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  • Tarot Ritual On The Full Moon

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    If the moon had the power to create tides and flow the rivers, it certainly would affect our bodies as well. Tracking the Moon cycle is the way we practice associating with the Universe.

    All the information below  here is for you. It provides  a link between the moon  and the Tarot and essence.

    To start, choose a quiet  place on the full moon  day. You need to prepare a Tarot deck, a pen,  papers, notebook, purple or white candles, sage, and bowls.  You can add your favorite items like jewelry, crystals or teddy bear.

    Firstly, you need to create a spiritual space, make a magic circle and sit inside. Light candles and place all objects on the altar or on a lining where you perform  the ceremony.

    Next, burn the bunch of sage and wave it around, before and behind you to purify your body and space.

    Then put it into the fireproof bowl. Shuffle your cards then spread or draw 3 cards, in order from left to right:

    1. What you need to know. What things in your life are hidden?

    2. What you are having trouble with. What should be removed now?

    3. Should the plans from the beginning of the month to now be implemented? By the time Full moon, are all of the previous plans ready to go ahead?

    Finish the ceremony by thanking, turning off the candle, and erasing the circle in the opposite direction.

    Tarot Clothing: http://bit.ly/2r7SxXn

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