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Time has a lot of influence on spells. Selecting the right time for each spell helps maximum support the magic and strength and talent of the witch. Correct your magic with the days of the week or learn how to use the time of day. Here we teach you to spell time for sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight, and witch time to perform rituals and spells.

Spell Timing: POWERFUL Sunrise Magick

If you are a habit of getting up early, it is not difficult to do magic when dawn. But in the opposite case, you can arrange to change your habits to create some powerful magic compatible with the power of the sun.

So how to leverage the power of the sun to support the process?

Let's start by receiving sunlight, shining into magic tools to unleash the full power of sunlight. Magical intent from the sun includes new opportunities, new love, peace, healing, new friendships, and career change.

Amplifying Noon Spells and Rituals

Nighttime and mid-day is also an important time for you to consider performing magic. Noon magic often brings balance but it can also be used to amplify mysteries that you didn't know about before, especially the mysteries of love, success, and money. Starting any purposeful spell at noon gives the meaning of eliminating the negative. Usually such spells will start around noon and end a few evenings as the sun begins to set.

Sunset Spell Timing for Saying Goodbye

Any chapter of your life you’re ready to release can be done so at sunset. When the sun sets on the day, it will also set on your old way of life, an old relationship, an old job, etc. If you need to bury a spell or its remnants, it’s wise to bury it in the west, where the sun will set on it daily. Sunset magick is all about saying goodbye and banishing things from your life. It can bring peace and healing, as well as protection from enemies and intrusion. Sunset magical intentions include banishing, binding, healing, protection, peace, rest, and many more.

The Midnight Hour for Spell Timing

Midnight is always a mysterious time for all witches in the world, this is the time when the old and new days intersect and it seems that the spirit world has begun to change. Energy changes in the middle of the night, when there are aura is difficult to solve clearly.

Similar to the beginning of the spells with positive intentions before noon and before the end, you can do the same with midnight magic. And in return, to perform deportation spells, remove something that starts at midnight and ends soon after. When the clock is exactly 12 o'clock at night, the power will arise, and when they move down at exactly 6 o'clock, we should give the final intention.

The Witching Hour: Folklore and Divination

Have you ever woken up at 3 am every night? During that period of time, it is said that there will be supernatural powers with great power and strength, especially during the period of 3 to 4 am... It is also known as Devil's Hour and Holy Hour according to the old folklore. The most mysterious activities, including those involving spirits, vampires, Satan spirits, often appear during this "Wizard Time". There are many legends and stories related to this issue. It is often said that if you are awake during this time, throw a circle or create a sacred space and throw in some high-powered tarot cards. The veil between the physical and spiritual worlds will appear.

And Yet Another Way to Do Things…

If you can't find yourself the right time of day to cast magic, choose another way to use magic that is arithmetic. Each number, regardless of the time of day, has a sacred meaning and has a certain power. Study the meaning of each number and coordinate your magic intentions based on the number you choose. And, if this still doesn't suit you, perhaps you have certain times of the day that are sacred to you. Please use and make the most of their energy and strength during the practice of your magic.

We hope that with the whole information about spell time above can help you expand knowledge and explore the most suitable witch hours for witchcraft. Keep following us and looking for interesting things in wizards word. 


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