• Let Put a Little Magic For Your Morning Routine

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    Morning rituals can be so easy and yet so powerful for setting up a flow for your entire day. The morning rituals of successful people aren’t hard and are something you’ve come to look forward to. Let’s have a look at some tips of attraction inspired morning routine below. It just like put a little magic to your incredible morning routine.

    What does the morning routine?

    Morning routines are simply small habits, actions or decisions that we can make in the morning to create more ease and flow throughout our day.

    There is no one path to success or joy. You don’t have to wake up at 3 AM, go for a ten-mile run and eat a balanced breakfast in order to be happy or successful. This is why I really advocate the following ideas or suggestions that inspire you.

    Why are morning routine important?

    What we do in the morning is so important because it sets the tone for the rest of our day. Every morning, we have the choice to either have a successful, fulfilling day–or a lousy one. Let the bull trample you or take control and show it who’s boss!

    Let put a little magic for your morning routine!

    • Don’t look at your phone

    What usually happens when we check our phones first thing in the morning? We are instantly bombarded by other people’s lives, moods, highlight reels, needs, and opinions. This just makes you want to go back to sleep.

    • Morning coffee or tea will make you feel better

    One easy way to incorporate magic into your morning routine is to enchant your morning cup of coffee or tea. A mysterious witchcraft coffee mug will inspire your power for the whole. Look for some witch coffee mug here. An incredible witchcraft cup with a little morning coffee will be a source of energy to support you throughout the long day.

    • Magical hair & makeup

    Instead of rushing to slap some makeup on your face in the morning, do it mindfully and with intention. Makeup in ancient times held different meanings – to the Egyptians, eye makeup was worn to protect the soul. Makeup was also worn to convey social status. So act like a magical queen and apply your makeup with intention! Apply eyeliner for spiritual protection. Eyeshadow to appeal to the opposite sex. Lip balm to induce lust.

    • Wicca Apparel

    The same as with magical makeup, dress yourself to match your intention for the day. Choose colors that correspond to your desires and goals. 

    Shaping witch style makes you feel headache and tired? Do not worried. Leave the stylist of Witchcraft 101 to worry. The latest designs with lots of designs will be great choices for you. Want to transform into a powerful and seductive witch, leave it to the stylist Witchcraft 101!

    • Visualize your day

    The same happens when you visualize how a perfect day would look for you. After writing down your intentions on your morning worksheet, this is made even easier because you have an idea of how you want your day to look.

    • Consume inspiration

    One of the best ways to keep your mind above the trees with a bird’s eye view of everything is to consume inspiration that reminds you of the bigger picture.

    Stay tuned with us Witchcraft 101 to discover interesting Witch World!

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