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Did you have a dream and a few days later it happened in real life, just like you ever dreamed? Or you had unusual thoughts on something and it is surprising and perhaps a bit scary that the same scenario is repeated in the following days. 

You begin to wonder if you have magical powers or not? And maybe, am I a witch? The following answers can help you partially answer your questions.

Spiritual dreams

There is a school of thought that believes that everything that has happened or will happen is collected spiritually. Others call it the Akashic profile. However, there are also many people who refer to space. If everything is so, you have the ability to explore everything and draw topics related to your life. It usually happens while you are sleeping. Because then, your mind is in the freest and relaxed state.

Psychic images

The spiritual vision is quite similar to dreams. In general, it happens when you are in a relaxed state or thinking about something else. Your body may be busy but the mind indicates you are roaming freely. Your vision may then be in the form of a mind movie, as described earlier (it is called clairvoyance). And often the premonitions you feel are certain towards the future tense.

Does this prove you are a real witch?

There are many people who confuse spiritual omen. They assume that they are witches because they have dreams and visions. However, the truth is not quite the same.

Psychic or hunch doesn't mean you're a witch. You can become a witch if you want. That's what you choose to do. Witchcraft, as the name suggests is a craft, and you can fully practice the skills in it. It must be learned. It is true that some witches are born with certain gifts that make their journey to witchcraft easier. They may have innate energy manipulation skills or feel compelled to practice magic. Or they are inherited from families.

Am I a witch or a psychic?

The answer is no, they are not all witches. Of course, some of those psychics became wizards. Some choose to develop their intuition by keeping a journal and doing visualization exercises. Others choose to meditate in order to connect themselves to their higher subconscious. Others are satisfied with the practice of magic or the use of herbs to enhance their energy. It is all about personal choices, talents, and preferences.

Many people say you have a sixth sense?

Again, this means you have psychic abilities, not the mark of a true witch. If you want to use them in your magic practice, that's okay, but you still need to learn basic and advanced skills to become a witch. Such a spiritual gift will greatly help you on your way to becoming a witch.

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