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If you're living in a rural, suburban area, it's great because it's an ideal environment for practicing magic. The large, cool land, covered with lots of trees, is an ideal condition for practicing magic. This is the "Dream Land" of many witches. For most of us, however, we live in suburban or urban areas where outside rituals will be seen and/or scrutinized. BUT apart from magic is absolutely no question! Here we offer 6 ways to work your magic outside, even in public places.

One thing we would like to remind you about during the practice of magic in public is to be aware of and understand your surroundings. The environment in the big city and the rural environment will bring the basic differences for the witch during the spell. Therefore, you need to be aware and adjust accordingly to existing competencies and conditions.

1. Meditation in the Park

Many people choose the park as an ideal place to practice magic. Parks often have large, airy spaces and lots of greenery. Besides, the number of people coming to the park is not too crowded. Those are great conditions for you to calm down and practice your magic. Meditating, or spending time observing the sky, studying surrounding plants and wildlife, are things you can do to improve your magic.

2. Magical Foraging

Do not be afraid to explore things around us. It can be a great source of energy that helps the witch a lot during training and improve her magical ability. From simple things in the second-hand shops, the plants and plants collected from the park, ... all of them can give you certain values, helping you discover what you have not. have known before.

3. Natural Divination

It sounds vague, but the natural things around us will be of great help in the process of learning and practicing that magic. You can know how to read signs, predict phenomena based on some natural signs. From reading models, recognizing shapes in the clouds, paying attention to the types of animals and plants around us, ... will be the stepping stone and the foundation elements to help you get the ability. Natural divination ability and improve your magical abilities.

4. Magic With the Mind

Not all spells are contained in tools or supplies. Sometimes what you need is all your mind and soul. If you are in public and don't know of any way to practice magic? Try doing something as simple as visualizing your intentions into an expression. Image shielding is useful if you are in a city or a crowded space and want to protect the spiritual. Plus you can perform these exercises in your mind without anyone knowing better!

5. Off the Beaten Path

If you're near a park, even a creepy graveyard, stop by and look for a spot on the beaten path. That will be where you can cast magic. You can bring some magic tools like candles, tarot cards, magic books, crystals, and other items in your bag. Do not forget to use around blanket so that when used in the park will be like a magic circle.

6. Go Somewhere Magical

You can visit the yoga centers, metaphysical shops to participate in magic activities related to spirituality. Such places not only help you relax and refresh your mind, but it is also very helpful during the practice of magic. Because spirit is one of the decisive factors to the efficiency of the process of making magic.

And the last one, be Creative and Be Safe! We are only limited by our own imagination and what we are willing to do. That being said, safety and security are the number one priority. So don't go burn candles or light a fire in a park or cemetery. Save magic candles for the comfort of your own home. Also, don sneak around the private property just to find a place to perform your magic outside. It is dangerous and can get you in trouble! Be creative but be logical.


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    love love love the post

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    I love love love this post what wonderful ideas I’m just in the midst of my spiritual awakening and realizing that I have the power to do so so much that I didn’t even think was possible so I’m definitely Eager to start this journey with the help support in guidance from professionals like you guys! Thank you so much it was exactly what I needed today!

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