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How do you know if the magic you're using is right? Who determines the right in the wizarding world? Some say that you have to follow certain ways and have a follower to make sure the magic you're doing is right. But what if you can't find followers? In fact, this was not the only method possible to ensure the correct practice of magic.

The basic things you need to know

Magic is a characteristic of the Magic world. Witches use their wands to perform things that the mortal (Muggle) have dreamed of, like flying in the sky, creating fire from the air. In order to cast magic, the Wizards need to chant the spell and wield their wands in a specific fashion for each spell. It's like you have to know both the password and the correct fingerprint to unlock it.

Prioritize your results

1. Keep a progressive journal

Tracking every workout is one way to tell if you're on the right track. You need a journal to record your overall progress. If you like, you can record your magic tips along with your training schedule in this same journal.

Every process step is documented and accompanied by results. As such, you can easily consider your own progress. Keep track of all the spells you are doing, when you perform them, the methods you are using, how you feel after each spell, ... All this information you can record. systematically in the book for ease of tracking. In addition, this information will be very helpful in the next steps to determine if the spell you are working for you or not.

2. Tracking results

The next thing you need to do is track your own results. You can start by writing spelling, drawing diagrams, pictures, or sigils related to the spells you are pursuing. Following that, you can make notes about spelling completion. And use the last page to track any potential results that may occur as a result of that spell.

3. Review your data

You should take notes and keep a log of your progress. This way, you can easily track your results for several months before moving on to the next steps. After you have gathered all the useful information for yourself about the spells you are pursuing and their effectiveness, you can sit down to review, research, and analyze those statistics... You can then start organizing your spells into categories based on whether they are effective or not. From here, you will see what the spells you do fail practice have in common to have overcome later. For successful spells, you can identify where your strengths are to continue to promote them later.

4. Adjust your method

After taking notes and studying your buddy's progress and practice, you can draw your own comments. Now you can start refining your spells in the future based on what you've learned. After making all reasonable adjustments, you continue the process of recording, reviewing the information, and then making adjustments accordingly. Such an iterative process will closely follow your progress, giving the most practical and accurate information.

This can be considered as a process that can enhance your learning process of magic. Instead of just hoping that what you do is right and effective, you can make sure that the magic you are and have done is completely accurate, giving the most accurate effect. By taking notes for a long time, you will have all the information you need to create truly powerful magic for yourself. You can also promote your own strengths and weaknesses while performing magic.


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