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Pretty much all witches are busy with morning jobs. Hence, their quiet spiritual time is usually late in the evening. Are you ready to add more spirituality and magic in the evening? Below are simple daily evening rituals for busy witches and heathens.

1. Altar Time

For a true witch, it is normal to spend a few minutes at the altar. And the evening is an ideal time for witches to take advantage of the rituals at the altar or to help calm the spirit.

You can place the altar in the corner of your bedroom, or even in a closet if the space is big enough. This area has to be hidden as it represents your dedication to Magic - the path you have chosen. That means there are no dirty items or dirty dishes near your altar - it should always be clean and full of positive energy. Even the room where your altar is located should be kept clean as it will draw the Magic energy of the entire room space.

2. Gardening 

Many witches own their own gardens. According to the concept, plants and herbs are essential elements that help witches absorb energy and assist in the process of performing magic. Witches therefore always spend some time in a day to take care of their herb gardens. They often spend time watering, cutting off old leaves, nurturing plants in the garden, ... A healthy and green garden will bring unexpected effects during practice at home. 

3. Reading books

Before you fall asleep, read a few pages, whatever book you love. This is a great way to improve the quality of sleep, not just for witches. Reading leads our consciousness into another world during sleep. That is the reason the children are always eager for fairy tales every night because through that they will have a wonderful dream. Entering a fictional world eases the stress of reality and helps you relax more. It's one of the best ways to get a truly restful sleep.

4. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most important activities you can do to increase your focus and control the energies around you. Meditate every day, especially at night, after a tiring and stressful day at work. Meditation uses visualization, concentration, belief, and it will increase your awareness and connection with your inner magical energies. It will also raise your psychic awareness to assist you in the divination you will do.

5. Light some scented candles or use the diffuser before bed

Your room lacks light, is damp, and is quite cold. To make the space more warm and fresh, you can decorate a few scented candles in a few small corners of the room. In addition to giving the room a warm light, scented candles bring a mild scent to make the room more comfortable and cozy.

The photo of warm fire radiating from scented candles will be a great source of energy to warm your room, helping to dispel cold and gloom. Just add a few drops of pure essential oils, natural extracts, gentle scents to the room or a few scented candles, you will find that the heat emanating from candlelight is extremely large, the room of You will always be warm and full of energy.

6. Prayer and gratitude as an evening daily ritual

Praying before sleeping at night is important. Many people pray constantly, their hearts turned to God no matter what they are doing. The more we must pray when we have to make an important decision.

Praying before going to bed at night can change our lives. People who pray before bed experience less pain, stress, anger, and happiness. Here are some of the reasons why nighttime bedtime prayer is essential for spirituality and a beneficial tool for everyday life.

7. Evening tea ceremony

Tea for witches in the 17th century is often used to relax and help meditate. Some herbal teas such as chamomile tea, red artichoke tea, mint tea, ... are recommended 30 minutes after eating or before going to bed. It not only aids the digestive system but also helps you fall asleep naturally and get deep sleep. Will surely wake up with a refreshing, relaxing body.

8. Bath etiquette

A lot of people like to shower before going to bed. This is a great way to do it because if you take a warm bath that will make your sleep more refreshing and comfortable, you can sleep soundly and deeply. That's why we should use warm water to shower before going to bed.

Warm baths will help the body fall asleep easily because warm water warms the body, speeds up blood circulation in the body, increases excretion to the body, so the body will be warm. Relax, the muscles will relax, loosen. In addition, washing your hair with warm water will help relax your mind and be easily controlled. This is a very good prerequisite for a deep and good night's sleep.

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    Ummm praying to God….duh
    I’m a pagan witch
    Not a Christian praying to god
    What a farce

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