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Earth-Fire-Water-Wind is the four most powerful elements and is most appreciated in witchcraft. They control the weather, life, and the development of every living thing on earth. Here I will briefly talk about the meaning, individual power of each element and how to control them.

4 element magical

• Earth - The most magical element.

Planet Earth Close Up Photo

The soil here is generally for solid materials. So the land is considered the source of our life, home, and body. The land is beauty, abundance and wealth. Ironically, ancient mystics consider the earth the most trivial element. While it is the element of life and matter.

• Fire - The most powerful element.

Photograph of a Burning Fire

Nothing can exist before the most brilliant flames. Fire is the symbol of the beginning and the end, the light source, and the soul. Flames are symbols of destructive power, embodying truth and knowledge. It can be said that fire embodies the strongest source of power and the most energy. It is also the most highly prized element of the mystic. They consider this to be the ultimate element of the four elements because fire is also the embodiment of the gods, the sun and the light.

• Water - The element of life and strength.

Empty Cave

Of course, no living thing could live without water. If people call the land mother, then the country is the father. The power of the sea no one can deny, sometimes fierce when gentle. This is one of the two elements that can restrain or extinguish ordinary flames. Many also say that water is the most important element of the elements, and also the most powerful element. Water is the element of reconciliation, they are said to be able to wash away all the bad, the most disgusting.

• Wind - The most powerful element on earth.

Silhouette of Wind Vane

On Earth, this is considered the most powerful element. This is the magic element of magicians. Controlling the wind also means controlling the weather. This is the only one of the four elements that flames cannot destroy. The element of wind is often associated with the sky and freedom. This is a powerful and magical element. Its only drawback is space. Winds cannot exist in a small, confined space. Because the wind embodies freedom and vastness.

It is impossible to say which is the most important element because for us there would be no existence without them. Elements can be mutually compatible and mutually compatible. Each element contains its source of strength and power. If you want to control or call upon the power of one of the four elements below, it is imperative to learn to familiarize yourself with all four elements.

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