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  • 6 Essential Steps To Become A Hedge Witch For Beginners

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    In the witch world, there are many different kinds of witches, each with its particular quirks and preferred ways of living and working. A Hedge Witch is one way to do magic, just like there is no one way to live. They are also a type of witch. This article is for the beginner who wants to become a Hedge Witch. Let’s explore the essential steps to become the real hedge witch!

    1. What is a Hedge Witch? 

    A Hedge Witch is a private practitioner of the herbal arts including both medicinal and spiritual. He/She is the person you call when you develop a rash or get a toothache, and the doctor or dentist is unavailable. He/She is the person anyone consults when strange things go bump in the night, or anyone is certain that someone just gave you the evil eyes.

    Hedge Witch’s cupboard contains the remedy for what ails you - physical and spiritual. He/She does not follow the tenets of any sect or organized religion. 

    2. The purposes of a Hedge Witch

    There are some purposes of the Hedge Witch. Hedge witches are the modern version of the village healer, wise woman, or shaman from the old days. 

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    They learn how to travel into the other realms to gain spiritual knowledge for others and themselves. They also learn how to use this knowledge and their knowledge of herbs to heal, protect, and advise others in need. A Hedge Witch acts as a mediator between the human world and the spirit world. 

    3. How to become a Hedge Witch


    So many people don’t want to hear how important meditation is. Meditation gives people the ability to turn off our busy, mundane minds and reach out with our souls to connect with the spiritual world. It is in this “ alpha state”, where people be able to receive vision and massages from the goods and spirits, clear blockages in our chakras, energy fields and travel to other realms on spiritual missions.


    Just as important as meditation is the ability to dream. Can’t remember your dreams? Start by keeping a dream journal. Set it on your nightstand and every morning when you wake up, write down anything you remember from that night. Even if its just bits and pieces of dreams or only feelings. The hedge witch who meditates also dreams easily and vice versa – dreams and meditation are connected, after all.


    Along the same lines as meditation is the ability to go into a trance. The hedge witch will learn the ability to put on shamanic drumming and switch his or her mind into the trance-state. This is pretty much like entering the alpha state of mind using a mental trigger, so to speak. Some say a difference between trance and meditation is that trance is deeper. Many people believe that meditation can take you into a deep trance if you allow it, but getting into a trance using shamanic drumming or dancing is also achievable with practice. Try different things – dancing, shamanic music of different kinds, etc. and see what puts you into that open mind where your soul journeys or you acquire strong visions,…


    Most people believe you can learn how to become a hedge witch by learning and working with herbs. This is not the main practice in being a hedge witch. Hedge Witch use herb to enhance their practice. Hedge witches learn which herbs are made into teas before bed to induce dreaming.

    Genius Loci

    Hedge witches are often solitary witches with a deep love and reverence for their environment. This means they get outside, they work with the plants and trees in their local area, and they get to know the wildlife on a personal, soul-level. Connecting with the genius loci (spirits of place) is an essential part of learning how to become a hedge witch. So get to know your local spirits – the trees, plants, rivers, oceans, mountains, hills, animals, and insects.


    The hedge witch can shapeshift. Shapeshifting is a shamanic skill dating back thousands of years and was performed by witches for centuries. During the Dark Ages, witches confessed to being shapeshifters to perform their magic. Shapeshifting is also a way to journey into the other realms in disguise and protected from other beings who could do you harm. 

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