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What is the truth about the meaning and symbols of the Moon? You read and learn astrology about the moon and deduce yourself to see if there are any coincidence and interest.

Just as it controls the tides and tides, it controls our rising and falling emotional tides. It is responsible for our instincts and how we respond to intense situations. As the moon passes through the zodiac, its position in each sign has a unique influence on the energy surrounding us. Regardless of the sign of the moon falling, the moon's phase holds some of the most important astrological meanings. During the lunar cycle, we have the opportunity to check habits, habits and complete goals. Although the new moon is a time to set goals and realize your intentions, the full moon provides an opportunity to explore the benefits of the work you place in it. That is also when important facts come to light.

1. The symbolic meaning of the moon in Eastern culture

Since ancient times, the moon has been present in human life, has important significance in religious culture, and is an important object in many fields of study.

The moon is an iconic image. One can see the moon symbol in many architectural forms of Asians such as temples, pagodas, tombs, ... or in festivals of many ethnic groups and cultures. The sun and the moon are two images that come together, representing the balance of yin and yang, the existing forms of energy.

In many Asian countries, there is a custom of worshiping the moon. The moon has a direct influence on the tide. Fishermen rely on tides for fishing and moving. Many places worship the moon to show reverence and pray for divine patronage. In addition, rare phenomena related to the moon also affect many Asian beliefs: super moon, lunar eclipse, blood moon, ...

2. The meaning of the moon symbol

2.1. The triple goddess meaning

The triple moon symbol is a common symbol among the Wiccan and Pagan circles, used to represent the goddess trinity. At the same time, this symbol also shows three different phases of the white moon, which is the new moon - the full moon - the half-moon. The first is the new moon, which represents a new stage of development, a new beginning. Next is the full moon, a fullness, full prosperity and ending with a full moon, talking about the decline. 

Triple Goddess Poster

This symbol has a profound meaning and is associated with sacred femininity, representing intuition, wisdom, negativity, creativity, and mystery. As well as pointing out the three stages of a woman's development.

2.2. The Sun and the Moon meaning

The sun and moon symbols are very powerful, especially when the two symbols are combined. The new moon is crescent-shaped and the sun is round. These two symbols are shown on Chinese gold compression.

The sun and moon sign have many good luck meanings. Firstly it represents the balance of yin and yang, the moon is yin and the sun is yang. This sign also symbolizes day and night when the moon and the sunshine on the earth. Moonlight brings peace, helps people recover health and stamina. Sunlight brings vitality, success, and prosperity.

Negative energy cannot exist without positive energy and vice versa. If you do not take the time to rest and recover, you will not be able to take advantage of the light and energy of the sun.

Daughter of the sun and moon shirt

3. The meaning of the Moon in tarot

In cards 2 and 7 of Swords and The Hierophant, the moon has a purely astrological meaning, referring to the astrological connections of each card.

  • 2 of Swords represents the Moon in Libra
  • 7 of Swords stands for the Moon in Aquarius
  • The Hierophant represents Taurus which the symbol meaning includes a combination of the sun disc and the crescent moon.
The High Priestess

The image of the moon in this tarot card appears on the nun's crown and at her feet. In her crown, it is a common symbol of the goddess and refers specifically to her role as a Young Woman, Mother, and Old Lady. It also refers to the card's other name, Daughter of Silver Star, and her connection to the Egyptian goddess Hathor.

The Chariot

In the Chariot, the image of the two crescent moons (hypertonic and hypertonic) on the shoulders of the coachman are symbols of balance, the perfect balance between happiness and sadness, rising and falling, growth, and decay.

8 of Cup

This tarot card shows us the sun obscured by the moon. This image refers to its other name, The God of Success, Forgotten, meaning a journey needed from light to the darkness.

Tarot Shirt

The Moon 

Basically, this is a moon in the learning process, appropriate in this card towards the experience on the road ahead and the goal to the mountains in the distance.

Stay wild moon child


Astrology, Wicca, Qabalah, alchemy, mythology, psychology, poetry, history, science, and religion all contribute to the incredible number of lunar legends. If you have a great passion for these mysterious themes, explore with WitchCraft 101 now!



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