledge. There should be candles, mirrors, or some herbs that are cheap, easy to find, and easy to buy locally (rose, chamomile, lavender, wormwood, mint, apple (apple blossom),...)


    Magic is within as well as all around you if magic is really the path you intend to take. It sounds hard to imagine, but it's really simple. However, that does not mean that studying, studying, and using magic is easy. It takes a lot of research, meditation, and consultation to find correspondences, qualities, and traditions that work or work for you.

    Witches are a private path for each person. Many newcomers find it frustrated that they cannot find any "straightforward answers" from seasoned witches, sorcerers, and magicians on how to start practicing. Because witches are very personal, unable to tell someone exactly what they should or shouldn't do. You can find a lot of witchcraft from different sites, but that doesn't mean it will work for you. Just because a spell succeeds with one witch doesn't mean it will succeed with another.

    Spells are very personal. Magick users create their own spells that make a big difference. There is no single "Book of Spells" that wizards have drawn from it, though many Books of Shadows have been passed down in witchcraft families. If a person practicing spells without fully putting their personal energy and purpose into the spell, it will not work, no matter how good the spell is. Googling "free spells" may give you some ideas, but you should research online spells and learn from their common themes and properties instead of trying to recreate them one by one. exactly.

    Once you get comfortable with the idea of ​​spellcraft, the elements, and tools wizards mean the most to you, you'll find it much easier to cast your first spell.

    Does Magic Really Work?

    Yes and no. Like anything, magic depends on your intentions and consciousness. If your perception that witches are a force that can be manipulated and used to rotate the laws of reality to produce results that cannot be through conventional methods, then it is not. Magic may not be fully understood, but it also follows the laws of nature. You will not be able to cast a spell to teleport yourself from one side of the country to another. Even the strongest witch has to book a flight like everyone else. Likewise, you won't be able to cast a spell on yourself that will instantly give you 100k or more. Spellcraft follows the laws of physics like the rest of the universe, it just goes the other way to get there.

    However, if you perceive witches as a powerful and mysterious natural force that obeys certain laws and fundamentals, then yes, witches are completely realistic and spells will work. You get from the spellwork the intentions you put into it. If you are sure of your intentions and you have chosen, or the magic words that you believe have the power to bring the results you are looking for, your spell will work. If you are distracted or in doubt, your spell will most likely fail.

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  • Easy Energy Bath Ritual

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    For many people, every time they step into the bathroom, take off their clothes, adjust the shower water to the perfect temperature, the sound of rushing water… is the time to release all dirt during the day. This is also the only time you can be alone during the day, spoiled for doing what you want, so we can completely turn this precious time under the shower into a ritual of enjoyment.

    Poster: Magickal Herbal Bath Poster

    According to Dr. Masaru Emoto's studies, water molecules actually react with words and music, creating beautifully shaped crystals. Water reacts with words like "love" and "gratitude" to create a variety of snowflake shapes. Let's play soft, soothing music, stand under the shower, then let the waterfall of love envelop our body.

    Water is the source of life. From the time of the enormous public baths of the ancient Romans to the sacred baptismal rituals, bathing has belonged to a long history of ritual and magic. Bath ritual is the time to connect with the magic element of water, pure energy recharge.

    Taking the time to nurture and nurture ourselves helps us to recharge to become stronger.

    1. Begin the ritual by holding a certain idea in your mind or speaking out loud and letting the water carry your words into the Universe. Take a deep breath and exhale for a long time while you take off the "robe" and turn on the water. You can also sing it out loud. Because for most people, singing in the shower makes them release a lot of emotions and stress after bathing.
    1. Stimulate the smell of essential oils when your nose gets used to the scent of daily shower gel. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a small saucer in the bathroom. The steam will help disperse the essential oils into space so your mind and skin will truly relax! You can also change your shower gel and essential oil soaps every day for different emotions.
    1. Stimulate the whole body touch by massaging with exfoliating soap, bath gloves, or bath broom, use alternating changes to massage the whole body, helping blood circulation, making skin smooth.
    1. Relax and loosen up, let water flow through you, helping you to be aware of the body's ability to absorb energy. Every time you take a bath or relax in the shower, feel your senses seem sharper, more energetic.
    1. After bathing, dry yourself, regain energy. You need to soothe, stay soft, and protect your skin. No matter which skincare product, rub it slowly and thoroughly to confirm with your body that you love it the most. Thank it for carrying you on this existential journey and ready to face all the difficulties that await.

    Bath Mat: Moon Phsae Witch Bath Mat

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  • Money Spells, Rituals, and Chants to Attract Wealth

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    Have you ever thought that you can raise a lot of money is one of the first things that attract you to the Law of Attraction? If so, you are not alone. Almost everyone wants to learn how to attract more money using techniques to operate the Law of Attraction. However, that's more confusing than you might expect. Perhaps you still haven't figured out the right way to use the Law of Attraction to make money.

    If you want to build wealth quickly, you should first refer to the 6 rituals below. We'll outline exercises and also discover how to quickly and easily draw a lot of money using meditation.

    1. Focus on what was achieved

    Often at the top of the list of money-attracting tips, this exercise is based on the core premise of the Law of Attraction that you attract more than you ever thought of.

    So if you spend more time focusing on the things that have been achieved both physically and mentally, many things could come to life your way. There are many ways to do this. For example: Keep a journal with you and make a daily routine of recording 1-5 things you are grateful for. Close your eyes for 3-5 minutes, spend all your time living in your deepest feelings of gratitude for what has been achieved in your life.

    2. Against negative meanings

    When you're trying to attract wealth, your introspective will often tell you you can't have them. Sometimes, it will even be cruel to say that you don't deserve to be rich.

    Whenever a negative thought like this appears, immediately 'annihilate' it and focus on the opposite. For example, when you are nervous, I don't think I'll be successful enough to make money, so be confident with yourself. Everyone can be successful enough to make huge amounts of money. If necessary, use a thought-stopping technique such as saying 'Stop thinking' aloud or saying any sentence out loud that leaves you out of the thought.

    3. Spending on your values

    One of the best ways to attract money is to make sure you dedicate the wealth you have to the things that really matter. When you live in a way that aligns with your values, you'll get more pleasure from spending and developing a much more positive relationship with money. And when you see money in a positive, loving way, you will immediately attract more money!

    4. Facing the truth

    Showing wealth isn't just about connecting money with happiness. It's also about looking at your finances and acting accordingly. So, be honest with yourself. Look at all of your finances, including your debts. 

    Don't be afraid to seek help if you need it. Friends, family, and a financial counselor can all help you come up with a plan to improve your situation. If you're not rich today, that's okay. Remind yourself that you cannot get where you want to go unless you are confronted with the truth of your situation right now.

    5. The smell of money

    While it may sound strange at first, you would be better off using the Law of Attraction of Money and Wealth if you connect with the smell of money. When you do this, you organize your own vibrations in sync with your wealth and money. As you do this, imagine yourself having all the wealth you need. Don't think about why you want the money, or how you want you to have more money. Let your brain believe you are completely rich, right now. This is a quick and easy exercise. 

    However, when done regularly, it can reestablish old negative beliefs about money that are holding you back.

    6. Don't be afraid of success

    Many people accidentally destroy themselves. So to some extent, you might be afraid of what will happen if you attract money!

    Write down all the reasons you might fear being rich. For example, you can write. What if people take advantage of my wealth? What if I'm not happy even if I'm rich? For each fear, think about the cause of that fear. Has anyone in your past put those thoughts in mind? Does it come from your social environment?

    Finally, write an answer to each concern. For example, I will remain a good friend no matter how rich I am.

    How to use meditation to make money

    • Do your pre-bed meditation so that the messages can be easily absorbed into your subconscious mind. Money-attracting meditation begins with finding a quiet, comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Sit down with your legs crossed, or in a chair with your feet touching the ground.
    • Deep breath. When you do this, all the stress will be released from your body. Imagine it dissipates at the top of your head, then the clean energy goes down your neck, chest, waist, legs, and feet.
    • When you are completely relaxed, imagine your body heats up and is covered with a warm golden glow.
    • After a few minutes have passed, imagine money pouring down on you. Imagine millions of dollars. Imagine it fills your room and the neighbor's room next door. There is enough for everyone.
    • Let yourself feel happy and content. After a few minutes of this blissful bath, slowly open his eyes.

    Once you get used to this meditation attraction, you can switch to repeating it twice or thrice a day, not just before bed.

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  • Decoding The Sneak Dream Meaning

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    Dreaming about snakes in the sleep often happens, but to understand what a snake brings when the owner dreams, let's take a careful look at the muscles below.

    Credit: KatiePuchotArt

    There are many cases of dreaming about a snake, one can dream of a snake bite, dream of a snake, or dream of a snake protecting himself or a dream of a snake ... All are explained in different aspects.

    Below we list out dreams of meeting snakes such as dreaming of a snake entwined together, dreaming of a snake biting others, a snake, a dream of a snake eating others, a dream of a strange snake, a green snake. dreaming of snakes walking with you, dreaming of snakes biting frogs or rats, dreaming of snakes coming into the house, dreaming of cats and snakes together, dreaming of snakes with colorful patterns, dreaming of two-headed snakes, dreaming saw a cobra, the year saw a snake eating an egg.

    Snakes are one of the scary things, that's why when we dream about snakes we have the feeling that disaster is about to happen to us. Please read through this article before you conclude it.

    Decoding the phenomenon of dreaming of snakes

    Dreaming of snakes is one of the very mysterious phenomena, which are said to be a terrifying sacred animal when a client dreams of a snake that needs to consider the following factors.

    Dreaming of snakes swirling together

    When you dream of a couple of two snakes swirling together, and it looks like watching you. If you are in such a situation, be careful with family affairs because there may be a third person about to squeeze in between you two. What you need to do is that you should be more attentive to your spouse, happier, more loving.

    Dreaming of snakes biting others

    One of the greatest fears is when being attacked by a snake, whether you or someone else, but if you dream of a snake attack to bite you or others, it means that great fortune is coming. You prepare to receive a great fortune.

    Dreaming of cannibalistic snakes

    When you dream that a snake is eating another snake, it means that all your troubles are about to be resolved. With work deadlocked, this might be a good point for future progression.

    Dreaming of strange snakes, green snakes

    A green snake is a very poisonous and dangerous snake when you dream of a strange snake or a green snake, you will be likely to be harmed or pranked by others. The best thing you do is live well and remember to watch out for unusual problems.

    Meticulousness in work and life. To neutralize this dream, do your deeds of giving and do a little more goodness.

    Dreaming of snakes for traders

    Business people dream that a snake is a blessing, it signals that the upcoming business is favorable. However, if you dream about a green snake or a multicolored snake, this is your fortune. Be careful when dreaming of colorful and aggressive snakes.

    Dreaming of snakes running after me

    If you dream about snakes running after you, when you wake up you are very scared. The explanation for this dream is that you have many bad conspiracies, dark thoughts ... in order to solve the dream, you need to think simple, work with a conscience, and don't think about harming others.

    Dreaming of a snake biting a frog or a mouse

    Dreaming of a snake biting a frog or a mouse is a bad dream, you should be careful when trying to avoid going out alone when doing a great job. To reconcile the dream you need to associate with people with great influence and loving-kindness.

    Years dreamed of snakes crawling into the house

    Grated snakes are a good dream, you will pick up the drops in the near future, if you dream of snakes crawling into the kitchen, then there will be a wealthy influencer coming to visit your home.

    Dreaming of cats and snakes biting each other

    Cats and snakes are opposing animals, if you dream of cats and snakes fighting, you must be in the position of cat and the victory will be for you. Decoding this dream if you dream of snakes fighting, all problems or deadlock jobs in the near future are about to be resolved. Please work patiently and wait for the results.

    Dreaming of colorful snakes

    If you dream of red or black snakes, be careful of what is going to happen. You are about to run into lawsuits when you dream of yellow snakes, be careful. If you dream about gray snakes, then everything will be well with you in the near future.

    Dreaming of snakes getting into bamboo tubes or bamboo

    If you dream of a snake creeping into a bamboo tube or a bamboo lying in it, this is a bad omen about to happen to you. You are about to have bad luck in work and life. All you need to do is work for the benefit of the community, and participate in volunteer meetings to increase your blessings to avoid disasters.

    Dreamed of a two-headed snake

    In the dream you see a two-headed snake, this is a bad omen, similar to the evil dream in the movies we often watch. Dreams signal you about being at a disadvantage in your life or career. It is essential when having a two-headed dream is that you should be calm, consider things bad, and practice virtuous virtues that can help you overcome difficulties.

    Dreaming of snakes walking on the water

    If in a dream you see a snake walking on the water quickly, without any problems, this is a good omen. Your job is about to be promoted, you should study more to deserve the new rank coming.

    Dreamed of a cobra

    In the dream you see cobra this is a bad dream, your future health work has decreased, Be more careful!

    Dreaming of snakebite on fingers, delicious feet

    The delicious finger-biting snake stops you in your dreams, this is a bad omen, you should be careful to have the little lady harm you.

    There are many omens when dreaming of snakes, we will update the information about your meeting with each case, aggregate, and supplement to make the article more useful.

    Dreaming of snakes is a very common phenomenon, they are because of the mysteriousness of dreams called "snake dreams" we have different interpretations according to feng shui.

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  • Magic & Mental Health In The Time Of Corona

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    The COVID-19 pandemic keeps many of us at home, reducing social interactions and mobility. This can negatively impact our physical and mental health. It takes time to adapt to the new reality of working from home, temporarily unemployed, studying at home, less common with friends and colleagues. 

    Adapting to such lifestyle changes, controlling fears of infection, and fear for loved ones, especially vulnerable people are challenges for all of us. This can be especially difficult for someone with a physical and mental health condition. Well, we have a leg-up: we have magic.

    Maintain a daily routine.

    Maintain your daily life as much as you can or do some new things. Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day.

    • Personal hygiene.
    • Eat healthy and on time.
    • Exercise regularly.
    • Allocate time for work and rest.
    • Make time for things you enjoy.

    Meditation during the epidemic season is very suitable for isolating the bacteria, to stop the spread of spreading to a large extent. Simple and straightforward, since meditation is often done alone with oneself, with one's body and mind in a quiet, peaceful place, for example in the back garden, in the mountains. ... This is useful for the body when the bacterial viral epidemic takes place, is suitable for hygiene and disinfection care, healthy eating, and suitable for the body.

    If you have a problem, instead of grief or disease spreading, practice meditation. Such practice helps me to solve my problems when I stay at home to isolate myself in order to bring health to body, mind, good for the community, good for the nation. On the one hand, peace for yourself, on the other hand, to fulfill the Government's self-insulating curfew through this practice.

    Cleansing Ritual

    Take a bath and imagine the water coming out of all that negative energy from your body, from your aura, and purifying you. You can see the results by feeling refreshed, charged, and filled with much more positive and higher vibrations right after bathing. You can also use that purpose to bathe, swim in the ocean, or even just observe the water surface, how it moves (waterfall, fountain) or its stillness, and experience the same result.

    However, bathing isn't really meant to wash your actual body. This personal hygiene part should be done before taking a bath or shower, and after you can refill the tub for your energy cleaning purposes. You can also add to your bath 1-2 drops of cleansing essential oils, some herbs, you can light candles and place them near the bath.

    Use herbal tea

    Herbal tea has the ability to collect free radicals, protect the liver, prevent bacterial and viral infections, fight fungi, and prevent some chronic non-communicable diseases. The above effects are obtained from active ingredients contained in herbs such as honeysuckle, chamomile, camomile, dried herb ...

    Herbal teas have anti-bacterial, viral, and anti-fungal effects, inhibiting both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, some fungi, and viruses, including common bacteria, fungi, and viruses. such as staphylococcus, E.coli, Candida fungus, influenza virus, Japanese encephalitis virus,... In addition, Chrysanthemum, Phalaenopsis also has anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and anti-fungal effects. These herbs have antibacterial effects by 2 different mechanisms: either have bactericidal properties or support the body's natural immune processes.

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