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  • Create A Witch Garden By Yourself

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    Ready to set up a witch garden for your own? Ooooh is always the time to develop some sort of plant magic! Let's get started on exactly how to take care of the sanctuary among the trees, flowers, and herbs that sustain our life on this planet.

    Why is Gardening Witchy?

    witch flag, witchcraft garden flag(Witchcraft Garden Flag)

    Growing, observing, and working with plants is generally a very witch-like thing to do. There's something special about being in touch with nature. Connecting with plants and trying to understand them underlies a variety of common remedies and concoctions. There is tremendous interest in interacting with nature, whether or not you have a witch's garden.

    10 Ways to Create a Witch Garden

    Here are ten easy ways to build a witch garden and communicate with Mother Nature in your yard, on your patio, or even on the windowsill. Whether you're a beginner Witchcraft gardener or a total plant geek, try some of these witch garden ideas to get started!

    1. Look at Nature

    Before setting out on your witch 's garden, take the time to learn from nature. Observing and learning from nature is incredibly powerful and at the same time incredibly calm. There are few ways to spend the time that combine these two emotions in the same way. There's something about how people relate to the plant community that makes the experience magical.

    Find a relatively undisturbed area of nature where you can observe the natural environment. When you're in the forests, take note of how the air feels under the canopy of the trees. Look closely at the soil and the vegetation. Soak up your overall feeling.

    The Witches Garden Cat Lovers & Weirdos(The Witches Garden Cat Lovers & Weirdos)

    2. Know more about Forage and Wildcraft

    Another way to interact with nature in preparation for your witch garden is to see what is already flourishing in the forest where you live. Getting to know the plants that are happy to live in your local environment is a crucial step in the preparation of your witch garden.

    Think about the stuff you 're already using in your day-to-day life, and study what's available to forage and wildlife in your field. When you are not experienced in foraging local edibles, stick to non-edibles until you can take a course from a professional forager or wildlife specialist. Foraging guides are a perfect way to start learning about local plants when you're training for a foraging course.

    3. Herbs and Flowers of Plant Witch

    After you've taken some time to study nature, it's time to pick some plants to grow in your witch garden. Culinary witch herbs and flowers are a great way to start your garden because they are generally easy to find and grow. It's also better to grow common culinary herbs and edible flowers before you delve into some of the lesser-known and potentially poisonous witch plants in the next section.

    Here are a couple of great edible culinary witch herbs to try. Make sure that you do your homework when you buy your seeds or plants to ensure that the plant/variety you get is actually edible.

    4. Witchy Plants Grow

    Once I start this segment, I will remember that I am not a qualified herbalist. Should not attempt to eat or use any plant without studying the exact variety and consulting with a qualified professional. Some of the plants that are considered "witch plants" are most certainly poisonous!

    Research the toxicity of each plant you consider to be in your witch garden prior to planting. When planting poisonous plants, take reasonable precautions to protect children, pets, and spectators from your witch garden. In addition, if both edible witch herbs and poisonous plants are cultivated, ensure that the edibles are clearly differentiated from the harmful plants and clearly identified to prevent misunderstanding.

    5. Align The Witch's Moon Cycle Garden

    When you've chosen some herbs or other witch plants to grow in your witch garden, it's time to make a garden calendar. Most witch gardeners want to plant the cycles of the moon. It means planting seeds of various types across different phases.

    Witch's Moon Cycle Garden

    6. Harvest In the Moonlight From The Witch's Garden

    Talking of the moon, another witchcraft custom to get her to your garden is to grow herbs by moonlight. For general, herbs are picked in the morning before the heat of the day, but after the morning dew is dried. If, however, you 're looking to add to some extra witch-feeling, consider gathering (and preparing) your witch herbs by moonlight.

    Find a good witch garden basket or bowl and head out on a dry evening or early in the morning. Bring some sort of light with you so you can see what you 're doing. Love the quiet of the night and the light of the moon on the plants.

    7. Talk to your witty plants

    In fact, talking to your plants is a fairly popular activity among gardeners (not just those with witch gardens). Plants are living creatures, and while they're not talking to us in words, they 're wise in their own way. There 's certainly nothing stopping you if you want to talk to your plants! Everything that allows you to interact positively with nature is worth a try.

    Consider talking to, or even just visiting and checking in on, your plants. Pausing to look at an individual plant can help you understand how it grows and evolves if nothing else.

    8. Build an altar and/or meditation area in your Witch Garden

    An additional witchcraft feature to add to your garden is the creation of an altar or meditation area within nature. Creating your own wellness spot in your garden would make you feel extremely lucky (and probably very sorcery). There is nothing like the sanctuary of Mother Nature.

    (Witches garden flag)

    Find a comfortable stone to sit on when you're in the middle or make a soft moss rug. Using tall screening plants throughout the area to create an outdoor "nest" of sorts. You can get fancy with water features and stone sculptures, or you can just let space be as it is.

    9. Please give back to the land

    Once your witch garden has been established, give it back to the land by replenishing it with nutrients, organic matter, water, and new plants. Add worm castings to your yard, make confectionary tea for your plants, and mulch with homemade compost. A witch garden will flourish with proper care and attention and will continue to provide you with a good dose of plant vibrations.

    10. Establish the Ritual of Regular Witch Garden

    Witchy planting doesn't end until your garden has been planted. Visit your witch's garden every day to learn and chat with your plants. A nature observation notebook can be a lovely support piece.

    Make your garden ritual a special part of your everyday routine, in which you can set aside your daily thoughts and concentrate on what matters most to you. The everyday witch garden ritual might just be the favorite part of the day.


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