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Apart from plants and herbs, magic flowers are also used by witches for their rituals and spells. The witches, for a long time ago, were aware of the mysterious uses of the flowers in practicing magic. As a result, they use them to improve their magical abilities. So, the beginner witches, do you curious that which kinds of flowers are used a lot and have great strength? Let's find out interesting information about magic flowers with us in this article below. The beginner Wiccan can rely on this information to find the flower that suits her ability. 

Type of magic flower used by witch


Blackthorn has been known as a witch’s tree. In the past, some people reckoned that a blackthorn staff pointed at pregnant women or animals could cause immediate miscarriage. While, in some cases, it could cause crops to weaken and dry out. However, in many places, they don’t believe in the theory above. They usually use blackthorn staff as a badge of civic office.


Just like blackthorn, it may bring into the house before Mayday is widely associated with bad luck. However, according to some old stories, the first person to bring flowering may indoors on Mayday was assured of good fortune. This kind of magic flower was used a lot to decorate in spring. And there was the belief that it transferred to Christianity to adorn holy wells that often the same as pagan springs, the most famous Christian Hawthorn being that of Glastonbury.


According to some ancient witches, rowan was famous for its protective qualities against witches and fairies. Rowan, as well as hawthorn, were laid across lintels on solstice days to reinforce the beneficial qualities of the plants.


Elder has uncountable medicinal use from cough syrup to insect repellent. However, there is the truth that one little-known folklore connection is the dried elder leaves were used in place of tobacco. Because of the relaxing possession, it also was said to be ideal magic flowers.

How witch use these flowers in their magic?

Place the magic flower on the altar

 You can place a vase of flowers on the altar. After that, you can feel an immediate change in the energy in the space. One recommendation is that you should place flowers on the altar particularly when you need to increase your vibration. 

The flowers with the resistance-free energy put on your altar can aid you when performing magic with the intention of banishing, releasing or allowing.

Use flower essential oils

Using flower essential oils is an easy and modern way to incorporate flower magic into your daily practice as well as daily life. The fresh smell from the flower will make you feel relax and comfortable. It also creates incredible space for your home and your magic workplace. Let’s get creative with flower essential oils in your flower magic!

Make magic flower crown for your own

When Spring and Summer, all flowers are in full bloom, so are you! The flowers from the garden, a field, or even form the store, let collect them all together. Then you should learn how to create them into something fantastic namely a magical flower crown. 

How about magic flower baths?

Why don’t you add flower petals and buds to your ritual bath? Have you tried this before? On the Full Moon, you can add a handful of rose petals, lavender buds, or chamomile to the bath. This way will help you cleans away negative vibes. It can bring in peace and beauty by working flower magic into your ritual bathing routine.

Enjoy a cup of magic flower tea

Enjoy a cup of hot tea with magic flowers? It sounds great! The magic flowers are the main elements in some kinds of herbal teas including chamomile, hibiscus, rose, lavender, calendula, butterfly pea, and jasmine. You try crafting your own loose leaf tea blends using some of your favorite edible flowers. Each type of flower has its own magical properties, so align your flowers with your intentions and then drink up!

Magic flower spells in your kitchen

Do you know that there are eatable flowers that you can cook with? Right below here are a few ideas for you to create an incredible meal with magic flowers. In areas such as the Southeast U.S., Spanish needles grow lavishly. The head of this flower has a peppery taste and can be thrown into a salad for a magical treat. Moreover, hibiscus, honeysuckle, pansies, sunflowers, and violets can all be added to salads, soups, stews, meat dishes, and desserts of all kinds. 

Create magic circles with flowers

Do you usually perform rituals outdoors or in a space with a hard floor? Create your magic circle using flower petals or flower buds. By using the magic flowers in this way, it can bring a special lively energy to a Spring or Summer circle.


With the above guidelines and information, it is hoped that new wizards can choose their own magic flowers, serving in daily magic training.

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