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  • The Reasons Why People Might Abandon Witchcraft

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    There are many people who choose to practice witchcraft as a trend of the times. However, for some reason, they abandoned the practice of this magic and assumed it was not what they thought or was not for them. There is nothing after trying something and then realizing it's not really for us.

    The Reasons Why People Might Abandon Witchcraft

    Here is a list of the reasons why one might give up witchcraft, as well as some explanations that might help you - who is going through any of these hold it back if that's what. They still feel required.

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    Why is witchcraft called "practice"?

    It is a fact that happens a lot, in reality, is that someone goes from zero to all as a witch. They bought a lot of materials and tools for the practice of magic. Then try 1-2 basic spells based on the books they buy. When the spell doesn't work the way they want it to, they decide "the witch is bogus" and it's not for them. Witchcraft is a practice and the person who pursues it needs patience and instruction based practice. 

    Magic, rituals that can be performed successfully will have to be practiced over time. It is valid for many years. Time, dedication, and perseverance are essential when deciding to participate in magic practice. In addition, magic pursuers also take a long time to find the magic that best suits them. So be ready to do some practical work, both physically and mentally, before entering this magic.

    1. All paths lead to different results and there is no right one.

    Everyone will be surprised as soon as they hear this. Right. There are many separate paths in magic. You can orient yourself to become a kitchen witch, a sea witch, a sea witch, ... And each type of witch will have different spells. Therefore, you will never find the right path in the process of magic practice. And it is also difficult for those who are just starting out in this magic to find a mentor. Because witches have their own orientation. 

    Therefore, please learn carefully, find your own direction, and start your first steps in the magical world. You will encounter some difficulties at first, but don't worry. Suitable books, which you can find in second-hand bookstores or anywhere, will help you through this early stage.

    2. The way of learning never changes.

    There are many paths (including religious and secular) that have different styles of practice. And you have a chance to learn from it. Witches are the path for those who aspire to seek knowledge, not for the "already expert in everything" type.

    It can take many years to become proficient in crystal, or divination, or successfully practice complex rituals and spells. More than ever, success depends on yourself. Discouraged then give up or persevere? Only you can find the answer for yourself.

    3. The truth about other witches.

    In the end, you decide to attend a Pagan conference or in-person meeting to realize that they are not the type of person you want to meet, that is not the kind of magic you want to pursue. It is possible that you have come across some sorcerers talking to you because you are new. Whatever the case, you don't like it. Finding the wrong group can often lead people to believe that it reflects the entire community. Usually, in witchcraft and paganism, that can get someone completely disliked.

    4. Witch's Burnout.

    It seems this is something that can happen most of the time with witches at the same time. It can happen at any time in the witch's path, whether you're a beginner or have been practicing for years. There are so many things to do, there are too many rituals to do and you are completely immersed in your work. However, this has one consequence that you will be exhausted. Then, the first thing to do is to take some time to rest. But don't take that short break long or permanent. Drowsiness and the memory of exhaustion can be associated with you for a long time and you will find no interest in practicing magic anymore.

    If this happens, that's okay, just calm down and start over. Very few of us can stick with it all our lives and we have to try everything to find out if they are really for us. It's not a waiver, it's just a search for what's most effective.

    You won't be ashamed if you first cast magic and give up on realizing it's not for you. Regardless of whether you pursue it or not, respect that each person's path is different, others have no right to judge you and you should not judge others, especially about things related to that. this magical world

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  • Witchcraft Spell - Moon Phases Magic Spells

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    In today's world, there are many obstacles to getting married: work, money, a livelihood... But deep down, many of us still cherish the idea of marriage. happiness and a happy family. How can you get there and how can feng shui help?

    Moon phase magic spells

    You can try the magic moon's position method. The moon's energies are very powerful. Since ancient times, the wise men, Taoists ... often used a small mirror to reflect the light of the moon while meditating, to enhance their magical energy. You can also use lunar energy to find yourself an ideal husband and achieve marriage happiness and this article will show you how:

    Methods of implementation Moon Phases Magic Spells:

    First, you will need a small and completely circular mirror. The circle is very important, as it represents the shape of heaven. There should be no sharp edges, as they represent obstacles and difficulties. The circle will bring smoothness and happiness in the relationship.

    Mirrors should also be coated with gold (or at least silver) in color and even better if the mirror is decorated with fine symbols of love and luck. A lucky love symbol includes the "Five Happiness" (luck only from five directions), the symbol of a happy couple (meaning a long and happy marriage), or anyone of the symbols that bring Another good meaning.

    Lunatic Poster

    Once you have yourself such a mirror, choose a night when the moon is bright, clear. The moon is most energetic when it has a full moon (you can immediately find it with a full moon by checking with the Chinese calendar or yearbook). Make sure the sky is clear of clouds, allowing the moon to be clearly reflected in your mirror.

    Keep your mirrors directly illuminated under the moonlight. Leave your mirror on a wall or table to absorb lunar energy for at least three hours. Once you feel enough moonlight energy has been captured in your mirror, put your mirror in a small bag made of silk or brocade.

    You should not let anyone touch your personal magic mirror, as this can obscure the mirror's energies from the energies of others.

    Next, when you have achieved your mirror energy, wait for the next 15 nights, you stand so that the moon is behind you such that both your moon and your face are reflected in the mirror. You will absorb the dazzling light and the beauty of the moon and the mirrors will be filled with your own personal energy. When the above step is done, wait for the next full moon. This time repeat the rituals but this time focus your thoughts on the images of the husband or partner you are looking for. 

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    Your Mirror is now ready for use. Next time you meet with objects of your choice or when you spot someone you desire is your subject, position the mirror so that it reflects the person's face. Try to do it once in the most discreet way. Also, make sure your feelings are made before using this ritual, as it is very strong and can lead to unwanted lashing if you are not ready for a relationship yourself.

    Ban should remember not to use this ritual with an attitude of distrust or mistrust. Because if you do that with such an attitude, its magic will also decrease. Once your faith in this ritual is really strong, its effect will be even more amazing. I wish you success and soon find yourself a shore of happiness!

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  • 1692 Salem Witch Trials Facts

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    Salem is a place notorious for mourning historical events, where the so-called witches were executed and imprisoned to death in the land of Death.

    salem witch trials facts

    Salem is a city in Essex County in Massachusetts, United States, this place began to be famous in the 17th century with legends and mysterious stories about witches. In 1692, a bloody and mournful year for Salem, a time when people were still ignorant and believed in demons, gods, and ruthless carnage.

    The funeral event that day still haunts the American people and attracts researchers to learn about this mysterious land. Here are some facts that humans have discovered about Salem.

    Witches are not just women and they are not condemned to burn alive

    Normally, we see women who are said to be witches and executed by being tied to stakes and burned. However, of the more than 200 people convicted in Salem in 1692, both men and women.

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    The trial took place and 19 people including women and men were charged and executed hanged in front of a crowd, one was stoned to death after trying to ask for forgiveness, among The offender who had two newborn babies also died in prison.

    The trials are not just in Salem

    Salem is famous for the place where witches are executed, but historically the trials took place in some towns in the US such as Ipswich and Andover, Salem, and Salem.

    salem witch trials museum

    In 1692, the Oyer-and-Terminer court held a notorious trial to investigate internal dispute phenomena in the Salem area. Illness, crop failure, and life conflicts have led people to believe that the land they inhabited has been cursed and caused by sorcerers, so a hunt and slaughter of those designated witches has been placing extremely fierce and cruel.

    Women are the main subjects of condemnation

    Among women convicted of witchcraft, 78% of women are accused. According to Puritan men and women were equal before God but not the Devil.

    salem women witch

    Women who are thought to be weak and easily persuaded by the Devil to follow the wrong path, single women, or get married without children are considered to be the most likely to bewitch, minions of demons.

    The inmates were still charged until 2001

    In 1992, a Salem teacher named Paula Keene discovered and realized that five victims at the 1692 execution were not legally pardoned. Descendants of these people still expect a decision of the law to return the purity to their ancestors.

    In 2001, Paula Keene, with the help of human rights representatives, persuaded the Massachusetts House of Representatives to announce the ordinance to eliminate criminal records for five victims: Bridget Bishop, Anne Pudeator, Alice Parker, Susanna Martin, and Wilmott Redd. On Halloween, in 2001 they were declared innocent.

    The Puritans were the mastermind of the Salem Test

    In 1969, King Williams' war took refugees to Essex County in Massachusetts and especially to Salem, which led to chaos.

    The Brits, especially the Puritan-dominated Christians here, believe that the devil has given man the evil power to cause a dispute. From the 1300s to the 1600s, education was affected by the Witch fever in Europe, where thousands of people accused of witchcraft were executed.

    Since then, the Salem trials have been conducted and the massacre occurred in February 1692 to May 1693 with countless trials in the colonies of Massachusetts.

    The first witch cases

    In January 1962, nine-year-old Betty Parris and eleven-year-old Abigail Williams began to exhibit abnormal, crazy behaviors. They utter strange noises, scream, throw furniture, and behave strangely, twitching their body.

    Twelve-year-old Ann Putnam also experienced similar symptoms. A doctor named William Greggs claimed that he could not see signs of common pathology and diagnosed that all three girls were possessed.

    The allegation comes from racial prejudice

    Tituba was the one convicted because she was a South American slave in the Caribbean, she was suspected of doing some divination to her master and they thought Tituba was the witch. In February 1692, after interrogations, Tituba admitted to enchanting girls and trying to destroy the Puritan Puritan in Salem. She gave her name, pointed out two more people, and was spared.

    Differences in race, religion have created contradictions and strange behaviors of people have triggered the fight between racial discrimination broke out. The people of slavery and poverty have become subject to charges and have to pay with their lives.

    Sentenced through the broth

    The witch was discovered by people using experiments through baking. Mary Sibley proposed this method when she asked the suspect to practice baking a cake made from rye and urine of the possessed person (Abigail Williams and Betty Parris). Then bring the cake for dogs to eat.

    According to British folklore, the witch will feel physical pain when she sees the dog eat the cake. Many people have been arrested and convicted in this crazy way.

    Charged with suspicion of the trial court

    Martha Corey is a member of the church and is often attending Salem witch trials. She doubted the unfair trial and forced torture of testimony against inmates of the court. Martha Corey has spoken out to protect innocent victims.

    That inadvertently caused Martha to be accused of collusion and support for the devil, she was convicted as a witch and hanged on September 22, 1692, her husband Giles Corey was also charged and received a death sentence with his wife.

    The case of Martha Corey was introduced to the public if anyone appears to suspect the authorities will receive a painful ending like the Corey couple.

    Injustice deaths

    A famous case in the trial is the case of John Proctor. John's wife, Elizabeth, was accused of being a witch and he sought ways to prove his wife's innocence.

    This led to John being accused of witchcraft and being hanged on August 19, 1962, Elizabeth was sentenced to prison because she was pregnant should be spared.

    A superstitious society has forced innocent people to die unjustly, causing many families to suffer, to split in blood and tears.

    The turning point created the end of witch trials in Salem

    George Burroughs, a rich and powerful man was convicted as a witch and executed at the gallows on August 19, 1692. He is famous for the fact that he reads the Lord's Prayer during his execution, something people think a witch cannot do.

    Since then, people have begun to doubt the veracity of the court when confirming the witch, the uprising against the Salem trial began to be rekindled.

    End the trial and admit mistakes

    The Salem Trial ended in early 1693 and left serious consequences for many innocent people who died in injustice. Mourning covered Massachusetts. The judges confessed their mistake in the trials. In 1702, the court declared the Salem trial unlawful and the defendants were financially honorable.

    After more than 260 years in 1957, the Massachusetts government made an official apology for the Salem tragedy, signaling the end of Puritanism in Massachusetts.

    The Salem in the 17th century became a dark history of American history, an expensive lesson about the superstition of the government that led people to fall into misery and loss.

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  • Wiccan Traditions: The Difference Forms Of Wicca

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    Witch, Wicca or Witchcraft, existed before the fantasy novel was born. Among them, Wicca is probably the most common form of witchcraft. Wicca is witches of the modern Pagan religion with a spiritual root of reverence for nature. The common characteristics of a Wicca are reverence and worship for both Goddess and God or 1 of 2; accept reincarnation and magic; performing rituals of astronomical and agricultural phenomena, and specialized in using magic circles for ritual purposes.

    Wicca tradition: Different types of wicca


    Wicca also divided into many different types. So, which are those? The following article will introduce you to different forms of Wicca in the wizarding world. Check it out now!

    The origin of Wicca

    This young religion became popular in 1954, thanks to the apostle, the occult, and the wizard Gerald Gardner. According to the legend that he told the world, he devoted to the secrets of ancient pagan teachings by members of witches who were secretly preserved in Europe. This tradition, according to Gardner, is a direct descendant of pre-Christian Europe, based on the reverence of natural forces, personified in the image of the Mother Goddess and God the Father. 

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    From the standpoint of history, archeology, and anthropology, these claims are rather vague, so officially considered to be the religion of Wicca was founded no earlier than the 20s of the 20th century. actually reflects some of the characteristics of ancient matriarchal beliefs, but in essence, it is an attempt to perform reconstruction of their part with subsequent synthesis based on the concepts of foreignism modern spear.

    Wicca - Things you might not know

    The traditional Wicca often promotes religion in nature and has a good balance between religion, magic, rituals, and nature. Wiccans believe that God (male) and Goddess (female) are equal in everything, although some may be more inclined towards the Dianic forms of Wicca, worshiping only the goddess, or lowering God. God. Wiccans often form a community or a group and rarely work alone. They have the ability to use paranormal powers, especially for religious, divination, or drug-making purposes as well as poisons. The concept of the harmful witch is often regarded as a long-standing cultural ideology, sacrifices that bring about human misfortune. Especially in the early part of Europe, where witches were seen as part of the devil, allied with demons destroying Christianity, eventually leading to the battle to hunt witches on a huge scale.

     wicca magic

    However, since the mid-20th century, Witch has become the name of a branch of modern paganism. In addition, Witch, Wicca, or Witchcraft also have a little difference, depending on the witch-cult that you selected.

    Wicca and Magic

    The religion we are talking about is not just spiritual teaching. It involves intense magical work, as it considers witchcraft a sacred act, a kind of service to God and Goddess. Therefore, it is fair to say that this is a religion of witchcraft. Wicca, in fact, the old English dialect word means the word that today means the word "witch".

    Of course, it is not necessary to engage in magic in order to have the right to consider yourself Wiccan. Just share the basic doctrinal concepts of this religion and, in our own way, show our respect for God and Goddess in personal prayers and rituals. But on the other hand, very few people follow this path, because the significant part of this religion that has no magic content turns out to be very scarce: there is no general worship services, no sacred places, nor no bible, no missionaries, no sacraments. Of course, there are holidays celebrating all the Wiccans, but again this alone is not enough to have a full spiritual life. In addition, most holiday ceremonies are considered magical acts, and the covenant (community) is by default a witch-practicing community. Therefore, Wicca's religion is almost always associated with the magic practice, and its women sincerely consider themselves witches and wizards.

    Different forms of Wicca in the wizarding world

    Gardnerian Wicca

    Gardnerian Wicca was founded by Gerald Gardner B: Gardner is known as the father of modern Wicca. Gardnerian Wicca was the first sorceress to appear publicly. And it has a witchcraft hierarchy of degrees. While public, many of their information is vowed to bind, and cannot be shared with anyone outside their congregation.

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    Alexandria Wicca

    This is the Wiccan group formed by Alex Sanders: Started in the 1960s by Alex Sanders. Alex Sanders lives in England. He changed the Gardnerian tradition and called himself the "King" of the witch. Although greatly influenced by Gardnerian Wicca, Alexandria Wicca focuses on the equality between Goddesses and Goddesses and has an emphasis on spells using the Esbats and Sabbats.

    Alexandria Wicca

    Seax Wicca

    The group was founded by Raymond Buckland. This is a witch line known to most ordinary people because the difference of this witch line is that it has many rituals that have been published into books and spread on the internet. This line of witches does not require you to start in a group of groups at all, but you can give your own body to the gods or demons. This wizard allows a group or a person to perform rituals. Priests and nuns are encouraged to change and modify the rites and perform them as they see fit. It has no traditional rules. Seax Wicca mainly worshiped with the German gods and used Runes for divination.

    Dianic Wicca

    Dianic Wicca was born from the feminist movement and although it contains a variety of aspects of other traditions, it focuses only on goddesses and all feminine things. This tradition is known as a "lesbian" group, but Dianic Wicca is meant for all women regardless of sexual orientation. Today, it also allows groups of men and women, or a single person, to perform traditional rituals to honor the Sabbats, although the rituals may not be as continuous as traditional ones. However, this sorceress still encourages the choice of female leaders and insists that a nun must be present to open a magic circle. This line of witches has almost no male witches.

    dianic wicca

    Wicca is and has always been, a dynamic religion, changing, and evolving over time as more and more people are drawn to learn, interpret, and integrate their core principles into their own experiences. Although many traditionalists stick as closely as possible to the "original" model of the Craft established by Gardner, the surge of interest in Wicca over the last several decades has led to new types and pathways that continue to lead in new directions.

    Yes, the possibilities may even seem daunting for beginners to the Craft. But all you need to do is stay open while exploring your options. We hope that with the information on the Wicca classification above, you will have more knowledge about a branch in the wizarding world. And can help you choose your Wiccan.

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  • Witchcraft for Beginners: Spells, Exercises, and Lessons

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    When you decide to join the Magic Way to achieve the life you desire, you have to devote yourself to it. You must believe that the path you are about to take is the right choice for you. Without dedication and belief, you'll be defeated with magic, but also with whatever you do in life.

    Witchcraft for Beginners: Spells, Exercises, and Lessons

    The following list of my papers and instructional guides will be useful for beginner witches. I admire the craft, and I want students to learn it correctly so that their path is a blessed one.

    How to become a witch?

    • Time: night - after 9 pm and before 3 am
    • How to wear the pendant: it is best to use a pendant with a pentagram (the normal swept-down pendant, not the inverted pentagram as a symbol of satanic), a negative-shaped pendant Positive signs or any symbols you trust
    • With the spell below you will become a witch, but only if you truly believe.



    ”Dear witches from forests and winds, please listen to my calls. I plea to be a witch, witch beautiful as an angel, agile as a tiger and wild as fire. Please let me become this, a witch!

    A witch gifted with the power to grant as many wishes I will to anyone I plea.

    Witch gifted with the power to manipulate and conjure (element you want to have) and (another element you want to possess).

    Witch gifted with the power of flight, to fly whenever I wish, as long as I can, and as far as I plea.

    Please let this me, a being gifted with all kinds of magic I will be! As soon as the sun rises, so will my magic rise. As soon as the next day is born, so will I be reborn. Reborn and awakened as a witch. This is what I wish to be, I wish to become a witch. SO MOTE IT BE!”

    Salem EST.1629 Apothecary Potions - Tonics - Elixirs - Witch Clothing

    (Salem EST.1629 Apothecary)

    Some notes for beginners witches

    • You can speak loudly or recite silently in your head. This is not important. Do what you think is best. Remember to bring the necklaces as stated above. Imagine you are so light and soaring. Think of something related to witchcraft and magic. Imagine that you are bestowing the night sky under the bright full moon. Believe that these things will actually happen.
    • Do not overreact or suppress yourself. It's relaxed, trusting, and confident.
    • Repeat the spell 3 times, slowly, clearly. Read each word clearly so that the holy people can hear your prayers clearly.

    Some effects may occur after chanting

    You can dream of becoming a witch. In most cases, you'll find yourself flying.

    Pain to every fiber. Symptoms may include headache, stomach ache, sore throat, fever

    No longer feeling hot and cold. Hot and cold no longer makes me feel uncomfortable. These feelings seem to have disappeared.

    Appear an animal as your pet. The witch's magic will become stronger if connected with the natural power of the beast. After chanting, there may be many animals appearing around you, becoming good friends, and helping to protect your children.

    * NOTE:

    • Must be believing.
    • The spell will begin to work when the sun rises.
    • You will receive different power depending on the qualities you possess.

    The powers that can be achieved

    • Flight: You will be able to fly as you want, as long as your mind has enough faith. It will be difficult at first. But just keep practicing and don't be afraid.
    • Ability to control the elements. You will only be able to control 2 elements. A list of elements will be listed below.
    • Blessing: You can grant wishes to anyone. But be careful with this power.
    • A unique ability that only you have. This depends on the quality you own.
    • Extraordinary beauty: You will become more and more beautiful than any mortal person.
    • Becomes more agile than before.

    Witch Clothing, sky above earth below peace within

    (Element shirt)

    Elements you can control

    • Fire
    • Land
    • Wind
    • Country
    • Ice
    • Electricity
    • Dark
    • The light

    (Soil element also helps control trees)

    Special powers depend on each person's qualities

    • Read the mind
    • Prophetic
    • Heal the disease
    • Telepathy
    • Move objects
    • Psychic
    • See-through memories
    • Control the minds of others
    • Control emotions (dictating love, hatred)
    • Prayer
    • Control the dream
    • Extraordinary beauty
    • Infinite power.

    Some common question on the way to becoming a witch

    1. How old can you use the charm?

    Just be aware of what you do. There are even some basic charms for children (of course, adults are included).

    2. I want to perform a spell but I don't have enough materials?

    Do not worry if missing. The materials are only a factor to increase the power of the charm, but if you can't find the material, replace it with another similar material or increase the trust in the spell.

    3. The spell failed. I was doing something wrong?

    There are many causes of unsuccessful spells. Please try again after 28 days.

    4. What if I don't have a candle that fits the spell?

    Use white candles.

    5. Should I tell anyone about the use of talismans?

    ABSOLUTELY not best keep it a secret.

    6. Protection circle

    Not every spell needs protection if you want to be sure. Make a protective circle by spreading salt in a circle while doing so.

    7. Rules

    Many people think that just performing a spell is done. Very simple. However, all things follow the laws of the universe. Always remember the Rule of Three whether you are a Wicca or not.

    8. There are no spells suitable for me. What should I do?

    Create your own charm. Refer to the rocks, herbs, candles, the moon, ... that match your spell.

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