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Stress is a psychological disorder that compresses a person causing fatigue and anxiety. This situation occurs when faced with too much mental, emotional, and work pressure. Effective stress relief sometimes requires no medication. Here are some effective stress-relieving spells you need to know.

Let’s discover with us now!

1. Practice breathing

The annoyance and discomfort are unavoidable when we are under stress, fatigue, even when under severe stress, we often lose control of our behaviors and emotions. However, in order to calm yourself down and solve the problem in the most gentle way, breathing deeply and regularly will help improve your mood and calm yourself to reduce stress effectively. This method is applied by many people from office workers to help relieve stress at work to students to relieve the academic pressure in the university. Doing it regularly will greatly reduce your stress and anxiety.

2. Use herbal teas

A cup of herbal tea is considered a miraculous remedy not only to relieve heavy stress but also to help the body relax maximum because it is a rich source of amino acid L-Theanine, a relaxing substance. , anti-stress, and it also helps strengthen the body's resistance. Herbal teas are widely used to help reduce stress such as peppermint tea, apple tea, cinnamon tea, ginger tea, strawberry tea ... This is a simple method, easy to implement, time. done to reduce stress for no more than 30 seconds, patients can take with them whenever during the time of stressful fatigue.

3. Listen to tranquil music

 Music is the fear of invisible strings connected with our emotions. When faced with tiring stresses, finding listening to a soothing song or a piece of instrumental music will help us relax and focus our mind effectively. The music genre that helps people reduce stress can be mentioned as Baroque music, instrumental symphony, or soft-hearted songs, with funny lyrics, not humorous melancholy. Carrying music also brings us mental excitement.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a simple way to enjoy the moments without any thoughts, calculations, and stress. If you want to increase your effectiveness when you take advantage of your health benefits, you should learn how to meditate properly and practice every day.

For people who are addicted to alcohol or have long-term stress, meditation has the effect of suppressing alcohol cravings and anger, relieving anxiety, creating a more relaxed, joyful spirit. And meditation is also used as a treatment for cardiovascular disease, chronic aches, and pains, dysfunction in the stomach, intestines, migraine, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety ...

5. Let your body relax

Give the body a break for it to be restored by 1 hour of massage, facials or shampooing with herbs, locust, the natural fragrance of nature will help you relax extremely.

6. Speak out if you can

Speak out your frustrations with a colleague or friend when sitting with a group of close friends, according to Yehuda Baruch, a professor at Rouen Business School in France. He thinks that giving your kids lots of confession or crap will make you feel more comfortable.

Please work very hard, professionally, do not swear in front of passengers for saying those words "truth offends" when being with the deep friendship that they trust.

7. Open window open your mind 

If the room you are in secret, open the window to let the sun and wind be crept into the room to be in harmony with nature or add a green tree next to you.

According to a study by Peter Kahn, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) conducted in three offices with different landscapes: natural scenery, screen adjusted with similar scenes, and a room have no scenery. The people sitting in front of the natural scene will quickly regain the mood compared to the other 2 offices because your brain is not easily fooled.

No matter how old you are, how old you are, how big you are, and how big you are, you're at the same risk. More frightening, stress not only affects mental health, but some studies also show the effects of stress on physical health. Depending on the level and cause of stress, experts will have a way to help you solve stress properly. For those of you who are only under mild stress, nervous tension, you can try the simple stress relief methods above!


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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    I just this week downloaded a meditation app!
    It works WONDERS 😁

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