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Witchcraft refers to the use of supernatural powers and powers with the intent to influence a person's life and possessions for profit. Never in human history have we seen churches play such as evil roles in witch hunts, convictions, and cremation. Countless innocent people were executed, countless people considered witches were burned to death because the clergy and rulers feared to lose their place to the wizards. According to their words, the reason behind the witch trials is for the benefit, the safety of life and property of the whole community. But, in fact, these judgments only serve to strengthen the social status of the clergy and the rulers.

1. Abigail Hobbs

Abigail Hobbs was convicted of a witch and was arrested on April 8, 1692. Giles Corey, Mary Warren, Bridget Bishop and her parents, Deliverance Hobbs and William Hobbs are also thought to be witches and captured at the same time as Abigail Hobbs. When being questioned in court, she admitted to harming Mercy Lewis with witchcraft and also admitted to dealing with the devil. At the same time, she also gave the names of some other witches. Judge William Stoughton signed her death sentence shortly after.

2. Agnes Sampson

Agnes Sampson also referred to as the "wise woman of Keith". She is a midwife living in the territory of Baron Keith, in Eastern Lothian, Scotland. She was well-known as a physician and a witch. At the end of the 16th century, for using witchcraft, she was brought to trial in the "Wizarding Court of Northern Berwick."

King James, after facing countless sea storms during his voyage, investigated the cause and discovered that Agnes Simpson created storms in the seas to harm the king. Therefore, he ordered that she be executed for this charge.

Also during this time, in 1590, a large-scale witch hunt took place here, 23 men and women were convicted, staked and burned alive by the court. According to the government's statement: "Agnes Sampson is an old witch, convicted and brought to Haliruid's house in the witness of the king and the Scottish nobility ...".

3. Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was called as "Saint Orleans", who was the daughter of Jacques D'Arc and Isabelle Romee. She was born in 1412 in Domremy, east of France. After being taken to court, she was convicted of heresy and witchcraft. She was burned alive when was only 19 years old. However, behind her sentence was political intrigue: Because her wonderful fights paved the way for the coronation. of Charles VII of France. When asked: "Does God support you?" She answered, "If not, I ask God to support me. If yes, then please continue to support God."

4. Temperance Lloyd

Lloyd is known to be the last to be hanged on charges of sorcery in England. She was arrested when a street vendor in Bideford complained that Lloyd had performed witchcraft. She was locked up in the church until she was put on trial before a grand jury including Thomas Gist, Mayor of Bideford, and Alderman John Davie. The charges are blamed on her: using suspicious magic on Grace Thomas's body, communicating with the devil dressed as a black man or a blackbird. 

5. Catherine Monvoisin

Catherine Monvoisin was the wife of a French goldsmith. She was also well-known as La Voisin She started divination work at a young age, and after her husband's business failed, she began to concoct both potions and potions along with divination. She also performed midwifery even as an abortion. She was arrested with her daughter on charges of using witchcraft magic. During the trial, three pieces of evidence convicted her of being a witch and she was burned alive at the Place de Grieve near Paris.

6. Maggie Wall

During the period from the middle of the 16th century to the end of the 17th century, more than 4,000 women were executed for witchcraft. Maggie Wall is one of them, but she is still mentioned in history thanks to the existence of a 6-meter-high monument with a cross on top, even though there is no custom of placing across. Price on the tomb of a witch.

Although there is no clear evidence, it seems that the cross was placed by women in the Congregation who wanted to show their opposition to excessive control and unfair judgment and punishment. baseless death penalty for charges of witchcraft. She was burned alive in 1679.

7. Angela de la Berthe

Angela de la Berthe was a wealthy French woman, who lived in a small town. She was one of the first victims of the famous witch trial trials in Europe. She was accused of having sex with a devil and giving birth to a son who eats people. The honest villagers were horrified to hear these accusations. She was tried in 1275 and convicted as a witch. She was burned alive openly. This event reminds of an ancient European society full of injustice and intolerance to people but only as killers.

8. Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn is Queen of England and the second wife of King Henry VIII of England, mother of Queen Elizabeth I. She was born in 1501 at Blickling Hall, Hever Castle, England, the daughter of Lady Elizabeth Howard and Sir Thomas Boleyn, the first earl of Wiltshire. She died at the age of 35 in the Tower of London. She was accused of more than 19 offenses, and most of them were just baseless.

Henry Percy, the 6th earl of Northumberland, sat on the grand jury seat assigned to her for adultery and treason. She was executed on Friday morning May 19, 1536. Before being decapitated, she said too many people, "You piety, I have come here to die because the law forces us to die, so we have no objections. ". The executioner of Rimbaud ended her life with a sharp blow.

9. Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau, who was known as Queen Voodoo, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) in 1794. She died in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1881, at the age of 86. Both she and her daughter Marie Laveau II followed Voodoo, a religion considered to be a combination of African magic and Roman Catholicism, and was circulated among the people in Haiti.

On June 23, 1874, more than 12,000 blacks and whites gathered at Lake Pontchartrain just to see her perform the ritual on the night of St. John. She has an ornamental snake named "Zombie". People were afraid of her supernatural powers. Very little information about her death was revealed because when she died, the New Orleans newspaper only announced that she was at home.

10. Margaret Matson

Margaret Matson lived with her husband Neals Matson in Pennsylvania. Both are of Swedish descent. After Sweden was occupied by the British, the neighbors said that it was she who enchanted the cattle. On December 27, 1683, the couple was charged in court with evidence that the wife was not only a famous witch but also a cattle enchanter. She was not convicted of a witch and was released on parole after six months of imprisonment.

11. Elly Kedward

In 1785, Elly Kedward of Blair town (Burkittsville, Maryland, USA today) was chased by people into the forest for being convicted of using magic and being falsely accused of witchcraft. Since then, there have been many children missing in the forest and it is rumored that this witch has lured them to their lair, forced some to face the wall and kill the others ...

In 1824, 11 witnesses saw little Eileen being pulled down the Tappy East creek by an invisible force. Thirteen days later, the creek was heavily polluted, the villagers had to move all their livestock out of the polluted water.

In March 1886, a girl, Robin Weaver, went missing in the forest, and villagers sent a group of people to search. A few days later, Robin returned and said that there was a woman who locked her in an old house, Robin escaped through the window and returned home safely but the people who went looking for her never returned.

The villagers sought help from the police, but when they searched, they did not discover a single body, but only the smell of dead bodies in the forest. The town of Burkittsville is filled with the smell of death, death and mysterious disappearances and the whisper of a witch's curse.

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