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  • The Green Witch: The Completed Guideline For Beginners

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    Have you ever ask yourself what is green witch and How to become the green witch? This article will describe clearly for you the real facts about the green witchcraft as well as show the completed guideline for beginners to become the green witch. Keep following right now!


    What is the green witchcraft

    A green witch is someone who works with the elements, the local land spirits, and all things green. The green witch is able to harness the energy of the natural sources by developing a close connection with the plants, animals, and herbs. 

    green witch

    The true facts about green witch 

    1. Most green witch will need spending time outside

    Green Witch Garden Flag
    Green Witch Flag

    They used to spend to live relatively near a forest until not long ago. They fell that their battery is running low until they manage to get under the trees. Living close to nature, feeling the power of nature is spreading in each cell, running in the blood vessels makes the green witch feel special. They feel that nature is imparting to them an unbelievable magical power.


    2. The green witch love plants herbs and animals

    Yes, they love all of them. And they use them for magical spell, too. Especially with herbs and plants, they are the main factor impact greatly on the power of the green witch’s spell.

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    3. The green witch think twice before taking a life

    They always have a deep respect for the living of beings. The green witch think about animals tested cream, about the animal suffering for human’s food resource or transportation. The environment is damaged by humans make the green witch have to concern about. Many of the green witch are vegan or vegetarian. Or at least very thoughtful of what living beings are sacrificed so that they can keep on living.green witch

    4. Ecology is extremely important for the green witch

    Gai, Mother Earth, Yemaya or God are all a reflection of the green witch’s environment which has a great influence on them. The planet here is for the green witch. And their responsibility is taking care of it for the future generations

    How to become the green witch

    1. Genius Loci

    The genius loci are the spirits of the land on the planet. This includes the spirits of the local trees, bushes, flowers, rivers, soil, stones, oceans, and wildlife. It is essential to learn all about your local genius loci in order to harness those energies in your craft. 


    witch shirt

    Witch Shirt

    1. Keep a record

    Get yourself a journal or composition book. It can be very fancy or basic. This will serve as your own recipe book. In that journal, you can take note of the genius loci as well as the simple things you need to take care of when you start being a green witch. It will become your own experiences about the woods, the land, the wildlife. 

    1. Grow things

    When starting learning how to become a green witch, the crucial thing you need to consider is growing things. First. you should start with a couple of pots, a couple bags of seeds, some soil and watering can. You just have to spend a small amount of money to prepare all these materials you need to practice. Choose a spot that gét ample amounts of sun and try to plant herbs. After practicing, you will recognize your skill is improved a lot. 

    1. Green Altar

    Because a green witch’s practice revolves around plants and trees, create a green altar to honor the local land spirits, fairies, and elements. This can be a small shelf on a wall or the top of a large credenza. Choose objects that represent the elements: the cup of water for water element, a bowl of salt or stones for earth, candles for fire, and incense or feathers for air. 

    Add greenery from your favorite local trees and plants, for example, pine needles, acorns, evergreen boughs, flowers, etc. Allow them to dry on the altar or replace it when you feel like it. You can also add photos or figurines of fairies and the Green Man. 

    1. Herbs

    One of the vital steps in learning how to become a green witch is learning how to work with herbs. Herbalism is a HUGE topic and one that will take an entire lifetime to fully learn and then some! Start small with the herbs you decided to grow. Learn everything about those herbs that you can and then begin using those herbs in your cooking and teas (if edible) and also in your magic. 

    Then move on to learning the medicinal properties of herbs. After you learn one or two herbs inside and out, move on to a few more. Then keep building your herbal knowledge from there.

    1. Green magic

    Being a green witch means using natural materials in your craft. You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of herbs from a fancy metaphysical store. Most of the materials you need for your magic can be found in your backyard! 

    Green Witch Flag

    Green Witch Flag

    In addition, most people have a plethora of magical herbs right in their kitchen pantry…think herbs and spices like cinnamon, oregano, pepper, cumin, thyme, and more. If you don’t know where to start with magic, try a simple candle spell and use herbs. And, you have to remember to be careful when choosing the color of magic candle in rituals or do spell!

    1. The green man & The Sidhe

    Because green witches practice their craft outside and in nature, it’s only natural to forge a connection with the Green Man and the Sidhe. The Green Man is the protector of the forest. He is ancient and can be found in nearly every forest all over the world. You’ve probably seen his face on plaques or motifs in gardens


    Give natural offerings to the Green Man on your forest walks and have a healthy respect for the wildness of the Green Man and the forest itself. Your connection with the earth and the genius loci will make it easy for you to connect with fairies, also known as the Sidhe.

    1. Getting outside

    The most important thing when learning how to become a green witch is to get outside as much as humanly possible. In modern times, people spend over two-thirds of their lives indoors. What a shame when nature has so much to offer the human spirit and body! 

    By going outside, you’re not only connecting with the earth and the elements, you’re cleansing your aura of negative energetic debris and supporting your overall health. The rest will come naturally.

    The Witchcraft World is so large and wonderful. If you want to explore more this field, following us now to get more interesting information. Moreover, looking for Witchcraft 101 right now and you will be surprised because of the whole wizard world is opening for you.

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  • Witch Craft: 1001 Advice For Beginner Witches

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    Witchcraft is one of the world's oldest spiritual traditions which is also one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world. Television, movies, and comic books abound with stereotypes and misconceptions about what it really means to be a witch. Sometimes, many people concern that “ How to become a witch?. Don’t worry. We are here today and will give you some advice for beginner witches. Let’s find out right now!

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    1. Let’s define witchcraft

    The first thing people think about witchcraft 101 is that witch craft was considered a religion – pure and simple. It also went hand-in-hand with Wicca, and most people used the two terms interchangeably (Wiccan and Witch). Since the resurgence of interest in metaphysics, alternative healing, and witchcraft in the new millennium, the definition of witchcraft seems to have changed. Others will tell you witchcraft ISN’T a religion that it’s a magical practice.

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    2. Read and study Witchcraft

    First of all, if you come and ask where to start in witchcraft, the answer will almost always be this: What have you studied? If you then answer “nothing”, then this is the first step. There are many beginner witches ask for advice online. They’re told to read this or that book. And they don’t like the advice given to them. How does one expect to learn if one doesn’t want to put any effort into studying the topic? Study Witch Craft, Pagan symbol, Magic Candle is necessary.

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    3. Practice, practice, and practice 

    You’ve got a good grip on the basics, the next first steps to becoming a witch include actually practicing. Before you cast your first spell or perform a ritual, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do I know how to cast and release a circle?
    • Do I understand why I want to practice this ritual or cast this spell?
    • Do I understand the potential consequences of this practice if by chance the spell backfires or the ritual brings in unwanted energy?
    • Do I know how to banish that unwanted energy?
    • Am I practicing witchcraft because I am genuinely drawn to it or simply to put a spell on someone?


    4. Seek the connection with nature

    One of the most important steps to becoming a witch is to connect with nature. A connection with nature is essential. Connect with the Earth: plant a garden, walk barefoot, go for nature walks, pick up litter, support animal rescues. Connect with Air: feel the breeze in your hair, visit the top of a mountain, practice deep breathing, open the windows. Connect with Fire: have a bonfire, light a candle each day. Connect with Water: go for a swim, take an herbal bath, put a small water fountain in your home.


    5. Focus on energy

    The basis of witchcraft is about harnessing and manipulating energy to bring about change in the witch’s environment and life. So one of the first steps to becoming a witch is learning all about energy. Everything is made of energy and energy never stops moving. Visualization and meditation will teach you to focus your mental and emotional energy on an intention. Practice energy manipulation – there are wonderful videos on YouTube and resources online on this topic. 


    6. Connection with ancestors

    Part of the first step to becoming a witch is to connect with your ancestors. Now, some new witches will disagree and say this is a religious aspect of the craft they don’t follow. The choice is yours. But the truth is – even when you feel no connection to a god or goddess, you ALWAYS feel your ancestors’ presence. Your ancestors are important in the craft because their blood pumps through you. Thousands upon thousands of people came together to make you. Some people say looking into one’s heritage or ancestry is pointless, but it is undeniable that your ancestors provide powerful magic and protection.


    7. Use the spirit of animals

    Often when a beginner witch comes to me, they want to know if one of the steps to becoming a witch is finding your spirit animal. This is not a necessity and you shouldn’t worry. Your spirit animal will come to you. If you have to force it, it’s not your true spirit animal. The animal spirit will appear when you are ready and in random places: in the wild, on the TV, on the internet, in books, in conversations with strangers, etc. Your spirit animal may come and go as it pleases and it will change depending on the phase of your life.


    8. The power of God/Goddesses

    Another big question from beginner witches is: How do I know my gods and goddesses / my pantheon? First, begin by researching your ancestry. It’s always great to start learning and working with the gods of your ancestors. Often gods and goddesses will come to you, just as your spirit animals will. When they do, set up an altar or shrine (it doesn’t have to be fancy), and honor your gods as often as you can by leaving offerings, burning candles, burning incense, etc.


    With the above tips, you have initially entered the wizarding world, building the first knowledge base to become a true witch. Hopefully, the above advice will help and supplement your knowledge.

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