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  • Magic In Your Hand - Wicca Magic

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    The way to begin learning magic can be a little confusing, especially if you don't have a mentor or any instructions. There is a reason that a lot of people say, "I tried to cast a spell, tried to believe but it didn't work."

    Here are 10 mistakes witches need to avoid. Let's check it out! Don't forget Witch Clothing collection

    magic in your hand

    1. Unrealistic expectations

    Magic is not a tool to help you realize your dreams, it makes your life so easy and perfect. Forget fiction and movies, you won't be like Doctor Strange or Harry Potter, it doesn't work that way.

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    This is why many people are disappointed and abandon magic in the first place. The problem is because of unrealistic expectations. Magic only stops at a natural level and balances energy. You take energy in the universe to serve spells and you have to return a corresponding amount. And of course, it is impossible to make Earth into a square according to one's mind.

    2. Advertising words that are "simple" spells

    Some people when starting to learn about magic, they want the magic to have quick and easy results, they think that they need to start with "real magic books" with "real spells".

    The mistake here is that thinking magic will do anything for you without the knowledge and skills behind what you do. Magic is a method, it's great, they are like recipes. Spells do not have powers, but we are power. And knowledge is a part of that.

    3. Meditation is not important, is it?

    If you think meditation is sitting there and doing nothing, I bet you will feel that you are wasting your time and don't want to do this. However, the main tool of magic is the mind, and training the mind is an essential part of learning magic. Spiritual training is something that is not only difficult to overcome but it is throughout your life, as long as you practice magic. Even if you are an opponent of this, when you have practiced Zen, you will realize its value and automatically change your thoughts to spend more time on it.

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    4. "I have already a guide, I don't need to read other books"

    Have you ever seen the titles claiming to be the "The only book about witchcraft you'll need"? If so, put it back in the bookshelf and don't care. Books are good mentors in mysticism, and the more you read, the more you will benefit and not harm. This also encourages you to read a variety of mystical books.

    Hey, wisdom never grows on the tree for us to pick! You will have to be a cultivator!

    5. Using components as fixed rules

    There are two schools of theology. The first is that magic is a precise science, requiring precision in combining elements, words, gestures, symbols, etc. to get results.

    The second school is that you can adjust the components or modify the spell as needed. Witches combine their energy with the energy of any tool or component to create energy sent into the universe. My opinion is that magic needs to be "personalized". In your mind, red energy is associated with prosperity and wealth instead of green. If you do not find this in green as in the spell, you really have trouble visualizing.

    6. "This component is irreplaceable"

    Nothing is irreplaceable. Of course, the replacement must be relative. Honestly, nothing on this planet is the only thing that can be used. Think of ancient wizards, before you could easily order a bunch of sage from a mouse click before those ancient people came into contact with cultures outside the region. If obsidian and chicken bones are abundant, then ivory, iron, and blueberries are the local produce we have, which can also be used.

    9. Emotions are not important

    This is wrong. A major part of energizing is emotional development. You cannot use a spell to bring love to you while you are angry and negative. The emotional state should be in line with the goal, if you are not eliminating unfavorable emotions for the spell, postpone until you are ready.

    10. "Don't believe that you succeed"

    When you use a spell, you increase your energy. It does most of the time while you do it, but that energy actually starts when you plan and continue while you wait for the results. When you suspect what you do is like splashing water on a hot coal, you disable it. Each spell takes a period of time and can take up to 2 weeks to perform.

    Blessed be!

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  • Tarot Ritual On The Full Moon

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    If the moon had the power to create tides and flow the rivers, it certainly would affect our bodies as well. Tracking the Moon cycle is the way we practice associating with the Universe.

    All the information below  here is for you. It provides  a link between the moon  and the Tarot and essence.

    To start, choose a quiet  place on the full moon  day. You need to prepare a Tarot deck, a pen,  papers, notebook, purple or white candles, sage, and bowls.  You can add your favorite items like jewelry, crystals or teddy bear.

    Firstly, you need to create a spiritual space, make a magic circle and sit inside. Light candles and place all objects on the altar or on a lining where you perform  the ceremony.

    Next, burn the bunch of sage and wave it around, before and behind you to purify your body and space.

    Then put it into the fireproof bowl. Shuffle your cards then spread or draw 3 cards, in order from left to right:

    1. What you need to know. What things in your life are hidden?

    2. What you are having trouble with. What should be removed now?

    3. Should the plans from the beginning of the month to now be implemented? By the time Full moon, are all of the previous plans ready to go ahead?

    Finish the ceremony by thanking, turning off the candle, and erasing the circle in the opposite direction.

    Tarot Clothing: http://bit.ly/2r7SxXn

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