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One of the simplest and most potent ways of magic is colors. Each color fuels a mystical effect or purpose and is symbolic of it. Learn the basic magic properties of color and how to weave them into your everyday life and magical practice. Plus, see our helpful Crystals and Herbs Color Guide.

The meaning of colors changes

Your own feel of the colors can of course also be very personal. The color meaning can have something to do with your past, your experiences, or your culture. For example, while white is often used in many Western countries to express purity and innocence, it is seen as a symbol of mourning in many Eastern countries.

What does the meaning of colors mean and why do they play such a big role in our lives? What effect do they have on our bodies and minds? Read on to discover the meaning of colors, how they are used, the effects they can have and some of the latest research on color psychology.

Overview of each meaning of the color

1. Red

Since ancient times, people have had intense emotions burning inside them and they are afraid of the red color as it is associated with fire and blood, war and sacrifice. However, many countries today use red as the main color for their national flag, Vietnam is a typical example of which. The red flag is a heroic symbol of the past.

In addition to the association of violence, containing intense power in red, it also contains a burning, fervor. Perhaps part of that is why this color is very popular among women.

Besides, the color red is also used in many religions. Since ancient times, red gems such as ruby and red diamonds are of great value and are believed to have the ability to exorcise evil and bring good luck to its owner.

2. Yellow

Yellow is the best color to increase enthusiasm in your life and can contribute with more confidence and optimism. It likes challenges, especially the mental types. In color psychology, yellow is called the color of communication. It's a great speaker, network operator and journalist who works and communicates on a spiritual level. Yellow is a scientist who constantly analyzes things and methodically looks at both sides of a case, before making a decision. Yellow is also entertainer, comedian and clown.

3. Blue

Blue is also known as navy blue and blue. This is a color that many people love because of the coolness that it brings. Blue has more meaning than all other colors. Usually there will be 3 main colors blue.

Dark blue: is representing trust, intelligence, quality

Bright blue: expresses purity, power, independence, and coolness

Blue: represents peace, serenity, elegance, spirituality.

In feng shui: blue is the color of water, is a symbol of the element "Water". So very suitable when appearing in the east and southeast. It works to nurture the "Wood" element to help prosper the room. With the development of young children, the green color helps to relax the mind, thereby increasing the efficiency of work, study and creativity.

4. Purple

Purple is a beautiful color to enjoy and comes in two great colors, blue and red. Often times purple is associated with luxury, strength, intelligence, creativity, and magic. When you look at purple mentally, it's the balance between red and blue.

If you are a Christian, you should know that purple is the color of pride, Catholic priests are the ones who wear this color. In the Chakra colors, the purple color is the crown chakra. It means it manages the mind, nervous system, and brain.

Nature does not have many purple representations, flowers of this color are very scarce, considered rare and delicate. Color also means passion, vitality and satisfaction.

Purple also comes in tints, each with a different meaning. Hence, fading purple gives feminine energy, feelings of romance or nostalgia. Bright purple has always been associated with wealth and royal ranks. History depicts the most influential royalties wearing purple robes.

5. Orange

It is a bright and warm color. It represents fire, sun, fun, warmth and tropical environment. Orange is considered a fun, gentle color with a palatable and delicious quality. It also increases the brain's oxygen supply and stimulates mental performance. Orange is highly accepted by young people. Being a citrus color, the meaning orange is associated with healthy food and it stimulates the appetite.

In color psychology, orange is uplifting and uplifting - it lifts our spirits. In fact, orange is so upbeat and uplifting, that we should all find a way to do it in everyday life. Using an orange pencil or pen may suffice. Orange adds spontaneity and a positive outlook on life. It's a great color to use during tough economic times, to keep us motivated and to help us look at the bright side of life. With great enthusiasm, orange calls for adventure and adventure, physical confidence, competition and independence. Orange inspired people are always on the move!

6. White

White is considered to represent perfection, as it is the purest and most complete color. It is the color that represents the brilliance and erases all traces of past actions. It was like an unwritten blank piece of paper. It leaves the mind open and free with whatever it can create along the way.

A characteristic color that brings calm, comfort and hope. It works like a real medicine to soothe your wounds, and it will give your life a sense of order and meaning, helping to avoid mess from all negative aspects. It will provide an inner cleansing, for your thoughts and soul, as the ultimate pure energy source.

7. Black

Black is a color commonly used to describe something evil, depressed, scary, and even death in Western civilization. Black meanings are often negatively charged, like in black blackmail games Stylish outfits are usually designed in black, everything from suits, to sexy black dresses, to black tie outfits grave. Black in combination with other colors can be very powerful.

Black is associated with power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, solemnity, death, evil and aggression, authority, rebellion and sophistication. Black is required so that all other colors have depth and color variation.

Color plays a very important role in our lives, whether we realize it or not. It has the ability to affect our emotions and moods in a way few other things can. Besides, the colors can affect your destiny in life, career and love. Hopefully with the sharing of the above colors, you can better understand their colors and their meaning.

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    The are seven colours of the spectrum.
    1. Red 2. Orange 3. Yellow 4. Green 5. Blue 6. Indigo 7. Violet. You haven’t mentioned them all in your description…

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