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How to practice witchcraft magic as economically as possible while still giving good results?…. You have a lot of questions about becoming a witch or learning witchcraft, let this article help you get it right. An article of Witchcraft 101 Witch Clothing store

1. Cheap Candles For Candle Magic 

Candles are a training tool that every witch needs, especially for new wizards. There are many different colored candles used during the magical practice. However, you do not need to spend too much money on buying expensive candles. You can absolutely buy candles for $ 1 at your local dollar store! You can find this candle anywhere, with a full range of colors, sizes, and even scents. This can save you money while still being able to practice magic easily and effectively.

2. Grocery store herbs

Many wizards always wish to have their own herb cabinet, which is full of all herbal needs during their magical training. You can take advantage of all the herbs available in your kitchen: cinnamon, basil, salt, pepper, paprika, mint, Chinese coriander, oregano, rosemary, thyme, etc. These are the most basic ingredients to assist the beginner witches during training. There is no need to store too many herbs, just a few basic types can be used effectively. Do not forget to preserve herbs in the best condition.

3. Magic items free from nature

Do not forget that you own a perfect source of support in the wild. They are completely free and fresh. You should also keep in mind that Mother Earth, the gods, and the ancestors often send us the magic ingredients we need in nature. Walk in the woods, along the coast or in your backyard to find all the magic items you need.

4. Plant your own herb garden

Have you ever thought of growing your own herb garden for use in witchcraft spells and rituals? You should really consider this great idea. You do not need a large garden to grow your own herbs and flowers. All you need is a few pots of plants, a space full of sunlight and air, a few bags of soil and some of the seeds you want to plant. These resources are easy to find and cheap. You can find them anywhere. Growing ha, plants and other herbs not only for magical purposes, but it also makes your living space more vivid, colorful and full of energy.

Witch Garden

5. Cheap and free witchy books

Witchcraft plays an important role in the practice and the holidays, especially for beginners. However, you do not need to spend a lot of money to own an almighty witch book.

Here are a few suggestions on choosing cheap and economical witchcraft books for you. You might consider using e-books instead of the paperback (most ebooks are only half the size of their paperback counterparts). In addition, you can exchange books with a witch friend, borrow books from the library (most libraries have the metaphysical parts or at the VERY least part about folklore, myths, and gardening). Besides, you can manually record important notes from books from the library. This is a way to save costs and also a way for you to remember the best witch knowledge.

6. Spend time to connect with land spirit

Nature gives us a special source of energy. This is where you bookmark a page in your magic book to note the wildlife in your area, including animals, insects, plants, trees, and water. Once you are able to locate your genius, you will find yourself connected to the souls of the land. FOR FREE.

7. Mediation

Meditation is helpful for everyone to learn how to relax, release and reconnect. This method is effective for everyone, including powerful wizards. And more specifically, it's completely FREE. You can listen to free meditation instructions on YouTube or Spotify. Or simply go out and watch the trees fly in the wind. Meditate enough, believe me.

No need to spend too much money on expensive magic tools. Only with the above equipment, you can fully practice magic effectively and economically. It does not matter how much you spend, it is important that the energy and efficiency they bring you throughout the training process.



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