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Negative energy is created through our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and forms of expression and interactions with our surroundings. The negative energy emitted affects not only yourself but also the people you come into contact with such as family, partners, children, working friends, pets, even strangers on the road. city. You get negative energy from people you meet and the things you touch. Negative energy in Witchcraft can take in all forms, from viruses to pollutants, to negative emotions. Negative energy makes you unsuccessful and lives a life that was not as expected, severely affecting your health. Learn some effective ways to eliminate negative energy.

ways to cleanse energy in your space, witchcraft101

Handling living space

Burn dried herbs to cleanse and fragrant the area where you live and live. You can use sandalwood, lemon essential oil, or other suitable aromatic herbs. Let the herb-burning smoke spread to all corners of the room and open windows to let the negative energy out. Breathing herbal aromatic smoke will also help eliminate negative energy from the body.

Use wind chimes and take a salt bath

Any kind of wind chime that you can use as a feng shui tool will help create a positive flow of positive energy in your home. You can also find bowls that ring as bells to type on and other bells to be used for the same purpose.

Soaking in a sea bath will heal and restore the body by removing excess lactic acid from the body, relaxing nerves and effectively relieving muscle pain. Simply pour some Celtic or Himalaya salt into a hot tub and soak in it to release all the negative energy from your body.\

Use appropriate crystal jewelry and essential oils

Find the right crystal for you and keep it in your pocket or simply wear it as jewelry. Different types of crystals have different healing properties, so you may have to experiment with several types of crystals before you find a suitable one. Use essential oils to boost positive energy and release your negative energy. Essential oils can change your mood and make you feel better mentally.

Keep things organized

You cannot get rid of negative energy if you keep storing unused and unwanted objects around you. The best thing is to pass those things on to someone who really needs them. This will make you feel better and easier to organize things around you. The items left around you, you must be organized and organized in a neat and scientific way. Vacuuming, cleaning dirt on the home surface will give a clean and energetic look. Removing dirt and unused furniture from your home will also help remove "dirt" from your mind and make you receive a new source of positive energy.

Enjoy the trees, fresh air, and sunshine

Plant your plants indoors or just go outside for a walk. Favorite plants that exist around you transfer positive energy to you. Take the time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine when outside. Open the windows to let in the fresh air. The fresh inhaled air will fill your lungs and help eliminate negative energy.

Other methods To Cleanse Energy In Your Space

Pay attention to what you eat, because your diet will have an effect on your mood. Eating harmful junk food will keep you from learning to clear away negative energy. Similarly, you need to spend time alone without a computer, phone, television, or anyone around. Also, socialize with positive people, as their energy will give you the power to get rid of your negativity. Regular meditation is needed to deal with the stress and anxiety in your life.


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