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One of the most common questions when joining the magic world is "Where should I start?" The answer is simple, it's just to start right from what you are. Read some more types of books, find out all that you wonder about, discover everything you have. If you are wondering how to practice becoming every day and what witches practice every day, read the article below. It is a few suggestions on how to combine the things witches often do in normal daily life. From here, you can discover for yourself a separate list of things to do every day to become a true witch, entering the colorful magical world. These operational ideas will make you feel and contact with the magical world, connect with the power of the Earth, and feel the energy details of the Universe.

Things need to do

It is true that all the witches do every day will revolve around magic and magic. Spellwork is only a small part of the wizarding world. You can turn on or off the wizard yourself. In addition to practicing spellwork, a true witch needs to understand the origins of rituals, how to perform a witchcraft ritual properly, the special abilities of witchcraft materials such as herbs, candles. , ... knowledgeable about energy elements such as Fire, Water, Air, Light, ... And in particular, witches need to know how to manipulate and combine to promote the full power of those elements. during my miracle process.

So, what makes a true witch?

Witches will learn and discover many things to become a true witch.

  • A witch must always find a way to make her own life better and help the lives of others around her.
  • A good witch must know how to coordinate harmoniously with those around him. You play a very small role in the vast wizarding world. Uniting and uniting are ways for you to learn and improve your energy and strength.
  • Confidence in yourself is also what a witch really needs. You must clearly see what your strengths and weaknesses are in this magical world. From there, you need to develop your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses, improve yourself over time.

Remember, a witch is like a prism, it changes the way you see the world. You must pay more attention, observe more, discover more, practice, and try more. You will become more patient, tolerant, and wiser. It has a natural cycle of its own. Sometimes you will be a 100% witch. Other times maybe it will just be something going on beneath the surface.

How to become a witch

  • When you wake up, feel the sunlight of the new day and take time to regulate your breathing. Saying "thank you" by God gives us a wonderful new day.
  • Drink a glass of warm water. It is like a power source, helping you recharge for a beautiful day.
  • Meditate for about 10 minutes every day as soon as you have time.
  • Spend time exploring the New Moon and Full Moon rituals and witchcraft rituals throughout the year. This will help you a lot in the process of practicing and improving your own magic ability and feel.
  • Go for a walk when you can. Pay attention to the feeling of plants and wildlife around us to clearly feel their energy.
  • Create and maintain seasonal altars. (You should take the time to learn more details about how to set up the Wiccan or Pagan altar for beginners)
  • Learn and learn about the Tarot. Draw a Tarot card every day and think about how it connects to your life. 

    You can start doing a simple job today to become a true witch. Be patient, spend a lot of time and find out. The results will surprise you.

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      once I realized there is intent and my own magic in everything I do, my eyes were opened and can no longer deny my craft and my life path. Great post. Keep it up!

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