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  • Am I A Real Witch?

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    Did you have a dream and a few days later it happened in real life, just like you ever dreamed? Or you had unusual thoughts on something and it is surprising and perhaps a bit scary that the same scenario is repeated in the following days. 

    You begin to wonder if you have magical powers or not? And maybe, am I a witch? The following answers can help you partially answer your questions.

    Spiritual dreams

    There is a school of thought that believes that everything that has happened or will happen is collected spiritually. Others call it the Akashic profile. However, there are also many people who refer to space. If everything is so, you have the ability to explore everything and draw topics related to your life. It usually happens while you are sleeping. Because then, your mind is in the freest and relaxed state.

    Psychic images

    The spiritual vision is quite similar to dreams. In general, it happens when you are in a relaxed state or thinking about something else. Your body may be busy but the mind indicates you are roaming freely. Your vision may then be in the form of a mind movie, as described earlier (it is called clairvoyance). And often the premonitions you feel are certain towards the future tense.

    Does this prove you are a real witch?

    There are many people who confuse spiritual omen. They assume that they are witches because they have dreams and visions. However, the truth is not quite the same.

    Psychic or hunch doesn't mean you're a witch. You can become a witch if you want. That's what you choose to do. Witchcraft, as the name suggests is a craft, and you can fully practice the skills in it. It must be learned. It is true that some witches are born with certain gifts that make their journey to witchcraft easier. They may have innate energy manipulation skills or feel compelled to practice magic. Or they are inherited from families.

    Am I a witch or a psychic?

    The answer is no, they are not all witches. Of course, some of those psychics became wizards. Some choose to develop their intuition by keeping a journal and doing visualization exercises. Others choose to meditate in order to connect themselves to their higher subconscious. Others are satisfied with the practice of magic or the use of herbs to enhance their energy. It is all about personal choices, talents, and preferences.

    Many people say you have a sixth sense?

    Again, this means you have psychic abilities, not the mark of a true witch. If you want to use them in your magic practice, that's okay, but you still need to learn basic and advanced skills to become a witch. Such a spiritual gift will greatly help you on your way to becoming a witch.

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  • Signs You’ve Had A Past Life Dream

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    Do you wonder why you often dream about strange faces or lands that you have never been to?

    There are cases where after a person dies, their soul is reborn in a new body, be it some form of life, a tree, or an animal, it may also be a human being. It is believed that a person's soul can be reborn many times. Here are the signs that you are the afterlife of someone.

    The reincarnation of each individual's reincarnations depends on their karma and virtue, determining their fate. Pay attention to the following signs to see if you have reincarnated many times.

    1. An inexplicable obsession, fear, or bias

    If you have always lived in an inexplicable phobia or fear, or have a bit of an inexplicable psychological turmoil, you may also have memories of your past life with you. For example, if you were abused to death in your previous life and in this lifetime still feel scared because of that memory, or in the previous life, you have been hurt by a dog and in this lifetime, you are scared and scared when you see a dog.

    A milder sign, in this life you love some purple flower because so is your soulmate. In this lifetime, although you may be allergic to that flower, you will always feel warm and happy to see it. If you come across one of these things, surely you have reincarnated many times.

    2. Feeling familiar (as seen, experienced in memory)

    This phenomenon is called by the term Déjà vu. This is how you feel when you feel like you have experienced the present in the past. The Déjà vu phenomenon has not been clearly explained until now.

    One of the most compelling theories is that you are experiencing a situation that most impressed you most in your past life. And so those memories are ingrained and subconscious to you, to follow your soul to be reborn in this life. With deep and guided meditation, you may be able to explain how your Déjà vu comes from.

    Reincarnation or the previous life is a sign of awareness. If you can see a very familiar event, as had been witnessed in the past, maybe that's what happened in your past life.

    3. Prophetic dreams reappeared

    Dreams come in two forms. A completely stray form and makes no sense at all, and after that, you don't remember anything either. Another form is deeper because it hides memories in the mind that emanate to try to contact you by metaphor or hunch.

     A dream of sending certain messages has undoubtedly a means of connecting emotionally from many lives. In that dream, you feel your heart-opening. And you will find your mind telling you something you should do or should avoid. If the dream is fulfilled, you have certainly experienced a similar experience in your previous life.

    4. Sudden memories appear

    One day you find yourself suddenly having some special gift that has never been trained, or knows something very clearly, even if you have never heard or heard of it. For example, you suddenly have an aptitude for writing poems or writing, or the ability to sculpt very beautiful sculptures... all of which could be your past life memories.

    5. Special birthmarks

    Samsara, Past Life, a sign of recognition. If you have some special birthmark on your body, it is very likely that you have reincarnated from a certain life where you were harmed. There once existed a true story about a young man who was murdered by an ax slicing in the head. After reincarnating this person still remembers his killer and has a mark on his skull at the exact place where he was cut. That birthmark may fade with time, but the memory is still lingering around here. 

    Many religions around the world believe that a special birthmark is something from a past life and shows something negative. Sometimes the birthmark will fade, others not. If you have some special birthmark on your body, it is very likely that you have reincarnated from a life where you were harmed.

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  • Candle Magick: How To Use A Spell Candle + Flame Meanings

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    A few days ago a little girl put me in colored candles, she said she needed to pray, candles with colored colors would be better. I suddenly remembered there was a time when I fell in love with Witchcraft, Wiccan, and Spells. 

    I remember when I was a child, I was fascinated and expected to see every episode of "Charmed", the most favorite is the magic spells. I've been reading for a year, sometimes trying to "cast a spell" ... but I probably wasn't lucky so I just looked like a kid playing with stuff but didn't succeed. It's very interesting, and culture with a good history.

    Return to the Spell Candle also known as CANDY PRAY. To be able to methodically work, we need to have many things from costumes, herbs, mantras, procedures, and rituals, MEN plays a very important role as a bridge between worlds and between people and gods. Depending on the type of mantra the candles are of different colors, and the ritual is performed at different times as well as at different moons. And these things are sometimes too mysterious or complicated for most people.

    The wishes that I think everyone likes are corresponding to candles like this:

    • RED: is the color of fire (Fire) and passion. Red candles represent the blood, often burned to pray for love, fertility, strength, power, and courage.
    • GREEN: is the color associated with nature and is representative of the earth (Earth). Green candles are used to attract money, prosperity, and financial success, luck, health (pray for physical and emotional healing). It is also the color of wealth and generosity.
    • BLUE: is a gentle color and is connected with spirituality. Blue candles are used to promote wisdom, to unleash truth, to be quiet and serene. Often burned for prophetic dreams, encouraging loyalty, understanding, and peace. Blue represents water, meditation with a blue candle will help you focus your mind.
    • YELLOW: is the realm of wisdom, inspiration, and creativity. Golden candles are often used for confidence, seduction, persuasion, wisdom, mental strength, concentration, and evoking memories. The golden candle also stimulates personal power, self-esteem, and promotes cheerfulness and optimism. The yellow candle is a representative ingredient of air (Air).
    • ORANGE: A color that energizes as well as promotes joy and success, cleanses negative attitudes, brings happiness and enthusiasm. Orange candles are often used for good fortune, prosperity, and power. Some of these cases are also used as a blessing for legal problems. Orange candles are also used to attract friends, inspire, and heal emotional wounds.
    • PINK: is the color representing the nuances of love - friendliness, romance, spirit, and generosity. Pink candles are used a lot for the wishes of love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, to promote the spirit and open the door of someone's heart. Pink candles are also often used for spiritual or spiritual healing.
    • PURPLE: is a very sacred color that is always associated with spiritual abilities, spiritual awakening, and is representative of ancient wisdom. Purple is also the color of the chakras in the third eye (commonly known as the sixth sense of supernatural powers). Purple candles are often used to open up the sixth sense, enhance intuition, protect the mind, promote wisdom and wisdom, develop spirituality, and detach from the ego (self as in Buddhism ). Regular meditation with a purple candle will help reduce stress and insomnia.
    • WHITE: is the color that contains all colors. The white candle symbolizes the purity of innocence. White candles are often used to pray for peace, to seek truth and sincerity, to cleanse the soul, and to express fulfillment and joy. White candles can also be used to protect and repel negative energy and relieve stress and aid in meditation.
    • BLACK: the color that absorbs all colors and is often used to absorb or expel negative afflictions. Black candles were used to reverse the curse, protect, and repel black magic (evil spell). Black candles also help strengthen inner strength, self-healing, and self-control. Use black candles in meditation to dig deep into your unconscious mind. Also burned as a powerful healing remedy as well as aiding in overcoming loss and grief.


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  • The Reasons Why People Might Abandon Witchcraft

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    There are many people who choose to practice witchcraft as a trend of the times. However, for some reason, they abandoned the practice of this magic and assumed it was not what they thought or was not for them. There is nothing after trying something and then realizing it's not really for us.

    The Reasons Why People Might Abandon Witchcraft

    Here is a list of the reasons why one might give up witchcraft, as well as some explanations that might help you - who is going through any of these hold it back if that's what. They still feel required.

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    Why is witchcraft called "practice"?

    It is a fact that happens a lot, in reality, is that someone goes from zero to all as a witch. They bought a lot of materials and tools for the practice of magic. Then try 1-2 basic spells based on the books they buy. When the spell doesn't work the way they want it to, they decide "the witch is bogus" and it's not for them. Witchcraft is a practice and the person who pursues it needs patience and instruction based practice. 

    Magic, rituals that can be performed successfully will have to be practiced over time. It is valid for many years. Time, dedication, and perseverance are essential when deciding to participate in magic practice. In addition, magic pursuers also take a long time to find the magic that best suits them. So be ready to do some practical work, both physically and mentally, before entering this magic.

    1. All paths lead to different results and there is no right one.

    Everyone will be surprised as soon as they hear this. Right. There are many separate paths in magic. You can orient yourself to become a kitchen witch, a sea witch, a sea witch, ... And each type of witch will have different spells. Therefore, you will never find the right path in the process of magic practice. And it is also difficult for those who are just starting out in this magic to find a mentor. Because witches have their own orientation. 

    Therefore, please learn carefully, find your own direction, and start your first steps in the magical world. You will encounter some difficulties at first, but don't worry. Suitable books, which you can find in second-hand bookstores or anywhere, will help you through this early stage.

    2. The way of learning never changes.

    There are many paths (including religious and secular) that have different styles of practice. And you have a chance to learn from it. Witches are the path for those who aspire to seek knowledge, not for the "already expert in everything" type.

    It can take many years to become proficient in crystal, or divination, or successfully practice complex rituals and spells. More than ever, success depends on yourself. Discouraged then give up or persevere? Only you can find the answer for yourself.

    3. The truth about other witches.

    In the end, you decide to attend a Pagan conference or in-person meeting to realize that they are not the type of person you want to meet, that is not the kind of magic you want to pursue. It is possible that you have come across some sorcerers talking to you because you are new. Whatever the case, you don't like it. Finding the wrong group can often lead people to believe that it reflects the entire community. Usually, in witchcraft and paganism, that can get someone completely disliked.

    4. Witch's Burnout.

    It seems this is something that can happen most of the time with witches at the same time. It can happen at any time in the witch's path, whether you're a beginner or have been practicing for years. There are so many things to do, there are too many rituals to do and you are completely immersed in your work. However, this has one consequence that you will be exhausted. Then, the first thing to do is to take some time to rest. But don't take that short break long or permanent. Drowsiness and the memory of exhaustion can be associated with you for a long time and you will find no interest in practicing magic anymore.

    If this happens, that's okay, just calm down and start over. Very few of us can stick with it all our lives and we have to try everything to find out if they are really for us. It's not a waiver, it's just a search for what's most effective.

    You won't be ashamed if you first cast magic and give up on realizing it's not for you. Regardless of whether you pursue it or not, respect that each person's path is different, others have no right to judge you and you should not judge others, especially about things related to that. this magical world

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  • 8 Daily Witchcraft Evening Ritual

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    Pretty much all witches are busy with morning jobs. Hence, their quiet spiritual time is usually late in the evening. Are you ready to add more spirituality and magic in the evening? Below are simple daily evening rituals for busy witches and heathens.

    1. Altar Time

    For a true witch, it is normal to spend a few minutes at the altar. And the evening is an ideal time for witches to take advantage of the rituals at the altar or to help calm the spirit.

    You can place the altar in the corner of your bedroom, or even in a closet if the space is big enough. This area has to be hidden as it represents your dedication to Magic - the path you have chosen. That means there are no dirty items or dirty dishes near your altar - it should always be clean and full of positive energy. Even the room where your altar is located should be kept clean as it will draw the Magic energy of the entire room space.

    2. Gardening 

    Many witches own their own gardens. According to the concept, plants and herbs are essential elements that help witches absorb energy and assist in the process of performing magic. Witches therefore always spend some time in a day to take care of their herb gardens. They often spend time watering, cutting off old leaves, nurturing plants in the garden, ... A healthy and green garden will bring unexpected effects during practice at home. 

    3. Reading books

    Before you fall asleep, read a few pages, whatever book you love. This is a great way to improve the quality of sleep, not just for witches. Reading leads our consciousness into another world during sleep. That is the reason the children are always eager for fairy tales every night because through that they will have a wonderful dream. Entering a fictional world eases the stress of reality and helps you relax more. It's one of the best ways to get a truly restful sleep.

    4. Meditate

    Meditation is one of the most important activities you can do to increase your focus and control the energies around you. Meditate every day, especially at night, after a tiring and stressful day at work. Meditation uses visualization, concentration, belief, and it will increase your awareness and connection with your inner magical energies. It will also raise your psychic awareness to assist you in the divination you will do.

    5. Light some scented candles or use the diffuser before bed

    Your room lacks light, is damp, and is quite cold. To make the space more warm and fresh, you can decorate a few scented candles in a few small corners of the room. In addition to giving the room a warm light, scented candles bring a mild scent to make the room more comfortable and cozy.

    The photo of warm fire radiating from scented candles will be a great source of energy to warm your room, helping to dispel cold and gloom. Just add a few drops of pure essential oils, natural extracts, gentle scents to the room or a few scented candles, you will find that the heat emanating from candlelight is extremely large, the room of You will always be warm and full of energy.

    6. Prayer and gratitude as an evening daily ritual

    Praying before sleeping at night is important. Many people pray constantly, their hearts turned to God no matter what they are doing. The more we must pray when we have to make an important decision.

    Praying before going to bed at night can change our lives. People who pray before bed experience less pain, stress, anger, and happiness. Here are some of the reasons why nighttime bedtime prayer is essential for spirituality and a beneficial tool for everyday life.

    7. Evening tea ceremony

    Tea for witches in the 17th century is often used to relax and help meditate. Some herbal teas such as chamomile tea, red artichoke tea, mint tea, ... are recommended 30 minutes after eating or before going to bed. It not only aids the digestive system but also helps you fall asleep naturally and get deep sleep. Will surely wake up with a refreshing, relaxing body.

    8. Bath etiquette

    A lot of people like to shower before going to bed. This is a great way to do it because if you take a warm bath that will make your sleep more refreshing and comfortable, you can sleep soundly and deeply. That's why we should use warm water to shower before going to bed.

    Warm baths will help the body fall asleep easily because warm water warms the body, speeds up blood circulation in the body, increases excretion to the body, so the body will be warm. Relax, the muscles will relax, loosen. In addition, washing your hair with warm water will help relax your mind and be easily controlled. This is a very good prerequisite for a deep and good night's sleep.

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