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People often pray at Christmas. Not because they worship God as the way other people usually do. It can be any time to pray to the Spirit of your choice, for the fact that everything you know about him is just a fiction, except for Him.

But why do people pray at Christmas? As stated earlier, neither must nor force them to pray on a particular day, unless He exists and appoints. Think of it, what is more, sacred when you pray to your God while billions of souls are also praying to their God.

Here is what everyone needs for a personal prayer:

+ A candle

+ A fresh leaf

+ A piece of paper

+ A pen

+ A thread

You light a candle, put a piece of paper on the leaf and start writing your wishes on it, making it a small wish. You then wave the leaf toward the window until the wind comes and begin to pray. When you feel enough, burn the piece of paper on the leaf and wrap its ashes, tie them firmly with thread and place them on your pillow. The next day, bury the leaf packet, in a clean place free of dirt. Your wishes may not come true, but look, you will see that He is giving you more than what you have sent.

Just need you to believe and not stop yearning.


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