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  • How to Make And Use Moon Water

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    How to Make And Use Moon Water?

    Do you ever feel like you are getting closer or more emotional when the full moon is coming? Witches believe that the Moon can control our emotions, and sentient beings like us have a deep attachment to the Moon's energy. On full moon days, our emotions can sometimes become difficult to control, maybe easier to anger, or easier to cry, ... These are emotional energies that need to be released, and the Moon is making sure it is done.

    How to Make And Use Moon Water

    The moon is like a mirror that amplifies energy, both good and bad, and our sixth sense. Moon energy is most powerful on full moon days and we can use its power. The moon has high cleansing properties and at the same time opens up, connected to the nature hidden deep within us, we can use that energy through the Moon Water (Some time it is also called Lunar Water).

    Moon Water is water that has been fully charged with the energy of the Moon, so it recharges water on full Moon or Super Moon days. Moon water has many uses such as cleansing, recharging the body, giving stones, creating perfume, potion, ... I will talk about the uses in the following articles.

    Here's how to create Moon Water:

    1. Fill the jar (bowl, cup, glass, ...) with filtered water, it is recommended to use a water bottle or jar to have a screw cap in the ant room, dust, bugs, ...
    2. Choose a place the moonlight can reach either at your altar corner or window sill and leave the jar there overnight.
    3. Pray (bless) for your water and bring your wish to the water in the vase. Some sorcerers like the Reiki draw more characters on the vase.
    4. You can use that water the next morning.

    There are some notes for witches:

    - Should leave the water overnight, the more moonlight the water is, the more energy it will be charged.

    - If using a reusable bottle or not being used for a long time, wash it with salt water and dry before using it, then wash the bottle with soap, rinse with hot water.

    - You can do step 3 or step 2 first.

    - Water can be stored in the refrigerator to prolong its use time.

    - The above method is the most common way that witches today often use, asking nothing about a jar, some witches prefer asking for more about the vase or having longer blessings. Here are a few things about the color, decoration of the vase, the stone, and the extra blessing that you want to make.

    how to make and use moon water

    Some more rituals for step 3 (choose the one you like, or do as you please as long as you feel it is right):

    - Hold the jar with two hands.

    - Keep the bottle close to the chest where the heart is.

    - Sing or read hymns.

    - Ask for the Moon to recharge your water.

    You can choose the color of the vase corresponding to your wishes (or purpose):

    - Transparent: lucid, focused, clear, elemental gas, magic moon, heal.

    - White opaque: Moon energy, storm magic, protect, heal.

    - Pink: love, relationships, friendship.

    - Red: passion, elemental fire, love, love magic (sex).

    - Amber (orange light yellow): magic animal, elemental earth, protection.

    - Green: faerie magic, prosperity, wealth, health, and healing.

    - Blue (sea/sky): water magic, mermaid magic, heal, psychic powers boost, divination, tranquility, Blue Moon magick.

    - Purple: Spiritual element, magic, increase self-strength, protect.

    In addition, you can add sea salt, snail shells, cleansing stones, zodiac stones, ... Remember that some things cannot be put into the water such as herbs because they are perishable, pearls will lose their brightness or be broken, .... remember to find out what you put in to see if it is harmful to your health.

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  • Ways To Cleanse Energy In Your Space

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    Negative energy is created through our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and forms of expression and interactions with our surroundings. The negative energy emitted affects not only yourself but also the people you come into contact with such as family, partners, children, working friends, pets, even strangers on the road. city. You get negative energy from people you meet and the things you touch. Negative energy in Witchcraft can take in all forms, from viruses to pollutants, to negative emotions. Negative energy makes you unsuccessful and lives a life that was not as expected, severely affecting your health. Learn some effective ways to eliminate negative energy.

    ways to cleanse energy in your space, witchcraft101

    Handling living space

    Burn dried herbs to cleanse and fragrant the area where you live and live. You can use sandalwood, lemon essential oil, or other suitable aromatic herbs. Let the herb-burning smoke spread to all corners of the room and open windows to let the negative energy out. Breathing herbal aromatic smoke will also help eliminate negative energy from the body.

    Use wind chimes and take a salt bath

    Any kind of wind chime that you can use as a feng shui tool will help create a positive flow of positive energy in your home. You can also find bowls that ring as bells to type on and other bells to be used for the same purpose.

    Soaking in a sea bath will heal and restore the body by removing excess lactic acid from the body, relaxing nerves and effectively relieving muscle pain. Simply pour some Celtic or Himalaya salt into a hot tub and soak in it to release all the negative energy from your body.\

    Use appropriate crystal jewelry and essential oils

    Find the right crystal for you and keep it in your pocket or simply wear it as jewelry. Different types of crystals have different healing properties, so you may have to experiment with several types of crystals before you find a suitable one. Use essential oils to boost positive energy and release your negative energy. Essential oils can change your mood and make you feel better mentally.

    Keep things organized

    You cannot get rid of negative energy if you keep storing unused and unwanted objects around you. The best thing is to pass those things on to someone who really needs them. This will make you feel better and easier to organize things around you. The items left around you, you must be organized and organized in a neat and scientific way. Vacuuming, cleaning dirt on the home surface will give a clean and energetic look. Removing dirt and unused furniture from your home will also help remove "dirt" from your mind and make you receive a new source of positive energy.

    Enjoy the trees, fresh air, and sunshine

    Plant your plants indoors or just go outside for a walk. Favorite plants that exist around you transfer positive energy to you. Take the time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine when outside. Open the windows to let in the fresh air. The fresh inhaled air will fill your lungs and help eliminate negative energy.

    Other methods To Cleanse Energy In Your Space

    Pay attention to what you eat, because your diet will have an effect on your mood. Eating harmful junk food will keep you from learning to clear away negative energy. Similarly, you need to spend time alone without a computer, phone, television, or anyone around. Also, socialize with positive people, as their energy will give you the power to get rid of your negativity. Regular meditation is needed to deal with the stress and anxiety in your life.

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  • How To Break The Curses?

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    Can the curse solve it? The answer is yes. The curse is like many other types of magic. Speaking of the curse, everyone probably thought it was dark magic, somewhat scary and mysterious. Many people also believe that the curse is unbreakable, this thought is extremely misleading in terms of knowledge. A simple curse is a form of black magic that is performed with the purpose of damaging or binding someone. In general, it is a form of magic so it can be completely broken and reversed. So how to solve those curses? The following article will help you answer that question!

    What is a curse?

    A Curse is an expression of one's wish to another person or family but unhappiness and suffering. In particular, the curse can inflict misfortunes such as injury or death by an invisible force, can be considered as a mantra, Prayer often involves the Witch, God, or Soul. Among the various beliefs in the various gods, the curse accompanies the ritual, which is considered to create invisible, supernatural mystical powers that lead to evil consequences. The curse can be the inverse of the blessing.

    How to remove the curse?

    The first thing you have to comprehensively assess is the situation you are in. Ask yourself and answer the following questions. Are you sure you are being cursed? If so, what would make you suspect you were cursed? Do you know or suspect someone has cursed you? How does the curse affect you?

    The truth is, the more you collect information about the person who curses you, the more they have done the cursing of you, the more they do the more you have a chance to break the curse. Asking questions and answering yourself is the best way to help you determine whether you are truly cursed or just unlucky. If you are truly cursed, these questions will help you identify a plan to break the curse. See if anyone hates you and really wants to curse you? The ways to break the curse below will not help you if your problem is not cursed by someone.

    Method 1: Curse the opponent (this method only applies when you know exactly who curses you). When you know the exact person who cursed you, you can curse him back. BUT this way does not always work. If you face an experienced witch they have many ways to protect yourself from or reduce the effects of the curse.

    Method 2: Do the following tips.

    Let the flow's energy bring negative things. You just need to go to a place with plenty of water like rivers, lakes, seas, streams, and ponds. Immerse yourself in the water, close your eyes and think about the ill effects of the curse like a black thread wrapped by pure water.

    Burn the bay leaf at dawn and burn it again at sunset. When burning leaves, let the smoke fly through your body, feeling the smoke like positive and bright things. When the leaves are almost burnt, let the leaves disperse.

    Incense rosemary, frankincense, or burn sage and heat around the body. This is a simple method to purify, limit, or eliminate the negative effects of the curse.

    Sprinkle sea salt and drop herbs (laurel, dill, jasmine, nettle, lavender, ...) into the bath, then just soak in the water. your home with lemon juice, full moon water, saltwater, or pickled herbs to break the curse. Wipe floors, windows, doors, and sanitation a few objects that have been covered with dust. When you're done cleaning, you should pour water.

    Method 3: Create charm or amulet to protect and mitigate the negative effects of the curse.

    What you need:

    • Water absorbs sunlight (in the morning is not the best)
    • 1 sheet of paper, 1 pen (recommended with a red pen)
    • Laurel leaf
    • MN Black
    • Cauldron or pot, fireproof bowl
    • 1 little clay

    It should be done at night and will be most effective when done at the time of the new moon. Clean yourself and space thoroughly, apply sun water on some areas of the body. Light a candle, write down all the effects that curse has on you (specify in detail, details). When you're done writing, place the bay leaf on the paper you write down and fold. Heat on fire, let paper burn out. Put paper ash in the cauldron. Get some clay - enough for you to take with you easily, but not so small that you won't write anything on clay. Put sunlight on clay, take ash from the cauldron, and mix ashes with clay. Bump the clay into a small ball and flatten it with a plate or bowl (don't roll too thin).

    On one side of the clay, the following words were written: "no more befouled, again unbound, again unbidden". The rest of the clay painted a symbol of the curse that could have been a sigil. Turn off the candles, clean up space, dry the talisman, or expose to the sun until the talisman is completely dry. When the charm is completely dry, take it with you and bring it out early in the morning to noon to absorb the energy from the sun. When the charm is with your friend, it will absorb negative energy from the curse, stop the curse from others. At the next new moon, break the talisman. Throw the debris in the trash or throw it in the street.

    After breaking the curse, you need to purify the body and space of the house to eliminate the remaining negative energy. Establish a protective circle in your room, sprinkle some salt in the corners of the room to block future curses.

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  • #Tips_For_Beginners: How To Be A Witch Every Day

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    One of the most common questions when joining the magic world is "Where should I start?" The answer is simple, it's just to start right from what you are. Read some more types of books, find out all that you wonder about, discover everything you have. If you are wondering how to practice becoming every day and what witches practice every day, read the article below. It is a few suggestions on how to combine the things witches often do in normal daily life. From here, you can discover for yourself a separate list of things to do every day to become a true witch, entering the colorful magical world. These operational ideas will make you feel and contact with the magical world, connect with the power of the Earth, and feel the energy details of the Universe.

    Things need to do

    It is true that all the witches do every day will revolve around magic and magic. Spellwork is only a small part of the wizarding world. You can turn on or off the wizard yourself. In addition to practicing spellwork, a true witch needs to understand the origins of rituals, how to perform a witchcraft ritual properly, the special abilities of witchcraft materials such as herbs, candles. , ... knowledgeable about energy elements such as Fire, Water, Air, Light, ... And in particular, witches need to know how to manipulate and combine to promote the full power of those elements. during my miracle process.

    So, what makes a true witch?

    Witches will learn and discover many things to become a true witch.

    • A witch must always find a way to make her own life better and help the lives of others around her.
    • A good witch must know how to coordinate harmoniously with those around him. You play a very small role in the vast wizarding world. Uniting and uniting are ways for you to learn and improve your energy and strength.
    • Confidence in yourself is also what a witch really needs. You must clearly see what your strengths and weaknesses are in this magical world. From there, you need to develop your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses, improve yourself over time.

    Remember, a witch is like a prism, it changes the way you see the world. You must pay more attention, observe more, discover more, practice, and try more. You will become more patient, tolerant, and wiser. It has a natural cycle of its own. Sometimes you will be a 100% witch. Other times maybe it will just be something going on beneath the surface.

    How to become a witch

    • When you wake up, feel the sunlight of the new day and take time to regulate your breathing. Saying "thank you" by God gives us a wonderful new day.
    • Drink a glass of warm water. It is like a power source, helping you recharge for a beautiful day.
    • Meditate for about 10 minutes every day as soon as you have time.
    • Spend time exploring the New Moon and Full Moon rituals and witchcraft rituals throughout the year. This will help you a lot in the process of practicing and improving your own magic ability and feel.
    • Go for a walk when you can. Pay attention to the feeling of plants and wildlife around us to clearly feel their energy.
    • Create and maintain seasonal altars. (You should take the time to learn more details about how to set up the Wiccan or Pagan altar for beginners)
    • Learn and learn about the Tarot. Draw a Tarot card every day and think about how it connects to your life. 

      You can start doing a simple job today to become a true witch. Be patient, spend a lot of time and find out. The results will surprise you.

      Do not forget to follow us to discover interesting information about witches and magical world.

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    • 6 Best Hobbies For Witches

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      Witches, like anyone else, need hobbies. But witches activities are more than just something enjoyable to do - they help you get closer to yourself, to nature, or to the divine.

      For the purposes of this post, we decided to mention activities that are specifically linked to witchcraft. There are, of course, other activities, such as sewing, biking, or scrapbooking, which can also be used creatively. The six hobbies included here seemed to be the most accessible to the average witch. Also, share the feedback of your favorite witch hobbies.

      1. Reading

      Witches know it's important to keep reading and learning. In fact, with all these hobbies, you 're probably going to do a lot of reading and studying. What I tried to do was remind you to check your sources. The practice of witchcraft is independent of faith. It means that it has roots in many different religions and that there is no standard text, and you can encounter contradictory facts and biased authors.

      2. Gardening

      Gardening is perhaps the most obvious hobby a witch would have. A lot of spells have a herb, flower, or tree part. You're also moving closer to nature. Beginners should start small — you can always add more plants if you think you can handle them. Container gardening is really common right now, and it's one of the easiest ways to start gardening. 

      You can grow flowers, herbs, and even vegetables in containers. Herbs are perfect in small containers (you can even grow them on your countertop) while you need larger containers for vegetables.

      3. Cooking

      Not much better than a hearty home-cooked meal made with actual ingredients. It's important to take time (even if it's just once a week) to really focus on what you put in your body. Kitchen witchcraft is so common because it takes action that we do every day and makes it magical. It's a real thing to cook with love.

      Poster for Witch's Kitchen: 11 House Rules For A Kitchen Witch's Home

      There are a lot of ways to add magic to your kitchen, but the biggest one is just slowing down and paying attention. Place your phone down, shut off the TV, and just concentrate on cooking.

      4. Astronomy

      Many magical paths believe that our lives are directly influenced by the universe. So if you want to read your horoscope, pay attention to the phases of the moon, or enjoy eclipses, then you should definitely add astronomy to your list of hobbies.

      Astronomy is a study of heavenly bodies such as the moon, stars, planets, comets, and galaxies. Although astronomy, you can learn about the wheel of the year. Earth's journey around the sun and the tilt of our axis, which causes seasons to change and the length of the day to grow and shorten.

      Learn how to identify the stars and constellations that make up the signs of the zodiac. This is particularly important if you want to dive deeper into sun signs, moon signs, and rising signs. You 're going to need the exact time and date of your birth to figure out exactly how the sky looked when you were born.

      5. Geology

      Minerals are the building blocks of all of your favorite rocks, crystals, and gems. Many people are collecting crystals for their healing powers, but many more are collecting crystals for their beauty. These minerals are organized and classified on the basis of a number of factors, such as hardness, luster, color, cleavage, and a few others.

      6. Candle Making

      Candles have been used since the early Greeks to worship the gods. They are also one of the most accessible tools for witches, as you can find candles in every shape, color, and size very cheaply.

      You can modify the candles you have purchased by carving on their sides, painting on them, or rubbing them with oils. Supplies to make your own candles are conveniently available in most craft stores or on the Internet. You can also melt the old candles to make a new one, you just need a new piece of wick.

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