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  • Tips For Witches: Dressing A Spell Candle

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    As an important element of transformation, the fire was a powerful tool in the process of casting magic. Candle magic is a great way to harness the energies inherent in you. Magic candles are popular because it is simple in Witchcraft101, effective, affordable, and very flexible. The witch can freely use magic candles during her magical practice. There are many different ways to practice magic candles. And in this article, we will show you how to use the magic candle in the most optimal way.

    Tips For Witches: Dressing A Spell Candle

    Choose your candle

    You should start choosing a magic candle based on the color and style of the candle. Each color has its own magical meaning, suitable for each ritual and needs of the witch. Therefore, determining the purpose of use and choosing the right candle will help you a lot in the process of practicing magic. If you are a "lazy witch", you can use white candles. Candles of different colors can attract and banish different things, as well as have their own capabilities. However, white candles are like a versatile candle color, allowing easy absorption and spread of energy, which can be used in many different magical rituals.

    Cleanse your candle

    During use, your candle will be exposed to lots of different energies. Even if you have just purchased or are in transit, you should still clean the candles in simple and effective ways. Cleaning candles is one of the important tasks, helping it absorb energy and promote its function to the best.

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    If you don't know how to clean your candles, here are a few quick tips you can use:

    • Rinse the candle with clean water (stream, river, sea)
    • Clean candles with herbs
    • Use the Viking cleansing method
    • Ring the bell around the candle
    Anoint your candle

    The next step you need to do is start to apply the candles with scented oil. You can buy or manually make aromatic oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, ... Other oils you should limit or avoid using to apply on candles.

    If you use the spell to recruit something, apply the oil on the burning candle from the root toward the wick and yourself, pulling your desire towards you.

    In the event that you do a spell to chase something away, you will rub oil on a candle pulled from the wick to the base and away from you, pulling the thing you don't want to leave you.

    Dress your candle with herbs or flowers

    This is one of the final steps, perfecting your magic candle. You can find herbs, spices, or magical flowers such as Lavender flowers, sunflower oil, mint leaves, etc. to apply on magic candles. Just a few examples, you can use lavender for peace, roses for love, or basil for abundance. You do not need to choose much. Follow your intuition (and your budget). It's great if you can create a special mix for your intentions, but if you only have one on hand, one will work!

    magic candle with flower

    Use crushed fingers (s) or use mortar and pestle The more sand/dust, the better it will stick to your candle. Keep an eye on larger blocks as they can light up and burn when you're using candles! That's very normal, just make sure it's on a safe surface and nothing too close to it can catch fire.

    Now, your magic candle is ready!’

    I hope you enjoyed the above magic candle tips and can successfully apply them in the process of making your magic. Do not forget to follow us to see interesting things in the wizarding world!

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