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The Tarot has 78 cards system used for divination and spiritual development. The complexity of its artwork and its occult meaning have made it become associated with witchcraft and magick. You don’t have to be a witch or psychic to use it though. The tarot has been the gateway for many people to magic and witchcraft.


This article today will share amazing tips to learn the tarot by yourself, without taking a class or getting certification. Let’s check it out right now!

1. Choose the first tarot deck wisely

It is a myth in the community that you should receive your tarot decks as gifts instead of buying them. It is just a myth. To be honest, many beginners got the tarot decks from both ways and they didn’t see any difference in how they connect with them. This way, it’s sure that you will get easy to read deck and you won’t feel discouraged while learning.

There is the first important thing when starting learning to read the tarot you have to keep in mind carefully. If you want to learn tarot, don’t let anyone else choose your first deck for you. Choose it by yourself. And if you still believe that it has to come as a gift, but the particular deck that you want on your Christmas wish list.

2. Start off with an easy deck

To speed up your learning process, there is a recommendation for you: buy yourself a nice tarot deck that’s easy to use. Don’t start off with one of those fancy decks that you can see on social media. Although they are beautiful, they don’t always follow the original structure and symbology of the tarot. 

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Because of this reason, if you start with a non-traditional deck, you will fail to apprehend the Tarot as a whole. As a result, your tarot reading skills will be limited to the deck that you own and you will not be very versatile. The best learning deck is the Rider-Waite. There are a lot of different versions such as Rider deck, Universal Waite, etc. But they are the same except for small details or coloring. Unlike the Tarot de Marseille, the minor Arcana are fully illustrated, which makes them fairly easy to read intuitively. Moreover, all the modern tarot decks are based on it. Therefore, if you can read the Rider, you can read them all. So before trying to read all the popular, but more advanced tarot decks, let do yourself a favor. Go buy yourself a Rider-Waite deck.

3. Learn the traditional meanings first

When you finally have your cards, you have to familiarize yourself with their meaning. When starting, you should focus on the upright meanings, don’t bother with the reversals. This is the most boring part of learning tarot, but you can’t go without it.

Most of the time, tarot decks come with helpful companion books. However, it’s still limited. If you’re learning with a Rider deck, it’s highly recommended of getting a more complete book than the one that comes with it. 

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To speed up your learning process, memorize the keywords that are associated with each tarot card. This is relatively easy to do for Major Arcana since they are very distinct from each other. In the case of the Minor Arcana, you can start by memorizing the general association of each suit. Then, you can learn the general meaning of each degree and court position. You should also consider each degree of the Minor Arcana like a different chapter of a story, where each court card is character.

4. Read the tarot card for yourself as often as you can

This one is pretty obvious. For other skills, you can’t learn the tarot without practicing, and the best way is to read for yourself. At first, it will be an arduous task. You will get better soon enough, especially if you also memorize the card’s meanings. When learning to read the tarot, you should start with a single card draw. Therefore, gradually add more cards as you become more confident. Firstly, you should try reading two cards, then three, then five, and so on.

One another thing you can do to practice is tarot journaling. Every day, draw a single card. Writing all thoughts that appear in your mind in your journal. Do it for as long as you can, until you’ve got a better understanding of each card

5. Formulate the questions carefully

If you want to get interesting answers, you should ask the right questions. If you ask closed questions namely “When will I meet my true love?”, you will get vague, imprecise answers. Instead of this, you should ask “What can I do to meet my true love?”. The quality of your answers will greatly improve.

Reading the tarot can seem like a mystic, esoteric art, but you don’t have to be a psychic to be able to read it. Everyone can good at the art of reading the Arcanas with effort and dedication. We hope that these shares above can help you a lot when practicing learning to read the tarot by yourself. Don’t forget to follow Witchcraft 101  to receive more interesting information about Wicca’s world and explore incredible witchcraft things!



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