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In this article, we talk about just how magical cats truly are: their history, folklore, silly superstitions, magical cat hair, cats as familiars and how we can protect and care for these enchanting beings!

The story about ancients cat in the ancient world

A few years ago many historians had confirmed the first domesticated cat was in Turkey. However, the scholars admitted their mistake – cats were indeed first domesticated in ancient Egypt. 

The ancient history shows the evidence that the ancient Egyptians regarded cats as highly sacred and spiritual animals. Generally, they put that pussy on a pedestal. 

Mummified cats

Cats, for a long time ago, were allowed to venture and live in sacred temples where only priests, priestesses, and the pharaoh were allowed to go. They were also mummified which is a funerary process reserved for the middle class to elite. 

Mummified cats were also found at the ancient site of Bubastis. Bast’s sacred city. Moreover, the ancient Egyptians mourned the death of a cat and according to Herodotus “shaved their eyebrows” as a symbol of grief.

The ancients magical cat goddesses

The ancient culture is quite multiple that associated the cats with their deities including the Egyptians, Persians, Indians, Norse, and more. The first cat goddess in the ancient history that comes to mind for most people is Bast (Bastet), the Egyptian cat goddess of the home, women, children, and pleasure.

Sekhmet preceded Bast in ancient Egypt. It is also believed to be Bast’s ancient lioness form. According to the ancient Greeks, Athena, Artemis, and Circe were just a few goddesses with connections to cats.

The magical cats as the witch’s familiar

In Medieval Times as well as the early modern era, the cat became associated with witches. According to the Modern theories explain this connection, and most agree it’s because of the ancient pagan reverence of cats. 

According to Scott Cunningham, there is another potential reason the cat was the witch’s familiar is because of its link to the moon – the cat is naturally a nocturnal creature and its eyes “glow like the moon”.

The modern witch’s familiar

As a modern witch’s familiar or magical pet, the cat grants good fortune to its magical owner. It also protects its owner’s body at night while the owner is “out traveling” the astral realms. 

Cats can see into the spirit realm, making them the perfect magical companion. Read your cat’s movements and behaviors – unusual movements may indicate bad weather OR spiritual activity. Have you ever notice that your cat playing with something invisible? They could be making mischief with your household spirits!

Magical cat hair charms and properties

In witch folk magic traditions, cat’s hair and whiskers are used in various charms and spells. They should go without saying you should never remove a cat’s hair or whiskers for your own magical selfishness.

It’s supposed that the cat with black hair is lucky for gamblers. 

  • You can add cat hair to nearly any spell to intensify its effects.
  • It depends on the color of cat hair the desired effects will vary. For instance, white cat hair brings clarity and connection to the gods while black cat hair is lucky and good for use in divination.
  • Use black cat hair in combination with other ingredients in Hoodoo to break up a couple.
  • Use cat hair in shape shifting rituals when shifting into cat form.

There’s so much magic exuding from cats, it’s difficult to end this article!  You can see more products about magical cat here!


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