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TRIAL LAW is the three main laws that help you understand the harmful effects of magic.

BLACK LAW: for cursing black magic when a witch uses black magic how many times it gets 3 times the affected person, so if you want to hate someone, you should use something light to not bring back the consequences for yourself.

DISCIPLINE LAW: delivery is your compromise with angels or demons. This will get you what you want but in return, you pay a fair price for what you want. It's not what you choose to lose, but what you want to choose. This is quite dangerous, it can take your own life.

CURRENT LAW: magic exists thanks to the blood of witches inside, but many do not know that it is something else you do not know. The law of existence talks about your side magic power is not infinite as you think. It was like a milestone of hard work, hard work and magic training over the years. When you're at a rudimentary level, don't do things that are out of your control.

The disadvantage of misusing magic is that it makes you fall into excessively wasted energy making it against the effects of magic, whether heavy or light, also cause many complications in the practice of magic in the future.

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