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Moon cycles & spiritual significance

We all have had time to look up at the empty night sky, only to catch the unique light of the Moon shining down on us. In addition to the light reflected from the Moon, there are many explanations in history and myth that tell us that the Moon affects creatures on this earth. The moon reminds us of birth, destruction, and things in that cycle. The rebirth of the Moon gives us hints about the continuous reincarnation of a soul.

Understand The Period Of The Moon

The moon's period can be described as a change in shape caused by a change in the angle and position of the Moon in relation to the Earth and the Sun. It is believed that each phase of the Moon contains corresponding spiritual events. We can actually compare the Moon's cycle to seed, from the beginning of maturity to the time of death, and then on to a new beginning.

Here are the moon phases and their meanings:

1. New Moon

In this phase, the Moon lies between the Earth and the Sun, leading to our inability to observe it from Earth. Darkness also embodies the beginning, an instinct for giving birth. Symbolically, the seed lying below the ground represents the start of something new. In this phase, energy is used to build strength and intensity. This is an ideal time for you to clarify your goals and intentions, start new plans or ideas. Simply write it down, or let the universe know about your goals and desires. This power source will be even more powerful if you perform a personal ritual or meditation, start your desires with great enthusiasm.

2. Waxing Crescent

After the New Moon, the bright side of the Moon grows bigger but has not reached half. So the strength and intensity here also increase, representing the germination of the seed. At this stage, we see a translational movement, and hope for something bigger will come. The source of the erupting energy and the source of power moving forward are things that you can use. Moreover, your plans, dreams, and ideas are on the rise, this is the period where you can realize your focus on development and commitment.

The time between the Full Moon and the Full Moon is a great time to bring into mind the new intentions you have made during the new moon. This is a time to be positive, motivated, and active. The development of energy will support new ideas and even meet new people in your life.

3. First Quarter

This phase of the moon is called the Half Moon because the bright side of the Moon has reached half and will gradually increase. The seeds have now started to take root, and develop according to the structure of their own species. This moon phase symbolizes the stage of strength, determination, concentration, reevaluation, and commitment to action.

Always remember to keep moving forward, regardless of your fears, doubts, or emotions. Use any source of emotional energy into your passion for creativity to accomplish your work and goals.

4. Waxing Gibbous

After the half-moon phase, the bright side of the moon is on the rise, but now it is more than half already. In this phase, the flower buds are about to expand. It represents the development stage when ideas and plans are cultivated and refined before moving on to the next stage. It represents the harvest and attainment. This applies to all things you want to have and want to develop, such as friends, material, skills, and the like.

5. Full Moon

At this stage, the Moon, Earth, and the Sun are also aligned as in the New Moon phase, but the Moon is located directly opposite the Sun of the Earth. and the Earth). Therefore, the entire bright, circular region of the Moon is visible from Earth. The seed is now in full bloom. This represents fertility/abundance, change, perfection, and abundance.

This phase is called "waning" because the energy is decreasing. This is an ideal time to let go of what no longer supports your noble goals, the things you want to release, release, or end. The "things" here can be anything, from relationships, jobs, thoughts to emotions.

This is a time for guidance, healing, and magic. The night before the Full Moon is perfect for a person to recharge his energy. Sit outside and bathe in the moonlight. Similarly, crystal stones, Oracle cards, valuable gems can all be exposed to the moon to purify and "charge" by the energy of the Moon.

Be careful of the negative aspects of the Full Moon, including stress, bipolarity, extremist emotional thoughts, and behaviors. Deflect that excess energy by writing your thoughts on paper and performing rituals of letting go.

6. Waning Gibbous

After the most brilliant period, the light of the Moon began to diminish. During this period, the bright side of the Moon still accounts for more than half, but is incomplete and will slowly fade away. As the Moon gets smaller, it is a good time to focus on giving up bad habits, pressures, and negative thoughts.

This phase of the moon is also known as the "dissemination moon", providing the source of energy for better communication, confession, and fulfillment.

7. Third Quarter

The moon is now semicircular, only this time the light part will gradually decrease. The seed we have grown is now ripe and harvested. This is the time for you to stop, ponder and contemplate, acknowledge and reevaluate everything once again to prepare for future changes.

We see here the reflection of what has been accomplished, eliminating negative thoughts and energy in preparation for a new start. This allows you to focus and take a look at the bigger picture. It also allows creativity and development for the next stage of new goals and intentions.

8. Waning Crescent

At this stage, the Moon is only partly bright, the rest is less than half and will gradually decrease until the light is completely gone so that a New Moon will form again. This is the end of the old cycle, the beginning of a new cycle. This time is for us to separate ourselves from the world and rest; Consider before making a decision and whether you should let go of something.

The last crescent moon is also the time to prepare for a new beginning...

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    What about super moons?

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    Just curious if you wrote any books because I would like to read them. You explain things very well.

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