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  • Chamomile Magic: What You Need To Know In Your Craft

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    There are many kinds of herbs and flowers used by witches in their magic process. One of them is the Chamomile, a flower favored by many witches because of its nature and wonder. Not only is it used as a body cleansing drink, but chamomile can also exert its magical properties, helping the lobes during magical training. In this article, we’ll provide you interesting information about chamomile as well as their magical properties in your craft. Let’s explore with us right now! 

    What is Chamomile? 

    Chamomile is an herb that has the same characteristics as the flowers of Asteraceae. This herb has been used for centuries as an effective cure. People often use chamomile tea is popular, with the effect of sleep, decaffeinated, and has a slightly sweet taste, easy to drink. Chamomile is also effective in supporting diseases related to the digestive system. German and Roman chamomile are the two most popular forms of this herb. People use them to make essential oils, in folk medicine. 

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    Understanding the natural properties of Chamomile, ancient witches have known how to apply these special properties to the use and conversion of energy in the process of magic.

    Chamomile magic properties and as medicine

    Chamomile is known as a natural herb flower. In addition, there are also special medicinal and magical specialties, which assist wizards in the process of performing magic and play an important role in witchcraft ceremonies. Its magical properties are often associated with the magic of the Sun: prosperity, masculine energy, growth, and confidence. Besides, Chamomile also has other typical meanings such as bringing luck, money, praying for love, avoiding negativity, ... This is very meaningful to the witch.

    How to do Chamomile Magic

    Chamomile magic is only limited by your mind and inspiration. It’s one of my favorite herbs for a reason: it’s versatile and you can easily purchase it online in bulk OR find it in the grocery store tea or herb/spice aisle. Here are some ways to do chamomile magic:

    1. Chamomile candle magic

    Chamomile is great to use in candle magic. Use the loose-leaf chamomile flowers OR chamomile essential oil. Anoint your candle with oil and roll in the dried herb OR anoint with essential oil. This gives the meaning of love, luck, money, ... Candles with chrysanthemums are often used for spells in the spring and summer.

    2. Chamomile tea

    This is the most noticeable way to do chamomile magic. Drink it as tea! What makes chamomile tea magical? All of the chamomile’s magical properties PLUS your intention while drinking it. Chamomile tea not only helps you regulate your sleep, but you can also use it to boost your confidence, personal strength, and self-esteem.

    3. Chamomile magic dream pillows

    Have you ever suffered dream pillows with chamomile and then had a wonderfully restful night of sleep? Apart from using herbal chamomile teas, you can use fresh Chamomile added to the bags and placed in pillowcases to solve chronic insomnia. Chamomile has a light, pleasant aroma that makes it easier to fall asleep. Alternatively, you can mix it with a bit of Mugwort in a pillow or a dream bag to augment prophetic dreams.

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    4. Magical simmering potpourri

    Have you ever tried a simmering potpourri on the stove? It is easy to do right at home. You just need to put a pot of water on the stove, add some of your favorite herbs and spices, and simmer very slowly, to allow time for them to boil slowly. Steam and herbal flavors when boiling, their scent will spread throughout the space, making your home space as purified, fresh, fresh. At the same time, this helps release the magical properties of the herbs during boiling. When the pot of water has boiled, drop a handful of daisies, and continue simmering. Meanwhile, the scent of herbs combined with the aroma and essential oil from chamomile will night to a natural scent for your home space. A great way to cleanse your home of negative vibrations in the Sum. 

    5. Chamomile in the bath

    Another great use of chamomile that you should try is using chamomile to bathe. Adding a little chrysanthemum to the bath will help you clean the aura, relax your mind, and clear up the negative energy of yourself. This is very effective, you should try once. It’s an association with the sun will leave your aura glowing!

    6. Chamomile offers to Sun and Egyptian Gods

    Since ancient times, ancient Egyptians knew about the medicinal properties of Chamomile. Therefore, they have effectively applied the medicinal properties of Chamomile during mummification. Therefore, chrysanthemum somewhat considered a suitable and meaningful gift for the ancient Egyptian gods. They are used to offer to the sun gods and goddesses Helios, Apollo, and Amaterasu. Chamomile essential oil is also used in important rituals and in daily life!

    7. Chamomile Floor wash or sweep

    Have you made floor washes and sweeps using chamomile that has always brought my family good fortune and health? Cleaning the house is a simple way to spread the features of herbs in your home space. You only need to cool and use the herbal essences from Chamomile flowers to wash the floor according to your intention. Alternatively, you can add some scent from mint and basil. This not only helps to release the fragrance in the space but also has the meaning of praying for money, cleansing negative things in life.

    8. Chamomile magic handwash

    Before playing gambling or playing hand games, try using a chamomile magic hand wash. This is a long-standing folk tradition in magic that attracts money. Just boil the chamomile flowers or make a cup of chamomile tea. Then cool and wash your hands in prepared chamomile juice before playing cards or playing games. You will see the effect when trying. It brings such good luck!

    Using chrysanthemum in the process of doing magic helps a lot for witches. It is not difficult to find this herb in the wild. Therefore, you can completely search and choose using chrysanthemums in the process of practicing magic as well as your rituals. Good luck!

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  • Essential Oil Magical Properties for Witches - Witchcraft 101

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    For many witches, the essential magical oils are a staple component of ritual and magical practice. In this article, we’ll discuss the incredible magical uses of essential oils as well as provide you with an essential oil magical properties chart.

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    How are oils used in magic?

    Besides other common ingredients of spellwork, magical oils tend to be more of a supplement than the main feature. Witches use them to rub the ritual tools, the crystals, the talismans and amulets, and even the bodies as well. Oils are often used to create the incense. 

    They are particularly excellent for use in candle magic and charm-making. In general, magical can be enhanced by the use of oils—whether you’re using a single scent or a blend of three or more.

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    What’s magic about essential oils?

    Firstly, they contain the magical energies of the plants from which they are made - the trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. that are transformed into liquid form. The natural plants themselves are living beings, with their own living intelligence that can work perfectly harmony with nature. 

    Moreover, the second “trick” that magical oils have up their sleeve is the power of scent as well as the effect it has on the mind. The smell from myrrh and cedarwood, for instance, or a blend of lavender and clove, seem to instantly awaken something in us that’s beyond our ordinary sense of smell and put us into a different frame of mind - one that is more in touch with the invisible powers of the Universe. Therefore more able to direct those powers to achieve our aims. 

    After all, if you can’t send for the necessary state of mind to send your intention confidently into the Universe, you’re unlikely to get the results you that expect. This is the reason why incense is such a key part of ritual and magic in Wiccan and other Pagan traditions.

    How to make the own magical oils?

    Since many essential oils can be on the pricey side, it’s best to start with just two or three single oils, which you can use individually and to make your own blends. You can also find a variety of quality pre-made blends. 

    Top list magical oils are best for beginners to start

    Many witches concern that what are the best magical oils for beginners to star? The answer to this question is that this is different for each person, so you’ll need to use your intuition.

    • Cinnamon: love, money, power, preservation, prosperity, protection
    • Chamomile: growth, happiness, healing, success, whimsy.
    • Jasmine: love, night rituals, passion, intuition, psychic abilities. 
    • Lavender: cleansing, beauty, soothing, relieve anxiety. 
    • Lemon: purifying, energizing, renewal, confidence.
    • Orange: confidence, sun magic, growth, self-esteem, power, prosperity, the god.
    • Peppermint: cleansing, money, energy, love.

    How to use essential oils in magic effectively?

    We’ve provided essential oil magical properties chart, but what’s the use in knowing the magical properties if you don’t know how to use essential oils in your practice?

    Here are our favorite ways to use essential oils in magic:

    • Firstly, add a few drops of essential oils to the bath.
    • Spread essential oils to cleanse your home of negative energy, to bring love to you, to soothe and relax your household, etc.
    • Blend essential oils together for a specific intention.
    • Insipid with carrier oils and use to anoint chakras, third eye, and power points of the body.
    • Using a cloth to rub essential oil onto altar and tools.
    • Bless a goddess statue with essential oil.
    • Add a few drops essential oil to tops of candles.
    • Dilute and anoint candles for candle magic.
    • Use as offerings to ancestors, spirits, gods, guides.
    • Add to water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray around the house for cleansing and other purposes.

    And as always, you can set an intention that the best oils for you to bring into your life at this time will be revealed to you. Then, just be open to receiving the message, and you’ll have your answer when the time is right!

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