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Spiritual communication is not only for spiritual healers or spiritual leaders or enlightened ones, but it is also a natural right of every human being from birth and it is an important part. of Spiritual Practice (Soulwork).

If you want to learn how to communicate with your soul, you first need to pay attention to the signs your soul whispers. There are many different types of signs, but here are the main ones you can look for. 

1. Dream signs

In the West, psychologists believe that dreams are the unconscious's way of making things real. However, in ancient cultures (such as Egypt and Greece) dreams were the communication of the divine realm, souls, or realms. Many indigenous cultures have also used dreams as a gateway to higher consciousness and revelation.

Today, most healers agree that dreams express messages and truths about our lives and our destiny. In my experience dreams can serve as a new insight, but a true reflection, emotions come from within and even gateways to interact with (spirits guides).

2. Lucid dreams

Visible dreams naturally involve suddenly realizing that you are dreaming while you are sleeping. Becoming "conscious" in the dream world is not only a spiritual symbol (literally of "waking up / waking up"), it is also an opportunity to explore potential realms. hide of your unconscious mind. This opportunity from your soul can be very rare or it may be a continuum that takes no effort at all.

3. Words and "numbers" over and over

How many times have you looked at your clock and saw the numbers "11:11", "12:12", "13:13"? Many skeptics say that "placing the importance of words and repetitive numbers is a reflection of what is known as the" confirmation bias. " bias), but personally I believe it is not. It's easy to be skeptical and use the left brain to approach but it's much harder to discover the personal significance of these experiences.

4. Animal omens and guides

Most of us see animals every day. As you pay attention to different animals, you will realize that each animal has specific teaching, message, or type of energy.

5. Synchronicity or Serendipity

What is Synchronicity? Synchronicity is moments of coincidence, where our inner and outer worlds are aligned (or: Synchronicity is a phenomenon of two or more events that have seemed unrelated, unlikely to happen concurrently by coincidence but with a meaningful coincidence). Reciprocity is a good way to know that you are on the right spiritual path when everything unfolds without any conscious effort. You may even feel that Life / God is helping actively to make your dreams or aspirations come true.

6. Gut feeling

Intuition is an inexplicable feeling that you have to do (or not do) something. Another synonym for this phrase is Intuition. We all know what intuition is, but most of us have difficulty listening to it.

Intuition differs from the inner voice emanating from fear because it is subtle, calm, and central, as opposed to madness or aggression. This is a very important distinction in practice. Many believe that they are being guided by Intuition when in fact the person who is guiding them is the voice of the inner fear.

Intuition or intuition is seen as the voice of the soul used to communicate with us. Whenever you feel drawn to something or someone (whose motivation does not imply an inner fear), you can be sure that this is when your soul is trying to guide you. friend.

7. Perspectives in the meditation process

Meditation is a way of communicating with your soul. The immeasurable tranquility, vastness, and love that you entered before (even just for a few seconds)? That is the space of your soul.

Meditating for a long time (30 minutes or more) is a powerful way to experience what is called the mystical experience. A common mystical experience involves harmonizing with perspectives or spontaneous names during meditation. These perspectives or names could be your spiritual guides, or it could be a direct message from your soul.

Some people have even told me that they receive songs or melodies during their meditation. I have personally experienced the perspectives and words of meditation.

But how does one differentiate an ordinary mental conversation from visions, names, or songs coming from the soul? Often times, the images or words you hear will have an unfamiliar theme (for example, it might come from an ancient culture) and they will repeat. You will also get the feeling that they are somehow important for your attention.

Try this prayer and be sure to pay attention to any physical or mental feelings, feelings, or emotions that arise when you pray.

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