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What happens when your magic doesn't work? You give your talisman formula, you collect the ingredients, then you perform the ritual. And after the time you wait, nothing happens. Or the result is not what you expected. There may be many reasons, but in the article below, we will give you 7 reasons why your spells fail.

1. Not tracking properly

A lot of things happened during magic practice sessions that show that many of the online magic community are people who perform rituals, charms, and then wait for their intentions to be shown. And wait. And wait. They then asked if they could redo the same magic to expect the originally intended result.

My question is - have you followed up with the energizing of your magic in the PHYSICAL realm? I mean, you can do a new job ritual, but if you don't track it with actions like applying to work, networking, etc., this is one reason why the magic of You failed. The intention and energy in the spiritual realm must be doubled with the intention and energy in the physical realm. Before doing so after doing so.

2. The power source is not strong enough for the spell to work properly

Sometimes, the components of the spell do not bring enough energy to work properly. And that is the reason why your spell fails. For example, how many times have you made a wish and blew out the birthday candle and the wish REALLY come true? Yes, there is energy with the thought in your mind then the act of blowing the fire, but is that enough to turn a movement into a big desire?

3. You guess yourself

Not knowing what you really want and enchanting or performing a ritual for your intentions is a great way for nothing to happen. Or let your magic do something different than you imagined. Make sure you know what you want before doing magic to get it. If you think you'll guess yourself a second time, perform a ritual or enchantment.

4. Magical recklessness

It says something new that everyone says. This is not a problem, as long as it is intended. Sorry, I hate to break it for you. But magic is more than that. Certainly, the intention is BIG. But if you want to show real results, perhaps you will call for help from allies: gods and goddesses, ancestors, guides, angels and / or energy from plants and spirits. bodies and elements. Each one has his own consciousness and strong vibration. Always acknowledge and understand the energies you intend to collaborate with to perform your magic. Don Tiet calls two goddesses from two different deities in a love ritual if you do not know they are intimate with them. Research the supplies and tools you plan to use.

Magic recklessness can make your spells worse in many ways. Not to mention sometimes it can be physically dangerous - that is, you eat a plant that can be toxic or interact with a drug you are taking. Or you've researched how to use a saucer and burn incense safely and light a fire!

5. Attracting the wrong energy

The reality of the matter is this - there are entities out there that are attracted by magic. It is like a bright light and they are moths. Let the moths enter your sacred space. For this reason, I always remind people that cleaning, sealing and ward practice should be done on a regular basis. If you do magic and don't clean it before and sometimes after that, you can attract the wrong kind of energy and they can mess with your magical results! It can become messy.

6. Don't understand WHY

The reason why your spells fail is paired with having a magical mind (and not being reckless) - understand WHY behind your rituals, spells, etc. Bathing in this ritual? Why do you blur the house? How do herbs work to open your third eye? Understanding WHY is important for success and miraculous expression. Always ask questions - ask yourself questions!

7. Stuck in a negative thought

If you do magic but you are a negative person, and you are expecting positive results, you will probably be disappointed. Shocking people, right? What we think becomes a reality. If you constantly live in a state of fear, anxiety, depression, etc., you will block your own magic! Fear disconnects us from spirituality - from the universal energy we harness when we create magic. When we create magic and are generally positive, progressive thinkers, we are connected to the gods and allow energy to flow freely. 

We hope that with all the explanation above, you can understand well the reasons why your magic is failing. If you want to discover the way to fix it, subscribe us know and we’ll be back next time with the solution for these problems.


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    Thank you – BaB

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    What a wonderful article! Your explanations have a depth and feeling I’ve not read before. Brava!

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