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  • How to Make And Use Moon Water

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    How to Make And Use Moon Water?

    Do you ever feel like you are getting closer or more emotional when the full moon is coming? Witches believe that the Moon can control our emotions, and sentient beings like us have a deep attachment to the Moon's energy. On full moon days, our emotions can sometimes become difficult to control, maybe easier to anger, or easier to cry, ... These are emotional energies that need to be released, and the Moon is making sure it is done.

    How to Make And Use Moon Water

    The moon is like a mirror that amplifies energy, both good and bad, and our sixth sense. Moon energy is most powerful on full moon days and we can use its power. The moon has high cleansing properties and at the same time opens up, connected to the nature hidden deep within us, we can use that energy through the Moon Water (Some time it is also called Lunar Water).

    Moon Water is water that has been fully charged with the energy of the Moon, so it recharges water on full Moon or Super Moon days. Moon water has many uses such as cleansing, recharging the body, giving stones, creating perfume, potion, ... I will talk about the uses in the following articles.

    Here's how to create Moon Water:

    1. Fill the jar (bowl, cup, glass, ...) with filtered water, it is recommended to use a water bottle or jar to have a screw cap in the ant room, dust, bugs, ...
    2. Choose a place the moonlight can reach either at your altar corner or window sill and leave the jar there overnight.
    3. Pray (bless) for your water and bring your wish to the water in the vase. Some sorcerers like the Reiki draw more characters on the vase.
    4. You can use that water the next morning.

    There are some notes for witches:

    - Should leave the water overnight, the more moonlight the water is, the more energy it will be charged.

    - If using a reusable bottle or not being used for a long time, wash it with salt water and dry before using it, then wash the bottle with soap, rinse with hot water.

    - You can do step 3 or step 2 first.

    - Water can be stored in the refrigerator to prolong its use time.

    - The above method is the most common way that witches today often use, asking nothing about a jar, some witches prefer asking for more about the vase or having longer blessings. Here are a few things about the color, decoration of the vase, the stone, and the extra blessing that you want to make.

    how to make and use moon water

    Some more rituals for step 3 (choose the one you like, or do as you please as long as you feel it is right):

    - Hold the jar with two hands.

    - Keep the bottle close to the chest where the heart is.

    - Sing or read hymns.

    - Ask for the Moon to recharge your water.

    You can choose the color of the vase corresponding to your wishes (or purpose):

    - Transparent: lucid, focused, clear, elemental gas, magic moon, heal.

    - White opaque: Moon energy, storm magic, protect, heal.

    - Pink: love, relationships, friendship.

    - Red: passion, elemental fire, love, love magic (sex).

    - Amber (orange light yellow): magic animal, elemental earth, protection.

    - Green: faerie magic, prosperity, wealth, health, and healing.

    - Blue (sea/sky): water magic, mermaid magic, heal, psychic powers boost, divination, tranquility, Blue Moon magick.

    - Purple: Spiritual element, magic, increase self-strength, protect.

    In addition, you can add sea salt, snail shells, cleansing stones, zodiac stones, ... Remember that some things cannot be put into the water such as herbs because they are perishable, pearls will lose their brightness or be broken, .... remember to find out what you put in to see if it is harmful to your health.

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  • Ways To Cleanse Energy In Your Space

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    Negative energy is created through our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and forms of expression and interactions with our surroundings. The negative energy emitted affects not only yourself but also the people you come into contact with such as family, partners, children, working friends, pets, even strangers on the road. city. You get negative energy from people you meet and the things you touch. Negative energy in Witchcraft can take in all forms, from viruses to pollutants, to negative emotions. Negative energy makes you unsuccessful and lives a life that was not as expected, severely affecting your health. Learn some effective ways to eliminate negative energy.

    ways to cleanse energy in your space, witchcraft101

    Handling living space

    Burn dried herbs to cleanse and fragrant the area where you live and live. You can use sandalwood, lemon essential oil, or other suitable aromatic herbs. Let the herb-burning smoke spread to all corners of the room and open windows to let the negative energy out. Breathing herbal aromatic smoke will also help eliminate negative energy from the body.

    Use wind chimes and take a salt bath

    Any kind of wind chime that you can use as a feng shui tool will help create a positive flow of positive energy in your home. You can also find bowls that ring as bells to type on and other bells to be used for the same purpose.

    Soaking in a sea bath will heal and restore the body by removing excess lactic acid from the body, relaxing nerves and effectively relieving muscle pain. Simply pour some Celtic or Himalaya salt into a hot tub and soak in it to release all the negative energy from your body.\

    Use appropriate crystal jewelry and essential oils

    Find the right crystal for you and keep it in your pocket or simply wear it as jewelry. Different types of crystals have different healing properties, so you may have to experiment with several types of crystals before you find a suitable one. Use essential oils to boost positive energy and release your negative energy. Essential oils can change your mood and make you feel better mentally.

    Keep things organized

    You cannot get rid of negative energy if you keep storing unused and unwanted objects around you. The best thing is to pass those things on to someone who really needs them. This will make you feel better and easier to organize things around you. The items left around you, you must be organized and organized in a neat and scientific way. Vacuuming, cleaning dirt on the home surface will give a clean and energetic look. Removing dirt and unused furniture from your home will also help remove "dirt" from your mind and make you receive a new source of positive energy.

    Enjoy the trees, fresh air, and sunshine

    Plant your plants indoors or just go outside for a walk. Favorite plants that exist around you transfer positive energy to you. Take the time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine when outside. Open the windows to let in the fresh air. The fresh inhaled air will fill your lungs and help eliminate negative energy.

    Other methods To Cleanse Energy In Your Space

    Pay attention to what you eat, because your diet will have an effect on your mood. Eating harmful junk food will keep you from learning to clear away negative energy. Similarly, you need to spend time alone without a computer, phone, television, or anyone around. Also, socialize with positive people, as their energy will give you the power to get rid of your negativity. Regular meditation is needed to deal with the stress and anxiety in your life.

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  • Create A Witch Garden By Yourself

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    Ready to set up a witch garden for your own? Ooooh is always the time to develop some sort of plant magic! Let's get started on exactly how to take care of the sanctuary among the trees, flowers, and herbs that sustain our life on this planet.

    Why is Gardening Witchy?

    witch flag, witchcraft garden flag(Witchcraft Garden Flag)

    Growing, observing, and working with plants is generally a very witch-like thing to do. There's something special about being in touch with nature. Connecting with plants and trying to understand them underlies a variety of common remedies and concoctions. There is tremendous interest in interacting with nature, whether or not you have a witch's garden.

    10 Ways to Create a Witch Garden

    Here are ten easy ways to build a witch garden and communicate with Mother Nature in your yard, on your patio, or even on the windowsill. Whether you're a beginner Witchcraft gardener or a total plant geek, try some of these witch garden ideas to get started!

    1. Look at Nature

    Before setting out on your witch 's garden, take the time to learn from nature. Observing and learning from nature is incredibly powerful and at the same time incredibly calm. There are few ways to spend the time that combine these two emotions in the same way. There's something about how people relate to the plant community that makes the experience magical.

    Find a relatively undisturbed area of nature where you can observe the natural environment. When you're in the forests, take note of how the air feels under the canopy of the trees. Look closely at the soil and the vegetation. Soak up your overall feeling.

    The Witches Garden Cat Lovers & Weirdos(The Witches Garden Cat Lovers & Weirdos)

    2. Know more about Forage and Wildcraft

    Another way to interact with nature in preparation for your witch garden is to see what is already flourishing in the forest where you live. Getting to know the plants that are happy to live in your local environment is a crucial step in the preparation of your witch garden.

    Think about the stuff you 're already using in your day-to-day life, and study what's available to forage and wildlife in your field. When you are not experienced in foraging local edibles, stick to non-edibles until you can take a course from a professional forager or wildlife specialist. Foraging guides are a perfect way to start learning about local plants when you're training for a foraging course.

    3. Herbs and Flowers of Plant Witch

    After you've taken some time to study nature, it's time to pick some plants to grow in your witch garden. Culinary witch herbs and flowers are a great way to start your garden because they are generally easy to find and grow. It's also better to grow common culinary herbs and edible flowers before you delve into some of the lesser-known and potentially poisonous witch plants in the next section.

    Here are a couple of great edible culinary witch herbs to try. Make sure that you do your homework when you buy your seeds or plants to ensure that the plant/variety you get is actually edible.

    4. Witchy Plants Grow

    Once I start this segment, I will remember that I am not a qualified herbalist. Should not attempt to eat or use any plant without studying the exact variety and consulting with a qualified professional. Some of the plants that are considered "witch plants" are most certainly poisonous!

    Research the toxicity of each plant you consider to be in your witch garden prior to planting. When planting poisonous plants, take reasonable precautions to protect children, pets, and spectators from your witch garden. In addition, if both edible witch herbs and poisonous plants are cultivated, ensure that the edibles are clearly differentiated from the harmful plants and clearly identified to prevent misunderstanding.

    5. Align The Witch's Moon Cycle Garden

    When you've chosen some herbs or other witch plants to grow in your witch garden, it's time to make a garden calendar. Most witch gardeners want to plant the cycles of the moon. It means planting seeds of various types across different phases.

    Witch's Moon Cycle Garden

    6. Harvest In the Moonlight From The Witch's Garden

    Talking of the moon, another witchcraft custom to get her to your garden is to grow herbs by moonlight. For general, herbs are picked in the morning before the heat of the day, but after the morning dew is dried. If, however, you 're looking to add to some extra witch-feeling, consider gathering (and preparing) your witch herbs by moonlight.

    Find a good witch garden basket or bowl and head out on a dry evening or early in the morning. Bring some sort of light with you so you can see what you 're doing. Love the quiet of the night and the light of the moon on the plants.

    7. Talk to your witty plants

    In fact, talking to your plants is a fairly popular activity among gardeners (not just those with witch gardens). Plants are living creatures, and while they're not talking to us in words, they 're wise in their own way. There 's certainly nothing stopping you if you want to talk to your plants! Everything that allows you to interact positively with nature is worth a try.

    Consider talking to, or even just visiting and checking in on, your plants. Pausing to look at an individual plant can help you understand how it grows and evolves if nothing else.

    8. Build an altar and/or meditation area in your Witch Garden

    An additional witchcraft feature to add to your garden is the creation of an altar or meditation area within nature. Creating your own wellness spot in your garden would make you feel extremely lucky (and probably very sorcery). There is nothing like the sanctuary of Mother Nature.

    (Witches garden flag)

    Find a comfortable stone to sit on when you're in the middle or make a soft moss rug. Using tall screening plants throughout the area to create an outdoor "nest" of sorts. You can get fancy with water features and stone sculptures, or you can just let space be as it is.

    9. Please give back to the land

    Once your witch garden has been established, give it back to the land by replenishing it with nutrients, organic matter, water, and new plants. Add worm castings to your yard, make confectionary tea for your plants, and mulch with homemade compost. A witch garden will flourish with proper care and attention and will continue to provide you with a good dose of plant vibrations.

    10. Establish the Ritual of Regular Witch Garden

    Witchy planting doesn't end until your garden has been planted. Visit your witch's garden every day to learn and chat with your plants. A nature observation notebook can be a lovely support piece.

    Make your garden ritual a special part of your everyday routine, in which you can set aside your daily thoughts and concentrate on what matters most to you. The everyday witch garden ritual might just be the favorite part of the day.


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  • Chamomile Magic: What You Need To Know In Your Craft

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    There are many kinds of herbs and flowers used by witches in their magic process. One of them is the Chamomile, a flower favored by many witches because of its nature and wonder. Not only is it used as a body cleansing drink, but chamomile can also exert its magical properties, helping the lobes during magical training. In this article, we’ll provide you interesting information about chamomile as well as their magical properties in your craft. Let’s explore with us right now! 

    What is Chamomile? 

    Chamomile is an herb that has the same characteristics as the flowers of Asteraceae. This herb has been used for centuries as an effective cure. People often use chamomile tea is popular, with the effect of sleep, decaffeinated, and has a slightly sweet taste, easy to drink. Chamomile is also effective in supporting diseases related to the digestive system. German and Roman chamomile are the two most popular forms of this herb. People use them to make essential oils, in folk medicine. 

    Salem Apothecary Shirt Witch Clothing Collection 

    witch clothing Salem Apothecary shirt

    Understanding the natural properties of Chamomile, ancient witches have known how to apply these special properties to the use and conversion of energy in the process of magic.

    Chamomile magic properties and as medicine

    Chamomile is known as a natural herb flower. In addition, there are also special medicinal and magical specialties, which assist wizards in the process of performing magic and play an important role in witchcraft ceremonies. Its magical properties are often associated with the magic of the Sun: prosperity, masculine energy, growth, and confidence. Besides, Chamomile also has other typical meanings such as bringing luck, money, praying for love, avoiding negativity, ... This is very meaningful to the witch.

    How to do Chamomile Magic

    Chamomile magic is only limited by your mind and inspiration. It’s one of my favorite herbs for a reason: it’s versatile and you can easily purchase it online in bulk OR find it in the grocery store tea or herb/spice aisle. Here are some ways to do chamomile magic:

    1. Chamomile candle magic

    Chamomile is great to use in candle magic. Use the loose-leaf chamomile flowers OR chamomile essential oil. Anoint your candle with oil and roll in the dried herb OR anoint with essential oil. This gives the meaning of love, luck, money, ... Candles with chrysanthemums are often used for spells in the spring and summer.

    2. Chamomile tea

    This is the most noticeable way to do chamomile magic. Drink it as tea! What makes chamomile tea magical? All of the chamomile’s magical properties PLUS your intention while drinking it. Chamomile tea not only helps you regulate your sleep, but you can also use it to boost your confidence, personal strength, and self-esteem.

    3. Chamomile magic dream pillows

    Have you ever suffered dream pillows with chamomile and then had a wonderfully restful night of sleep? Apart from using herbal chamomile teas, you can use fresh Chamomile added to the bags and placed in pillowcases to solve chronic insomnia. Chamomile has a light, pleasant aroma that makes it easier to fall asleep. Alternatively, you can mix it with a bit of Mugwort in a pillow or a dream bag to augment prophetic dreams.

    Cats of Witchcraft poster

    Cats of witchcraft - witchcraft 101

    4. Magical simmering potpourri

    Have you ever tried a simmering potpourri on the stove? It is easy to do right at home. You just need to put a pot of water on the stove, add some of your favorite herbs and spices, and simmer very slowly, to allow time for them to boil slowly. Steam and herbal flavors when boiling, their scent will spread throughout the space, making your home space as purified, fresh, fresh. At the same time, this helps release the magical properties of the herbs during boiling. When the pot of water has boiled, drop a handful of daisies, and continue simmering. Meanwhile, the scent of herbs combined with the aroma and essential oil from chamomile will night to a natural scent for your home space. A great way to cleanse your home of negative vibrations in the Sum. 

    5. Chamomile in the bath

    Another great use of chamomile that you should try is using chamomile to bathe. Adding a little chrysanthemum to the bath will help you clean the aura, relax your mind, and clear up the negative energy of yourself. This is very effective, you should try once. It’s an association with the sun will leave your aura glowing!

    6. Chamomile offers to Sun and Egyptian Gods

    Since ancient times, ancient Egyptians knew about the medicinal properties of Chamomile. Therefore, they have effectively applied the medicinal properties of Chamomile during mummification. Therefore, chrysanthemum somewhat considered a suitable and meaningful gift for the ancient Egyptian gods. They are used to offer to the sun gods and goddesses Helios, Apollo, and Amaterasu. Chamomile essential oil is also used in important rituals and in daily life!

    7. Chamomile Floor wash or sweep

    Have you made floor washes and sweeps using chamomile that has always brought my family good fortune and health? Cleaning the house is a simple way to spread the features of herbs in your home space. You only need to cool and use the herbal essences from Chamomile flowers to wash the floor according to your intention. Alternatively, you can add some scent from mint and basil. This not only helps to release the fragrance in the space but also has the meaning of praying for money, cleansing negative things in life.

    8. Chamomile magic handwash

    Before playing gambling or playing hand games, try using a chamomile magic hand wash. This is a long-standing folk tradition in magic that attracts money. Just boil the chamomile flowers or make a cup of chamomile tea. Then cool and wash your hands in prepared chamomile juice before playing cards or playing games. You will see the effect when trying. It brings such good luck!

    Using chrysanthemum in the process of doing magic helps a lot for witches. It is not difficult to find this herb in the wild. Therefore, you can completely search and choose using chrysanthemums in the process of practicing magic as well as your rituals. Good luck!

    Also, don't forget to follow us to discover interesting things about the wizarding world.

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  • Affordable Witches Tools: 7 FREE Witchcraft Practices For Those on a Budget

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    How to practice witchcraft magic as economically as possible while still giving good results?…. You have a lot of questions about becoming a witch or learning witchcraft, let this article help you get it right. An article of Witchcraft 101 Witch Clothing store

    1. Cheap Candles For Candle Magic 

    Candles are a training tool that every witch needs, especially for new wizards. There are many different colored candles used during the magical practice. However, you do not need to spend too much money on buying expensive candles. You can absolutely buy candles for $ 1 at your local dollar store! You can find this candle anywhere, with a full range of colors, sizes, and even scents. This can save you money while still being able to practice magic easily and effectively.

    2. Grocery store herbs

    Many wizards always wish to have their own herb cabinet, which is full of all herbal needs during their magical training. You can take advantage of all the herbs available in your kitchen: cinnamon, basil, salt, pepper, paprika, mint, Chinese coriander, oregano, rosemary, thyme, etc. These are the most basic ingredients to assist the beginner witches during training. There is no need to store too many herbs, just a few basic types can be used effectively. Do not forget to preserve herbs in the best condition.

    3. Magic items free from nature

    Do not forget that you own a perfect source of support in the wild. They are completely free and fresh. You should also keep in mind that Mother Earth, the gods, and the ancestors often send us the magic ingredients we need in nature. Walk in the woods, along the coast or in your backyard to find all the magic items you need.

    4. Plant your own herb garden

    Have you ever thought of growing your own herb garden for use in witchcraft spells and rituals? You should really consider this great idea. You do not need a large garden to grow your own herbs and flowers. All you need is a few pots of plants, a space full of sunlight and air, a few bags of soil and some of the seeds you want to plant. These resources are easy to find and cheap. You can find them anywhere. Growing ha, plants and other herbs not only for magical purposes, but it also makes your living space more vivid, colorful and full of energy.

    Witch Garden

    5. Cheap and free witchy books

    Witchcraft plays an important role in the practice and the holidays, especially for beginners. However, you do not need to spend a lot of money to own an almighty witch book.

    Here are a few suggestions on choosing cheap and economical witchcraft books for you. You might consider using e-books instead of the paperback (most ebooks are only half the size of their paperback counterparts). In addition, you can exchange books with a witch friend, borrow books from the library (most libraries have the metaphysical parts or at the VERY least part about folklore, myths, and gardening). Besides, you can manually record important notes from books from the library. This is a way to save costs and also a way for you to remember the best witch knowledge.

    6. Spend time to connect with land spirit

    Nature gives us a special source of energy. This is where you bookmark a page in your magic book to note the wildlife in your area, including animals, insects, plants, trees, and water. Once you are able to locate your genius, you will find yourself connected to the souls of the land. FOR FREE.

    7. Mediation

    Meditation is helpful for everyone to learn how to relax, release and reconnect. This method is effective for everyone, including powerful wizards. And more specifically, it's completely FREE. You can listen to free meditation instructions on YouTube or Spotify. Or simply go out and watch the trees fly in the wind. Meditate enough, believe me.

    No need to spend too much money on expensive magic tools. Only with the above equipment, you can fully practice magic effectively and economically. It does not matter how much you spend, it is important that the energy and efficiency they bring you throughout the training process.


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