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Witches, like anyone else, need hobbies. But witches activities are more than just something enjoyable to do - they help you get closer to yourself, to nature, or to the divine.

For the purposes of this post, we decided to mention activities that are specifically linked to witchcraft. There are, of course, other activities, such as sewing, biking, or scrapbooking, which can also be used creatively. The six hobbies included here seemed to be the most accessible to the average witch. Also, share the feedback of your favorite witch hobbies.

1. Reading

Witches know it's important to keep reading and learning. In fact, with all these hobbies, you 're probably going to do a lot of reading and studying. What I tried to do was remind you to check your sources. The practice of witchcraft is independent of faith. It means that it has roots in many different religions and that there is no standard text, and you can encounter contradictory facts and biased authors.

2. Gardening

Gardening is perhaps the most obvious hobby a witch would have. A lot of spells have a herb, flower, or tree part. You're also moving closer to nature. Beginners should start small — you can always add more plants if you think you can handle them. Container gardening is really common right now, and it's one of the easiest ways to start gardening. 

You can grow flowers, herbs, and even vegetables in containers. Herbs are perfect in small containers (you can even grow them on your countertop) while you need larger containers for vegetables.

3. Cooking

Not much better than a hearty home-cooked meal made with actual ingredients. It's important to take time (even if it's just once a week) to really focus on what you put in your body. Kitchen witchcraft is so common because it takes action that we do every day and makes it magical. It's a real thing to cook with love.

Poster for Witch's Kitchen: 11 House Rules For A Kitchen Witch's Home

There are a lot of ways to add magic to your kitchen, but the biggest one is just slowing down and paying attention. Place your phone down, shut off the TV, and just concentrate on cooking.

4. Astronomy

Many magical paths believe that our lives are directly influenced by the universe. So if you want to read your horoscope, pay attention to the phases of the moon, or enjoy eclipses, then you should definitely add astronomy to your list of hobbies.

Astronomy is a study of heavenly bodies such as the moon, stars, planets, comets, and galaxies. Although astronomy, you can learn about the wheel of the year. Earth's journey around the sun and the tilt of our axis, which causes seasons to change and the length of the day to grow and shorten.

Learn how to identify the stars and constellations that make up the signs of the zodiac. This is particularly important if you want to dive deeper into sun signs, moon signs, and rising signs. You 're going to need the exact time and date of your birth to figure out exactly how the sky looked when you were born.

5. Geology

Minerals are the building blocks of all of your favorite rocks, crystals, and gems. Many people are collecting crystals for their healing powers, but many more are collecting crystals for their beauty. These minerals are organized and classified on the basis of a number of factors, such as hardness, luster, color, cleavage, and a few others.

6. Candle Making

Candles have been used since the early Greeks to worship the gods. They are also one of the most accessible tools for witches, as you can find candles in every shape, color, and size very cheaply.

You can modify the candles you have purchased by carving on their sides, painting on them, or rubbing them with oils. Supplies to make your own candles are conveniently available in most craft stores or on the Internet. You can also melt the old candles to make a new one, you just need a new piece of wick.


  • Posted on by Hayden

    I’m a witch from a long line. My Auntie took me under her broom when I was young. I read, read, I my quilts completely pieced and quilted by hand. Called Promise quilts. I make soaps and candles. Love my rocks and gems. I gave a 15 pound Australian crystal. I taught my grandsons the Types of stones and gems and their magical powers. My son has embraced his heritage, but my daughter, not so much. Though she admits there is something to what her mother does.

  • Posted on by Sheryl Carpenter

    I love to read!! My husband says I have a book glued to my when he turns and sees me.

  • Posted on by Jackie

    I crochet. I also love to give away the afghans that I create. I also love geology! The area I live in, we’re called “rock hounds”. We hunt for rocks and minerals that draw us to them. Great way to spend an entire day out in nature!

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