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Can the curse solve it? The answer is yes. The curse is like many other types of magic. Speaking of the curse, everyone probably thought it was dark magic, somewhat scary and mysterious. Many people also believe that the curse is unbreakable, this thought is extremely misleading in terms of knowledge. A simple curse is a form of black magic that is performed with the purpose of damaging or binding someone. In general, it is a form of magic so it can be completely broken and reversed. So how to solve those curses? The following article will help you answer that question!

What is a curse?

A Curse is an expression of one's wish to another person or family but unhappiness and suffering. In particular, the curse can inflict misfortunes such as injury or death by an invisible force, can be considered as a mantra, Prayer often involves the Witch, God, or Soul. Among the various beliefs in the various gods, the curse accompanies the ritual, which is considered to create invisible, supernatural mystical powers that lead to evil consequences. The curse can be the inverse of the blessing.

How to remove the curse?

The first thing you have to comprehensively assess is the situation you are in. Ask yourself and answer the following questions. Are you sure you are being cursed? If so, what would make you suspect you were cursed? Do you know or suspect someone has cursed you? How does the curse affect you?

The truth is, the more you collect information about the person who curses you, the more they have done the cursing of you, the more they do the more you have a chance to break the curse. Asking questions and answering yourself is the best way to help you determine whether you are truly cursed or just unlucky. If you are truly cursed, these questions will help you identify a plan to break the curse. See if anyone hates you and really wants to curse you? The ways to break the curse below will not help you if your problem is not cursed by someone.

Method 1: Curse the opponent (this method only applies when you know exactly who curses you). When you know the exact person who cursed you, you can curse him back. BUT this way does not always work. If you face an experienced witch they have many ways to protect yourself from or reduce the effects of the curse.

Method 2: Do the following tips.

Let the flow's energy bring negative things. You just need to go to a place with plenty of water like rivers, lakes, seas, streams, and ponds. Immerse yourself in the water, close your eyes and think about the ill effects of the curse like a black thread wrapped by pure water.

Burn the bay leaf at dawn and burn it again at sunset. When burning leaves, let the smoke fly through your body, feeling the smoke like positive and bright things. When the leaves are almost burnt, let the leaves disperse.

Incense rosemary, frankincense, or burn sage and heat around the body. This is a simple method to purify, limit, or eliminate the negative effects of the curse.

Sprinkle sea salt and drop herbs (laurel, dill, jasmine, nettle, lavender, ...) into the bath, then just soak in the water. your home with lemon juice, full moon water, saltwater, or pickled herbs to break the curse. Wipe floors, windows, doors, and sanitation a few objects that have been covered with dust. When you're done cleaning, you should pour water.

Method 3: Create charm or amulet to protect and mitigate the negative effects of the curse.

What you need:

  • Water absorbs sunlight (in the morning is not the best)
  • 1 sheet of paper, 1 pen (recommended with a red pen)
  • Laurel leaf
  • MN Black
  • Cauldron or pot, fireproof bowl
  • 1 little clay

It should be done at night and will be most effective when done at the time of the new moon. Clean yourself and space thoroughly, apply sun water on some areas of the body. Light a candle, write down all the effects that curse has on you (specify in detail, details). When you're done writing, place the bay leaf on the paper you write down and fold. Heat on fire, let paper burn out. Put paper ash in the cauldron. Get some clay - enough for you to take with you easily, but not so small that you won't write anything on clay. Put sunlight on clay, take ash from the cauldron, and mix ashes with clay. Bump the clay into a small ball and flatten it with a plate or bowl (don't roll too thin).

On one side of the clay, the following words were written: "no more befouled, again unbound, again unbidden". The rest of the clay painted a symbol of the curse that could have been a sigil. Turn off the candles, clean up space, dry the talisman, or expose to the sun until the talisman is completely dry. When the charm is completely dry, take it with you and bring it out early in the morning to noon to absorb the energy from the sun. When the charm is with your friend, it will absorb negative energy from the curse, stop the curse from others. At the next new moon, break the talisman. Throw the debris in the trash or throw it in the street.

After breaking the curse, you need to purify the body and space of the house to eliminate the remaining negative energy. Establish a protective circle in your room, sprinkle some salt in the corners of the room to block future curses.


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