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Are you a new person here? When was the first time you heard about Witchcraft? Don't know where to start, and what should be done to be able to practice? Don't miss this album, read it and share it, you will receive helpful advice and start embarking on this spiritual path!

In this post, we will give some personal experience and advice on starting to practice Witchcraft for all novice sorcerers. We get a lot of text messages about how to be a witch, and usually, we will have to write a very long answer. That's why we've written down all you need to know here, so you can mark back and mull over if you want.

Witches are just NORMAL PEOPLE but love the things of nature, passionately seek mystical ancient wisdom.


First of all, if you come to me and ask me how to start studying Witchcraft now, the answer will almost always be this: you have to read and research. If you have never read any book on Witchcraft, you can start looking for them now. You can order books on Amazon.com (at low prices because many people resell used books for lower prices), or you can download a version of the e-book (Ebook with .pdf extension) to read free on phone or tablet. Even in some places, you can go to the local library to borrow, or buy at a second-hand bookstore (this method should be applicable abroad only, while in Vietnam, you can go to Google to find books, a lot).

If you DON'T LIKE READING, then maybe you do NOT LIKE LEARNING to be a Witch either. If you want to know what to ask, you must LEARN. There is no one NEUTRAL who knows everything without studying or hone in on studying and studying materials.


After you have read everything you feel you need to know, and you think we are ready to practice, then first review the following:

  • Do I know how to build a Magic Circle?
  • Do I know the reason why I want to perform this ritual or do a mantra?
  • Am I aware of the potential consequences of my practice if by chance.
  • Magic is reversed or the ritual brings undesirable things?
  • Did I study Witchcraft because I was really attracted to it or just wanted to enchant someone?

If you answer the above questions firmly and without hesitation, I will offer you some of the essentials for practice, as well as start in the most realistic way. You can find the best spells in the book Earth Magic by author Scott Cunningham, as well as in the book Judika Iles' Encyclopedia of 5000 spells. Practice simple mantras, meaning that the spells do not require complicated materials and procedures. You're practicing, not showing to the crowd. Practice from the easy things first, and gradually you will truly master the basics of magic.


Perhaps the most important thing I can show you is connecting with nature. How can you connect with nature? Stay connected with 4 elements. This is the key to Witchcraft.

  • Earth element connection: gardening, planting, tree care, walking barefoot, walking, picking up trash, helping animals, becoming a lifeguard.
  • Connect with the Air element: feel the breeze in your hair, climb to the top of the mountain, practice deep breathing, open the windows at dawn.
  • Connect with the Fire element: make a fire, light a candle every day.
  • Water element connection: take a bath, use herbs to relax in the shower, put a small fountain in the house, buy a small tub of water.

Once you communicate and have a deep connection with Mother Earth and your elements, you will feel a change in your own practice. In your soul. Even change what you feel physical. Witches are the children of nature and work with nature with great effort. Because they know that everything is born of the Earth and also ends by returning to Mother Earth.

Wizards are really people who are closer to nature and the outside world than they are facing a phone or computer screen. Go out, enjoy life. Nobody forbids you from using technology, but know how to be FAST and MODERATE.


Your ancestors are really important because their blood is circulating within you. Thousands of people have gathered together for you. There are some who say that looking at the legacy of a deceased or ancestor is nonsense, but I'm here to tell you that it is incorrect and that if you do, you will do it yourself. separate yourself from very powerful spells with protection.

Others say I was adopted, so I don't know how to find my ancestors. The answer for you is - go for a DNA test or genetic test, or if you already know your ethnicity, look for the history, legend, or myth of your people to begin.

  • Connect with your ancestors using ancestry.com.
  • By DNA testing if you are unsure of your origin.
  • Ask your family members about ancestors (grandparents, old grandparents, etc. ... full name, date of birth, where they live ...).
  • Build an altar for your ancestors and invite them to join you on your academic journey. To protect you and your family.
  • Read everything you know about their history, folklore, and mythology. That means if you were a European, maybe you were part of Celtic, Slavic, Roman, Greek, Norwegian, etc.

Usually, when a sorcerer apprentice comes to me, the first thing they ask me is: How do I find my summoned beast? And here is what I answered them:

  • Your summoned beast will come to you. If you forcibly have a beast, it is not really your own summoned beast.
  • Your summoned beast will appear when you are ready.
  • Your summoned beast will appear in random places: in the wild, on TV, on the internet, in books, in a conversation with strangers, etc.
  • Your summoned beast may come and go at random, no time.

Real-life magic is not like in the movies you watch. And you want to know what it really is like, find yourself a book and start READ !! The key to helping you use magic is TRAINING. Learning everything is the same, you study Theory, then you have to PRACTICE to be able to understand deeply, be able to absorb, can feel what it is, not just stop at reading knowledge. stay awake. Since there are so many things if you don't practice, then you won't be able to understand why it is like that.

There is a lot of knowledge, you should prepare yourself a few notebooks. How you study culture in school, then learning Magic it is like that. Take note of what you read, in case you need it in your life.


  • Posted on by bassey asuquo

    i need some who helping with information on how to practice and the practical materials to do am nigera

  • Posted on by bassey asuquo

    i need some who helping with information on how to practice and the practical materials to do am nigera

  • Posted on by Sandy Cardenas

    I would very much like to applaud your efforts to bring advice and support to young witches. I found this email to be very supportive and encouraging. I especially loved the tips given for beginners. I began studying witchcraft back in 1988 at a time before even the internet was mainstream. Depending mostly on public libraries for info. It’s great that today’s beginners have your support!!! Stay Witchy!!

  • Posted on by Cindy R Roberts

    I want more information on everything witchcraft…

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