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  • Top List Wicca And Pagan Symbols that Every Witch Should Know

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    Like other religions in the world, Witches have their fair share of important symbols. Each symbol is the place where spiritual energy and the witch will meet and become one

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    In the Witch Craft article below, we’ll be taking a look at ten of the most important Wiccan symbols within the religion. 

    The power of symbols

    The symbols are one of the most prevalent and powerful things that human beings have ever created. The power take big ideas and abstract concepts and present them in a way that we can better understand and internalize.

    1. The Pentagram Symbol

    For Wiccans and even non-wiccans, the pentagram is a symbol that almost which associate with witchcraft. The four bottom points of the star stand for the four traditional elements - air, water, earth, and fire. From one point of view, magic has a strong power as the supernatural. 

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