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Do you wonder why you often dream about strange faces or lands that you have never been to?

There are cases where after a person dies, their soul is reborn in a new body, be it some form of life, a tree, or an animal, it may also be a human being. It is believed that a person's soul can be reborn many times. Here are the signs that you are the afterlife of someone.

The reincarnation of each individual's reincarnations depends on their karma and virtue, determining their fate. Pay attention to the following signs to see if you have reincarnated many times.

1. An inexplicable obsession, fear, or bias

If you have always lived in an inexplicable phobia or fear, or have a bit of an inexplicable psychological turmoil, you may also have memories of your past life with you. For example, if you were abused to death in your previous life and in this lifetime still feel scared because of that memory, or in the previous life, you have been hurt by a dog and in this lifetime, you are scared and scared when you see a dog.

A milder sign, in this life you love some purple flower because so is your soulmate. In this lifetime, although you may be allergic to that flower, you will always feel warm and happy to see it. If you come across one of these things, surely you have reincarnated many times.

2. Feeling familiar (as seen, experienced in memory)

This phenomenon is called by the term Déjà vu. This is how you feel when you feel like you have experienced the present in the past. The Déjà vu phenomenon has not been clearly explained until now.

One of the most compelling theories is that you are experiencing a situation that most impressed you most in your past life. And so those memories are ingrained and subconscious to you, to follow your soul to be reborn in this life. With deep and guided meditation, you may be able to explain how your Déjà vu comes from.

Reincarnation or the previous life is a sign of awareness. If you can see a very familiar event, as had been witnessed in the past, maybe that's what happened in your past life.

3. Prophetic dreams reappeared

Dreams come in two forms. A completely stray form and makes no sense at all, and after that, you don't remember anything either. Another form is deeper because it hides memories in the mind that emanate to try to contact you by metaphor or hunch.

 A dream of sending certain messages has undoubtedly a means of connecting emotionally from many lives. In that dream, you feel your heart-opening. And you will find your mind telling you something you should do or should avoid. If the dream is fulfilled, you have certainly experienced a similar experience in your previous life.

4. Sudden memories appear

One day you find yourself suddenly having some special gift that has never been trained, or knows something very clearly, even if you have never heard or heard of it. For example, you suddenly have an aptitude for writing poems or writing, or the ability to sculpt very beautiful sculptures... all of which could be your past life memories.

5. Special birthmarks

Samsara, Past Life, a sign of recognition. If you have some special birthmark on your body, it is very likely that you have reincarnated from a certain life where you were harmed. There once existed a true story about a young man who was murdered by an ax slicing in the head. After reincarnating this person still remembers his killer and has a mark on his skull at the exact place where he was cut. That birthmark may fade with time, but the memory is still lingering around here. 

Many religions around the world believe that a special birthmark is something from a past life and shows something negative. Sometimes the birthmark will fade, others not. If you have some special birthmark on your body, it is very likely that you have reincarnated from a life where you were harmed.


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