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A lot of witches including “newbie” witches are interested in the Morrigan - the Phantom Queen on the battlefield. The Morrigan is well known as the Celtic Goddess of War, becomes a popular pagan deity again in modern times. She is just like a symbol that all witches are curious. Now, let discover with us 8 uniques ways to work with the Morrigan. 

1. Who is the Morrigan?

The goddess of war in Celtic mythology, known as the Phantom Queen. She is responsible for governing the fate of the soldiers. Morrigan often wore a crow, flying on the battlefield to herald death, sometimes also determining the winner of a war. Morrigan has many flirtatious affairs with mortal men. 

The warriors and the lucky kings to win the Morrigan's love will always win on the battlefield, on the contrary, if hurting or dissatisfied, death is definitely for them. One of Morrigan's prominent love stories is that she fell in love with the hero Cuchulain - the son of God Lugh. She expressed her feelings 4 times with Cuchulain in 4 different shapes but was rejected by him. The Morrigan cursed Cuchulain with death on the battlefield. When he died, a raven appeared on his shoulder. 

2. The Morrigan’s characteristics

Morrigan is famous for a goddess of war. She is also known as the Great Queen or the Evil Queen. This god is also said to influence the outcome of the battle or predict the winner - the loser.

The Morrigan appeared in front of Dagda during Samhain. The god has an affair with Dagda and promises to help his lover in the coming war. With the help of Morrigan, Dagda won. However, the god Cuchulainn did not realize the special strength of the Morrigan when she appeared beside him in the form of a beautiful and infatuated young girl. When Cuchulainn died in a battle, a raven who embodied the Morrigan landed on the god's shoulder.

Top list 5 unique ways to work with the Celtic Goddess of War - Morrigan

1. Study the Morrigan

This is the first thing we always want to recommend, especially to beginner wizards. Take the time to research carefully about the god you are studying. A common way of studying is to read all the stories, theories, and books about Morrigan. Study her characteristics and lessons in your ability. You can take notes of interesting and important things you want to keep in mind.

2. Altar Space for the Phantom Queen

The altar is always a must-have item for any sorcerer. Setting up an altar space for The Morrigan is something you need to do after taking the time to explore and explore the issues surrounding the Morrigan, which include items that reflect her Celtic Irish heritage. You should also place a statue or drawing of The Morrigan as her representative on the altar. Red and black candles and altar cloths also need to be carefully prepared. In addition, you should prepare an additional cup of water and other necessary witchcraft.

3. Shapeshifting Rituals

In addition to performing the transformation, witches can perform time-shifting rituals. The teleportation spell is one of the Morrigan's abilities. To honor and deeply connect with her, try some of the mage's transformational meditation or drumming rituals. 

4. Crow Magic

The Morrigan, in many accounts, is closely associated with Crow - thought to be one of her sacred animals. She moved into the crow and was almost always depicted with the crows around. The method is that you can make friends with crows in your local area. Feed them if you like. Invite them to your yard or garden. You can study their behavior and call upon the spirits of crows in magic and ritual.

5. Shadow Work

There is one thing I have learned about goddesses that show divine polarization. It is through the destruction that there will be new life. The dark work, in which people sink deep into emotional wounds and trauma, etc., is stronger with the help of the Goddess of War Celtic. Morrigan will guide you into the deepest, darkest areas of yourself, then lift you up on her wings. The work of darkness is scary and painful, but it is necessary to heal and restore the soul. Everything that Morrigan knows well.

The Morrigan is a teacher of hard lessons, and she does not coddle her children. If you break a promise you've made to her, or if you are continuously oblivious to something she has been trying to tell you for far too long, she will get mad and will let you know. When that happens, you can resolve the issue the same way you forged the relationship in the first place: provide offerings, communicate, and listen!


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    Ah, this gives me goosebumps! In a good way :)
    I’ll keep reading about her. And keep watching the crows where I live. Peace

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