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Coffee fans have made a statement about these Muslim coffee beans, it's believed that they kept them awake, kept them sociable, kept them human, etc. Some people have said that coffee is magic, but is it really magical?

Coffee magic for Witches

Many people who love coffee, especially the witches have made the comment that the coffee beans have magic and provide energy for us. The use of coffee can make people awake and support capacity building that many people think of coffee as magic. But is it really as magical as we think?

Of course, no one denies the effect of coffee on human life. Coffee and coffee beans do have many uses in witchcraft. Here are some great coffee features that you can use in practice:

Grounding For Witches

Get grounded with your ground coffee! Raw beans can also be used, of course, depending on how you choose to use it. Some people find the smell of coffee alone as a great way to land. Perhaps that's why so many people turn to a cup o o joe first thing in the morning!

Witch Coffee magic in Witchcraft

Coffee beans can be widely used in witchcraft ceremonies. Of course, its effectiveness and effect depend on how you use it. Some people feel that the smell of coffee beans helps them feel the taste of the soil. Perhaps for that reason, many people choose to drink coffee instead of tea every morning to stimulate energy for an entire day!

Clearing the negativity energy

Can coffee help eliminate negative energy sources? The answer is yes. Coffee can help relieve the negative energy around your home. It may not be as powerful as detergents or other powerful spells. But certainly, coffee beans can help and can give your home a soft and comfortable aroma.

There are several ways you can do the following to stimulate the effectiveness of coffee beans. Firstly, sprinkle coffee grounds around your garden, around your home or factories near you. Alternatively, you can use the bowl or pop the jar, place a candle in the middle, and pour the top of the coffee bean around it. When you light a candle, the heat from the candle warms the coffee beans and gives off a light aroma, cleansing the energy and atmosphere in the living space.

Quick results

Not only does the coffee bean help people and wizards move faster, it can also make your spells and spells and rituals easier and more accurate. Do not believe, you just need to add a little coffee in the ingredients of each ritual, you will realize the unexpected effect from it!


Besides the aforementioned effects, coffee and coffee beans can be used as a divination tool. You can use it by reading coffee grounds, similar to reading tea leaves. You just need to add a few drops of ice cream and read the vortices it creates before dissolving them together.

Morning cafe ritual

Coffee is the favorite drink, used by both the strong scent and the use of stimulating alertness and concentration. Surely all of us have also resorted to coffee as a solution when tired, sleepy to increase productivity.

Drinking coffee every morning is the habit of many people. According to many studies, coffee can improve constipation. For this function to be effective, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is best. The rest of the day will be less effective. You should enjoy a full cup of coffee after breakfast, between 9:30 - 11:30 every day. Because this is the best time for caffeine to peak, help us stay awake, work effectively.

So, Have you ever used coffee in your magic? If you are considering, refer to the above we have suggested. You will be very surprised by that result. Good luck.

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