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Located in the North of Boston, Salem is famous for the name “ The witch city” because of the hundreds of historical story about the witch and the magic. It’s great to have a chance to visit this mysterious city. Today, let find out 10 things you should do when traveling to the well-know witch city. 

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Nothing is more interesting than visiting Salem on Halloween. The whole city is full of witch colors, pumpkin, and fantastic sights. It just takes you an hour away from Boston heading out to Salem, Massachusetts makes for the perfect day trip.

List of 10 things to do in Salem

Stop by the witch house

The witch house is located on the way from the station to the city center. Many tourists decided to head inside mostly because it just started to chuck it down. The house was as spooky inside as it looks from the outside. You have to pay an $8 each admission fee and then you’re free to walk around for how long you want. The witch house was home to one of the judges of the Salem Witch Trial. It’s the only remaining structure that has direct ties with 1692 trials. 

Pick your wand out form Wynott’s wands

If you’re still waiting on your letter from Hogwarts then get a taste of some wizardry right in the heart of Salem, stock up on your wizard supplies at Wynott’s wands. It was just as magical as Ollivanders with a cheeky little bird in the window adding to the magical setting of this perfectly themed shop. You can let the wand choose you and find the perfect one to help you conjure up your best “Expelliarmus.”

Visit the house of seven gables

The oldest surviving 17th Century wooden mansion is well worth a visit during your trip to Salem. The house was constructed by merchant and sea captain John Turner, the house inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1851 novel ‘The House of the Seven Gables’. The interior is interesting and mysterious, and whilst you’re there be sure to find the secret staircase….

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Check out the harbor

If you have a chance to go to Salem during October then you can expect hoards of crowds walking through downtown but the interesting things are that a large majority of tourists stick to the city center. It makes a point to take a break from all that madness and head towards the water and check out the harbor. Heading towards the Derby Wharf Light Station which is a short, enjoyable walk from all the hustle and bustle of downtown. The long pier provides the perfect setting to stroll along the bay. Just check out the quintessential New England views.

Enter the Salem Witch Museum

There are a few different museums dotted around Salem, and due to time restrictions we only managed to visit one and this was the Salem Witch Museum. It’s hard to miss this eye-catching building, with its gothic architecture and witch statue just outside. Guiding through 13 stage sets including life-size figures and an ongoing narration, you can get a feel for the darkness and drama surrounding the 1692 witch trials. Each walkthrough is guided by a tour leader and provides you with an in-depth understanding of the Salem trials, witchcraft, and even modern practice.

Buy yourself a Voodoo doll

Salem, otherwise famous for the name “Witch City” fully embraces its witch past and has turned that dark part of history into a celebration of things that were once considered occult. There are a lot of shops all over the city center where you can stock up on all of your witchy things. Grabbing some tarot cards, a voodoo doll, ritual gear, psychic readings and a million other things for any summoning you’re planning. So if you’re looking to conjure up someone tall, dark or handsome, or looking for something to help you win the lottery.

Stroll around the neighborhood

Take a turn off the main strip and you’re likely to find yourself wandering down one of Salem’s many colorful residential streets. For the most part, you can feel as though you can walk around a movie set. It is a great way to spend an hour and get a feel for daily life in Salem. 

Show off your arcade skills

Witches, ghosts, goblins and all things spooky can get a tad exhausting. Just give yourself a little breather and grab a much-deserved cocktail and crush the high score of Tetris at Bit Bar. All of the cocktails are video game themed and I can personally attest that the “Princess Peach” and the “Kirby” are delicious!

Walk without intent

There’s no way to appreciate a location unless you’re willing to remove yourself from the touristy areas and get a taste of what real life in these places look like. This street art heaven was in a cool neighborhood. 

Appreciate the decoration 

The locals of Salem take their home decorations seriously, especially on Halloween. The least you can do is take a moment to stop and appreciate their attention to detail and their ability to rock a theme. Taking a short walk from the harbor along the left side of Derby Street with the water on your right. you’ll find a pathway connecting three separate buildings. In the pathway get ready for the goriest, horror-filled, amazing display of Halloween decorations.


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It’s the perfect escape from the city. Salem provided a fantastic day full of exploring, delicious food and interesting attractions. Perhaps my inner witch felt as if she had finally landed back home. If you’re ever visiting Boston and looking for a quirky way to enjoy a day out then I would 100% recommend a day trip to Salem. 



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    I’ve been there at that fantastic town, more than most places in my own home town (Worcester). I feel like I’m home there. I brought my cousins from California. They said they need to come back and even stay the weekend.

  • Posted on by CarolJ. Perry

    Hi. You’ve pointed out some cool things to do and see, but may I point out an error? That’s not a statue of a witch outside the Witch Museum. It’s Roger Conant. He founded Salem in 1626. I’m Salem born (on Halloween eve) and the author of the Witch City Mystery series. (Kensington Pub.)

  • Posted on by Allison Evans

    I greatly appreciate this post. I love the many famous sites you listed. I enjoy reminiscing through the good old days. I myself have been visiting Salem for over 40 yrs. . I know many witches there. Have we met there? . Have you been to Lady Cabot’s Seances in the past? Of course she has retired, as I have, and no longer offers her Seances. I remember our first meeting, I was of a Scandinavian Tradition that goes way back , at just 17 yrs old, and very well known for my family’s lineage. Her daughter carries on for her, as my granddaughter will carry on for me. Where do you hail from?

    Its always nice to meet and greet,
    ~Ali Evans, a.k.a. Lady MoonShadow

  • Posted on by lunasage

    Where would you recommend the best place to purchase a authentic besom / broom ,?

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