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Do modern wizards already know all the cool apps for the wizarding world? If not, do not skip this article, continue to scroll down and discover extremely useful information for hydrography in the world of modern digital technology today.

1. Visual Tarot

This application draws its main idea from the Tarot used to predict the future. Combine them with existing facts to visualize people's lives. When using this software, you just need to choose a deck of cards you like. After that, the system will automatically payback too.

The software also displays the cards that correspond to each person. The difference is based on the date of birth. However, each card also has completely different interpretations.

Tags appear in Visual Tarot

  • The Professional is designed for any deck of 78 or 79 cards.
  • Lenormand cards are for Lenormand cards and all 36 cards.
  • Osho Zen Tarot card for the title Osho Zen Tarot.
  • Runes card for Runes.
  • Psicards card for Psycards
The salient features of Visual Tarot
  • Support for many types of titles and tags
  • Unlimited templates. Create a new template using Visual Design
  • Use lots of different meanings for cards
  • Read the prophecy of each card and compare it with other cards
  • Card Titles and Card Meanings are scientifically managed
  • Templates and prophecies are named, saved, printed and shared
  • Content will be exported to RTF and HTML format. Or can also save to Diary

2. Daily Tarot Plus

Daily Tarot Plus is designed according to the ancient mystical tradition standards. This will help you discover your own energy source. At the same time support you to be prepared for what is to come in the future.

This is completely free software. Besides being entertained, you will be free from worries and worries about your problems. Download Daily Tarot Plus to experience.

Outstanding features

  • See Tarot for your daily
  • There are 78 cards and 38 different arrangements for a standard deck
  • Make predictions about events happening around
  • Updated new articles daily.
  • Intuitive card design and many types for you to choose
  • solve Tarot cards in many complex and detailed ways.
  • Predicted horoscope every day, every month and every year
  • See more about your fingers, numbers, and lucky colors.

3. LUCK Horoscope and Tarot

Do you wonder why you have so many difficulties in life? Are you tired of friend relationships, love? Come to LUCK: Horoscope and Tarot to get daily horoscopes advice, improve personal relationships for a happier and happier life.

Salient features:

  • Daily horoscope tracking: provide future horoscopes predictions based on your zodiac. By using astrology to figure out your personality traits in your daily activities, LUCK will predict what will happen to you tomorrow, help you prepare. better.
  • Find out about yourself: Did you know that humans will belong to one of the 12 signs of the zodiac? Each zodiac has its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses that not everyone knows. DREAM will help you discover your abilities and become more perfect in the eyes of friends and relatives
  • See fortune-telling daily tarot horoscope: In particular, you will be exposed to new astrology in the world, which is a prediction of the Tarot, a type of Western cards.
4. Moon Phases - Lunar Eclipse Calendar Widget

Moon Phases - Lunar Eclipse Calendar Widget provides useful information about the moon, including the exact time of the moon on the head, the moon, sunrise, sunset, new coming, and full moon. This great app is a useful tool for astronomers, photographers, astrologers, gardeners, fishermen, hunters, and anyone else interested in the phases of the moon. Not only does Moon Phase Calendar help you see what the moon will look like on a certain date, but it gives you useful advice on hunting and gardening based on the current moon phase and Zodiac signs. Tracking moon steps is no easier than this!

Full feature

  • Daily phases: Displays the current period and a full description of the moon at this time.
  • Phase: Displays all periods in the same month.
  • Moon Rise and Set, In addition, Sunrise and Set
  • Share your comments: Share comments with other users
  • Share application: Share this application with your friends through Twitter, Facebook IM, Mail, etc.
  • Share Moonphase information through your installed applications (e.g. Mail, SMS, Twitter, etc.)
  • Days for each day of the lunar cycle: Now you have a different moon for each day of the lunar life cycle
  • The Northern and Northern Hemispheres: Choose your Hemisphere and see the moon as you see at your location
  • Out of the New Moon: Indicates when the new Moon will be next
  • D Full Moon Date: Indicates the time when the next Moon
  • Moon Age: You can see how old is the moon.
  • Moon Distance: The distance from the earth to the Moon

This App Provides a Moon Phase widget for your screen of how many moon followers include the current location and uses how many zodiacs astrological signers are currently in. This now includes a list of present planetary aspects between each other as well as events like when mercury is in upstream. When Mercury is in the upstream fails it will indicate within the next 14 days or occur.

The way the Moon orbits the Earth makes the moon appear as if it is changing shape in the sky. The phases of the moon depend on its position in relation to the sun and the earth as the moon makes its way around the Earth.

Above is the brief information about the common Tarot fortune-telling software for you. You should also remember that these applications are just more entertaining. If you want to experience the world of 78 mysterious cards you should contact the real reader.

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