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  • Have You Known All About The Magic Properties Of Lavender?

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    Lavender is one of the most widely known and used herb flowers. The essences of lavender are used to make essential oils, soaps, scented candles, aroma diffusers. One of the most outstanding features of lavender is the application of witchcraft. In this article, we will introduce lavender, as well as the culinary and medicinal properties of this wonderful plant.

    Lavender is a mild scented flower, often used to scent or make tea! It is a famous flower in the south of France such as Provence, Avignon. In fact, this flower is originally from the Mediterranean and was known thousands of years ago from ancient Greece. The Romans cultivated lavender throughout the European countries, of which southern France was one of the places with the most lavender.

    Lavender Correspondences

    Lavender symbol for air element. The air is governed in the direction of the East, corresponding to creativity, wisdom, and intuition. Besides, lavender also has medicinal properties. Lavender works to affect nerves, relieve anxiety, and stress. At the same time, lavender also has analgesic, anti-fungal properties, suitable for treating headaches and skin irritation.

    Lavender is in magic also known as a symbol of peace, light, dreams, spiritual awareness, symbols of faithful love, healing, harmony, and luck.

    How to grow and care for lavender

    • Seed selection

      Weather is an important factor when planting lavender. The most suitable temperature to grow is 18-24 degrees Celsius. In our country, except Da Lat and Sapa can be planted year-round, in the Northern provinces you should sow in the fall, the South is in November - 12 okay!

      In addition, you should also consider a lot when choosing plant seeds. Depending on the conditions, preferences, and purpose of use, there are many choices of different lavender varieties. You can refer to some lavender varieties suitable to the climatic characteristics of your place.

      • Choose soil and pots

      Lavender thrives on slightly alkaline or neutral sandy soils, loose, porous, not too moist. You should choose a pot with a drainage hole.

      • Drills

      Because the seeds "sleep" for a long time, you should soak the seeds before planting for 12 hours, and then give Gibberellin (a growth regulator) for 2 hours before sowing.

      You leveled the ground before planting. Irrigate until water repellent, sow seeds, then cover with a fine layer of soil, the thickness of 0.2cm, then covered with grass or plastic film to keep the soil moist.

      • Take care of seedlings

      You need to keep soil moisture, preferably 2 times a day. You also avoid getting the soil too wet, as the moist environment stimulates fungi to grow, which will destroy your newly sprouted seed.

      • Switch ports

      When lavender germinates 5 -10cm, you divide, plant into many pots so that the flowers can grow fully. You should take extra care with this step to avoid damaging the new roots!

      • Put the pot in a warm place

      Want flowers to grow quickly, you need to place the pot in a warm position but avoid direct sunlight. You can create a greenhouse effect by covering a plastic bag with a pot, which helps retain the moisture and temperature needed for the flowers to grow.

      • Sprinklers

      You need to water every day to keep the soil moist. Depending on the size and level of drainage of the pot to adjust the flow of irrigation accordingly, most cases of lavender died due to waterlogging. Irrigation around the base and only water in the morning, avoid damaging the leaves easily damaged, reproduction of pests and diseases.

      Some ways to take advantage of the features of lavender

      • Lavender Bath Ritual

        Many people will choose lavender to bathe and relax. Therefore, lavender is used a lot in the bathroom. The aroma from lavender can be used to enhance the power of bathing rituals, such as this easy energy bath ritual.

        • A material to repel a charm

        One of the other uses of lavender in the magical world is to ward off spells. The witch adds a bit of lavender to any spell to easily chase away the things they want.

        • Sleeping bag

        If you're having trouble sleeping, not sleeping well, or having nightmares, then you need to prepare a lavender-scented sleeping bag. The soothing scent of lavender will help you fall asleep easily, improving your sleep quality. At the same time, you can use lavender to marinate the tea. Lavender tea is also a medicine to help you have a deep sleep and dispel nightmares.

        • Kitchen witch lavender

        Besides the above features, lavender also works in cooking. It has a great fusion of baked goods, tea, or cocktails. Jasmine has a cool aroma, easily combining with the ingredients available in your kitchen. You can search for some recipes with lavender online and apply. And you will be very surprised at the result.

        Above are some features of lavender that you can apply easily in everyday life. Follow us to learn and discover interesting information about the wizarding world.

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      • [Witch Must Know] Free/Cheap Spell & Ritual Suppliers For Wizards

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        Before using spells and practicing magic, you should prepare basic tools. No, there's no need for brooms and pointed hats. Each witch will need different tools to perform certain spells, but the basic items are more or less common. However, again, no items on this list are required.

        1. Magic wand

        Choose a wand. Chopsticks are the most commonly chosen item because of the connection between them and the sorcerer. Finding and energizing a chopstick may seem simple, but not really. Spend your time walking around the forest and find a suitable short stick that you feel connected to. Premonition will tell when you find the right wand. However, do not think that you are not a "real" witch without using chopsticks or tools like other wizards. You have your own way of practicing magic, and no one can say what works for you.

        Wands, crystal balls, and other tools used in spiritual rituals must be thoroughly purified before and after the spells. A good witch always harmonizes with his tools, energizing them, and protecting them from bad spiritual energies. Use magic techniques to power up and purify tools.

        Each tradition has different methods to complete this ritual, but generally, many witches use the moon's energy to charge and purify their wands, allowing the stone to absorb the moon's energy. by staying outside in the moonlight overnight. Wiping the wand with white gasoline is also a common ritual to purify and dispel any bad spiritual energies.

        2. Battles and mortar

        Battles and mortars were important items while performing magic. The mortar pestle is used to blend herbs and other ingredients into an enchanting dose. This device is available at most supermarkets and almost every kitchen has it.

        3. Herbs

        Witch hazel, mugwort, sage, lavender, and many other herbs are commonly used in witchcraft. Scott Cunningham's magical herb encyclopedia is an essential handbook for novice wizards. You can learn about the power and use of many different herbs and how to use them.

        4. Salt

        Used in ritual cleansing and keeping the spells safe, white gasoline and salt are a barrier to protect you in the world of spirits. You can protect yourself by energizing your tools with all-natural white gasoline and sprinkling salt around you.

        5. Magic candle

        In feng shui, the shape and especially the color of the candle is very important. According to feng shui rules, colors can have different effects on a person, so when choosing candles you need to clearly identify what purpose you need them to be, and exactly what you want to attract in your life.

        For example, yellow candles symbolize the elements of the earth and are used to improve the relationship between husband and wife and love. And if you want harmony and mutual understanding in your relationship with your partner, by lighting a yellow candle you will quickly get what you want.

        • Green candles symbolize health, harmony, and peace. If you want everything in your home to be rich, then light this special candle.
        • Red candles - a symbol of fire. She will help achieve fame, faster climb the career ladder. But be careful, do not light it too often and keep it in the bedroom, otherwise, you will always be tense and will not be able to relax because red will stimulate you to be active and passionate, this will not let you relax and rest.
        • The white candle is very interesting in that it means that the two things are completely opposite at the same time. On the one hand, a white candle - the symbol of the sky, helps people from many different professions, but especially teachers.
        • Purple candles will be suitable for meditation and self-understanding. They will help you look at the hidden corners of your soul.
        • Pink candles will help in love and romantic relationships. They will attract people to you and help establish contact with the right people.

        You are newbie witches and you are concern about the spell and & ritual suppliers alternative? We hope that this article will be a guide for you. Keep following us for more interesting information about the wizard word.

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      • Moon Phases Magic

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        Moon cycles & spiritual significance

        We all have had time to look up at the empty night sky, only to catch the unique light of the Moon shining down on us. In addition to the light reflected from the Moon, there are many explanations in history and myth that tell us that the Moon affects creatures on this earth. The moon reminds us of birth, destruction, and things in that cycle. The rebirth of the Moon gives us hints about the continuous reincarnation of a soul.

        Understand The Period Of The Moon

        The moon's period can be described as a change in shape caused by a change in the angle and position of the Moon in relation to the Earth and the Sun. It is believed that each phase of the Moon contains corresponding spiritual events. We can actually compare the Moon's cycle to seed, from the beginning of maturity to the time of death, and then on to a new beginning.

        Here are the moon phases and their meanings:

        1. New Moon

        In this phase, the Moon lies between the Earth and the Sun, leading to our inability to observe it from Earth. Darkness also embodies the beginning, an instinct for giving birth. Symbolically, the seed lying below the ground represents the start of something new. In this phase, energy is used to build strength and intensity. This is an ideal time for you to clarify your goals and intentions, start new plans or ideas. Simply write it down, or let the universe know about your goals and desires. This power source will be even more powerful if you perform a personal ritual or meditation, start your desires with great enthusiasm.

        2. Waxing Crescent

        After the New Moon, the bright side of the Moon grows bigger but has not reached half. So the strength and intensity here also increase, representing the germination of the seed. At this stage, we see a translational movement, and hope for something bigger will come. The source of the erupting energy and the source of power moving forward are things that you can use. Moreover, your plans, dreams, and ideas are on the rise, this is the period where you can realize your focus on development and commitment.

        The time between the Full Moon and the Full Moon is a great time to bring into mind the new intentions you have made during the new moon. This is a time to be positive, motivated, and active. The development of energy will support new ideas and even meet new people in your life.

        3. First Quarter

        This phase of the moon is called the Half Moon because the bright side of the Moon has reached half and will gradually increase. The seeds have now started to take root, and develop according to the structure of their own species. This moon phase symbolizes the stage of strength, determination, concentration, reevaluation, and commitment to action.

        Always remember to keep moving forward, regardless of your fears, doubts, or emotions. Use any source of emotional energy into your passion for creativity to accomplish your work and goals.

        4. Waxing Gibbous

        After the half-moon phase, the bright side of the moon is on the rise, but now it is more than half already. In this phase, the flower buds are about to expand. It represents the development stage when ideas and plans are cultivated and refined before moving on to the next stage. It represents the harvest and attainment. This applies to all things you want to have and want to develop, such as friends, material, skills, and the like.

        5. Full Moon

        At this stage, the Moon, Earth, and the Sun are also aligned as in the New Moon phase, but the Moon is located directly opposite the Sun of the Earth. and the Earth). Therefore, the entire bright, circular region of the Moon is visible from Earth. The seed is now in full bloom. This represents fertility/abundance, change, perfection, and abundance.

        This phase is called "waning" because the energy is decreasing. This is an ideal time to let go of what no longer supports your noble goals, the things you want to release, release, or end. The "things" here can be anything, from relationships, jobs, thoughts to emotions.

        This is a time for guidance, healing, and magic. The night before the Full Moon is perfect for a person to recharge his energy. Sit outside and bathe in the moonlight. Similarly, crystal stones, Oracle cards, valuable gems can all be exposed to the moon to purify and "charge" by the energy of the Moon.

        Be careful of the negative aspects of the Full Moon, including stress, bipolarity, extremist emotional thoughts, and behaviors. Deflect that excess energy by writing your thoughts on paper and performing rituals of letting go.

        6. Waning Gibbous

        After the most brilliant period, the light of the Moon began to diminish. During this period, the bright side of the Moon still accounts for more than half, but is incomplete and will slowly fade away. As the Moon gets smaller, it is a good time to focus on giving up bad habits, pressures, and negative thoughts.

        This phase of the moon is also known as the "dissemination moon", providing the source of energy for better communication, confession, and fulfillment.

        7. Third Quarter

        The moon is now semicircular, only this time the light part will gradually decrease. The seed we have grown is now ripe and harvested. This is the time for you to stop, ponder and contemplate, acknowledge and reevaluate everything once again to prepare for future changes.

        We see here the reflection of what has been accomplished, eliminating negative thoughts and energy in preparation for a new start. This allows you to focus and take a look at the bigger picture. It also allows creativity and development for the next stage of new goals and intentions.

        8. Waning Crescent

        At this stage, the Moon is only partly bright, the rest is less than half and will gradually decrease until the light is completely gone so that a New Moon will form again. This is the end of the old cycle, the beginning of a new cycle. This time is for us to separate ourselves from the world and rest; Consider before making a decision and whether you should let go of something.

        The last crescent moon is also the time to prepare for a new beginning...

        We hope that this article brings a lot of interest to you. Don't forget to follow us to discover interesting things about the wizarding world

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      • Spell Time: All Things Witches Need To Know

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        Time has a lot of influence on spells. Selecting the right time for each spell helps maximum support the magic and strength and talent of the witch. Correct your magic with the days of the week or learn how to use the time of day. Here we teach you to spell time for sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight, and witch time to perform rituals and spells.

        Spell Timing: POWERFUL Sunrise Magick

        If you are a habit of getting up early, it is not difficult to do magic when dawn. But in the opposite case, you can arrange to change your habits to create some powerful magic compatible with the power of the sun.

        So how to leverage the power of the sun to support the process?

        Let's start by receiving sunlight, shining into magic tools to unleash the full power of sunlight. Magical intent from the sun includes new opportunities, new love, peace, healing, new friendships, and career change.

        Amplifying Noon Spells and Rituals

        Nighttime and mid-day is also an important time for you to consider performing magic. Noon magic often brings balance but it can also be used to amplify mysteries that you didn't know about before, especially the mysteries of love, success, and money. Starting any purposeful spell at noon gives the meaning of eliminating the negative. Usually such spells will start around noon and end a few evenings as the sun begins to set.

        Sunset Spell Timing for Saying Goodbye

        Any chapter of your life you’re ready to release can be done so at sunset. When the sun sets on the day, it will also set on your old way of life, an old relationship, an old job, etc. If you need to bury a spell or its remnants, it’s wise to bury it in the west, where the sun will set on it daily. Sunset magick is all about saying goodbye and banishing things from your life. It can bring peace and healing, as well as protection from enemies and intrusion. Sunset magical intentions include banishing, binding, healing, protection, peace, rest, and many more.

        The Midnight Hour for Spell Timing

        Midnight is always a mysterious time for all witches in the world, this is the time when the old and new days intersect and it seems that the spirit world has begun to change. Energy changes in the middle of the night, when there are aura is difficult to solve clearly.

        Similar to the beginning of the spells with positive intentions before noon and before the end, you can do the same with midnight magic. And in return, to perform deportation spells, remove something that starts at midnight and ends soon after. When the clock is exactly 12 o'clock at night, the power will arise, and when they move down at exactly 6 o'clock, we should give the final intention.

        The Witching Hour: Folklore and Divination

        Have you ever woken up at 3 am every night? During that period of time, it is said that there will be supernatural powers with great power and strength, especially during the period of 3 to 4 am... It is also known as Devil's Hour and Holy Hour according to the old folklore. The most mysterious activities, including those involving spirits, vampires, Satan spirits, often appear during this "Wizard Time". There are many legends and stories related to this issue. It is often said that if you are awake during this time, throw a circle or create a sacred space and throw in some high-powered tarot cards. The veil between the physical and spiritual worlds will appear.

        And Yet Another Way to Do Things…

        If you can't find yourself the right time of day to cast magic, choose another way to use magic that is arithmetic. Each number, regardless of the time of day, has a sacred meaning and has a certain power. Study the meaning of each number and coordinate your magic intentions based on the number you choose. And, if this still doesn't suit you, perhaps you have certain times of the day that are sacred to you. Please use and make the most of their energy and strength during the practice of your magic.

        We hope that with the whole information about spell time above can help you expand knowledge and explore the most suitable witch hours for witchcraft. Keep following us and looking for interesting things in wizards word. 

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      • Lazy Witchcraft - It’s All For The Lazy Witches

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        Sometimes, as much as we really want to devote more time to witchcraft and spiritual practices, we have a full-time job, school, other commitments, and ever-growing lists of chores. “Lazy Witch” might seem like a negative term that places blame on the witch for not making more time to practice, but hear me out!

        I personally was stuck to the idea that “real” witchcraft was all long, full-blown, pre-planned, elaborate, and memorized rituals. The idea of the “everyday witchcraft” felt overwhelming and exhausting. When am I going to have time for that? And EVERY DAY? How do other witches do it??? If I can’t, will another witch think that I am a lesser witch than they are or not even a witch at all?

        Then I realized that I already had practices ingrained into my every day. Making morning coffee, taking a shower, taking a walk. It wasn’t what I was doing, but it was how I was doing it. Being able to turn daily mundane activities into magickal practices and learning that it isn’t discounted and is still considered “real” witchcraft was when my life really changed.

        Don’t get me wrong — I still wish for more time to spend on my practice. I try to do something with a little extra attention on most sabbats and the occasional full moon, but the “lazy witch” lifestyle is what works the best for me for now.

        I am embracing being a Lazy Witch, and you can too.

        Here are just a few ideas for daily witchcraft that won’t take much additional time (if any) in your busy schedule:

        Turn morning coffee into a productivity spell

        Bless your coffee and stir it deosil (clockwise) 9 times as you envision your desired results (checking everything off of your to-do list, getting work/homework done quickly so you can take a longer break, or whatever that may mean for you!). Drink your coffee, feel the charge of productivity, and get to it!

        Kitchen witchcraft

        If you’re the kind who likes to cook or bake from scratch, this might be your literal bread and butter. There are so many ways to integrate witchcraft into food, there are even entire books dedicated to it! A few samples: carve sigils into baked goods, select your food and herbs based on their correspondences (and that are safe to consume, of course), and keeping a magickal herb garden for cooking use!

        Shower away stress/anxiety

        I do this one a lot. As you shower, visualize the shower water’s energy washing away your stress. Breathe deep (just don’t, you know, inhale water) and feel the stress actually running off of you with the water. You may choose to enhance this by visualizing the water glowing white, blue, or maybe even rainbow!

        Sleep magick

        There are so many witchy things you can do with sleep. Use the moments just before sleep to squeeze in a short, relaxing meditation. Turn evening tea into a sleep spell (just adapt the coffee spell above accordingly!). Enchant your pillow, or create a quick dream satchel to put in your pillowcase. Keep a dream journal and analyze your dreams, divine through your dreams, or practice toward having lucid dreams. Rest up!

        These are only a few ideas, but the opportunities are truly endless, so get creative, and don’t be afraid to be a little lazy!

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