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  • The Reasons Why People Might Abandon Witchcraft

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    There are many people who choose to practice witchcraft as a trend of the times. However, for some reason, they abandoned the practice of this magic and assumed it was not what they thought or was not for them. There is nothing after trying something and then realizing it's not really for us.

    The Reasons Why People Might Abandon Witchcraft

    Here is a list of the reasons why one might give up witchcraft, as well as some explanations that might help you - who is going through any of these hold it back if that's what. They still feel required.

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    Why is witchcraft called "practice"?

    It is a fact that happens a lot, in reality, is that someone goes from zero to all as a witch. They bought a lot of materials and tools for the practice of magic. Then try 1-2 basic spells based on the books they buy. When the spell doesn't work the way they want it to, they decide "the witch is bogus" and it's not for them. Witchcraft is a practice and the person who pursues it needs patience and instruction based practice. 

    Magic, rituals that can be performed successfully will have to be practiced over time. It is valid for many years. Time, dedication, and perseverance are essential when deciding to participate in magic practice. In addition, magic pursuers also take a long time to find the magic that best suits them. So be ready to do some practical work, both physically and mentally, before entering this magic.

    1. All paths lead to different results and there is no right one.

    Everyone will be surprised as soon as they hear this. Right. There are many separate paths in magic. You can orient yourself to become a kitchen witch, a sea witch, a sea witch, ... And each type of witch will have different spells. Therefore, you will never find the right path in the process of magic practice. And it is also difficult for those who are just starting out in this magic to find a mentor. Because witches have their own orientation. 

    Therefore, please learn carefully, find your own direction, and start your first steps in the magical world. You will encounter some difficulties at first, but don't worry. Suitable books, which you can find in second-hand bookstores or anywhere, will help you through this early stage.

    2. The way of learning never changes.

    There are many paths (including religious and secular) that have different styles of practice. And you have a chance to learn from it. Witches are the path for those who aspire to seek knowledge, not for the "already expert in everything" type.

    It can take many years to become proficient in crystal, or divination, or successfully practice complex rituals and spells. More than ever, success depends on yourself. Discouraged then give up or persevere? Only you can find the answer for yourself.

    3. The truth about other witches.

    In the end, you decide to attend a Pagan conference or in-person meeting to realize that they are not the type of person you want to meet, that is not the kind of magic you want to pursue. It is possible that you have come across some sorcerers talking to you because you are new. Whatever the case, you don't like it. Finding the wrong group can often lead people to believe that it reflects the entire community. Usually, in witchcraft and paganism, that can get someone completely disliked.

    4. Witch's Burnout.

    It seems this is something that can happen most of the time with witches at the same time. It can happen at any time in the witch's path, whether you're a beginner or have been practicing for years. There are so many things to do, there are too many rituals to do and you are completely immersed in your work. However, this has one consequence that you will be exhausted. Then, the first thing to do is to take some time to rest. But don't take that short break long or permanent. Drowsiness and the memory of exhaustion can be associated with you for a long time and you will find no interest in practicing magic anymore.

    If this happens, that's okay, just calm down and start over. Very few of us can stick with it all our lives and we have to try everything to find out if they are really for us. It's not a waiver, it's just a search for what's most effective.

    You won't be ashamed if you first cast magic and give up on realizing it's not for you. Regardless of whether you pursue it or not, respect that each person's path is different, others have no right to judge you and you should not judge others, especially about things related to that. this magical world

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