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In today's world, there are many obstacles to getting married: work, money, a livelihood... But deep down, many of us still cherish the idea of marriage. happiness and a happy family. How can you get there and how can feng shui help?

Moon phase magic spells

You can try the magic moon's position method. The moon's energies are very powerful. Since ancient times, the wise men, Taoists ... often used a small mirror to reflect the light of the moon while meditating, to enhance their magical energy. You can also use lunar energy to find yourself an ideal husband and achieve marriage happiness and this article will show you how:

Methods of implementation Moon Phases Magic Spells:

First, you will need a small and completely circular mirror. The circle is very important, as it represents the shape of heaven. There should be no sharp edges, as they represent obstacles and difficulties. The circle will bring smoothness and happiness in the relationship.

Mirrors should also be coated with gold (or at least silver) in color and even better if the mirror is decorated with fine symbols of love and luck. A lucky love symbol includes the "Five Happiness" (luck only from five directions), the symbol of a happy couple (meaning a long and happy marriage), or anyone of the symbols that bring Another good meaning.

Lunatic Poster

Once you have yourself such a mirror, choose a night when the moon is bright, clear. The moon is most energetic when it has a full moon (you can immediately find it with a full moon by checking with the Chinese calendar or yearbook). Make sure the sky is clear of clouds, allowing the moon to be clearly reflected in your mirror.

Keep your mirrors directly illuminated under the moonlight. Leave your mirror on a wall or table to absorb lunar energy for at least three hours. Once you feel enough moonlight energy has been captured in your mirror, put your mirror in a small bag made of silk or brocade.

You should not let anyone touch your personal magic mirror, as this can obscure the mirror's energies from the energies of others.

Next, when you have achieved your mirror energy, wait for the next 15 nights, you stand so that the moon is behind you such that both your moon and your face are reflected in the mirror. You will absorb the dazzling light and the beauty of the moon and the mirrors will be filled with your own personal energy. When the above step is done, wait for the next full moon. This time repeat the rituals but this time focus your thoughts on the images of the husband or partner you are looking for. 

Stay Wild Moon Child Mug

Your Mirror is now ready for use. Next time you meet with objects of your choice or when you spot someone you desire is your subject, position the mirror so that it reflects the person's face. Try to do it once in the most discreet way. Also, make sure your feelings are made before using this ritual, as it is very strong and can lead to unwanted lashing if you are not ready for a relationship yourself.

Ban should remember not to use this ritual with an attitude of distrust or mistrust. Because if you do that with such an attitude, its magic will also decrease. Once your faith in this ritual is really strong, its effect will be even more amazing. I wish you success and soon find yourself a shore of happiness!

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