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For many people, every time they step into the bathroom, take off their clothes, adjust the shower water to the perfect temperature, the sound of rushing water… is the time to release all dirt during the day. This is also the only time you can be alone during the day, spoiled for doing what you want, so we can completely turn this precious time under the shower into a ritual of enjoyment.

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According to Dr. Masaru Emoto's studies, water molecules actually react with words and music, creating beautifully shaped crystals. Water reacts with words like "love" and "gratitude" to create a variety of snowflake shapes. Let's play soft, soothing music, stand under the shower, then let the waterfall of love envelop our body.

Water is the source of life. From the time of the enormous public baths of the ancient Romans to the sacred baptismal rituals, bathing has belonged to a long history of ritual and magic. Bath ritual is the time to connect with the magic element of water, pure energy recharge.

Taking the time to nurture and nurture ourselves helps us to recharge to become stronger.

  1. Begin the ritual by holding a certain idea in your mind or speaking out loud and letting the water carry your words into the Universe. Take a deep breath and exhale for a long time while you take off the "robe" and turn on the water. You can also sing it out loud. Because for most people, singing in the shower makes them release a lot of emotions and stress after bathing.
  1. Stimulate the smell of essential oils when your nose gets used to the scent of daily shower gel. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a small saucer in the bathroom. The steam will help disperse the essential oils into space so your mind and skin will truly relax! You can also change your shower gel and essential oil soaps every day for different emotions.
  1. Stimulate the whole body touch by massaging with exfoliating soap, bath gloves, or bath broom, use alternating changes to massage the whole body, helping blood circulation, making skin smooth.
  1. Relax and loosen up, let water flow through you, helping you to be aware of the body's ability to absorb energy. Every time you take a bath or relax in the shower, feel your senses seem sharper, more energetic.
  1. After bathing, dry yourself, regain energy. You need to soothe, stay soft, and protect your skin. No matter which skincare product, rub it slowly and thoroughly to confirm with your body that you love it the most. Thank it for carrying you on this existential journey and ready to face all the difficulties that await.

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