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White Witch don't use magic to do selfish things, which is related to harming others. Instead, they practice kindness and kindness in everything they do.

Top List 10 Signs Prove That You Are A White Witch

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# 1 You are opened to your spiritual power

You feel you have spiritual power, your hands bring relief to others in the form of energy healing, your 'clairs' are open, you often think of someone and find someone That communicates, you express what you are thinking about and you 'know' everything intuitively.

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# 2 You have an ancestor who is a herbalist or a healer

Many cultures believe that the gift of a white witch is inherited and can only be passed down through the generations. Of course, it's impossible to know any of the ancestors who are healers like recent ancestors. Nursing is the white witch’s gift.

# 3 You can easily embrace the atmosphere

Do you walk into a person's room and know right away if there is a dispute? Can you sense if a room full of people is friend or foe? Moreover, you can feel if something is not right? Many witches are very intelligent which means all senses, all senses. Witches are all feeling for us to be earth and human. Therefore, the white witches feel all the emotions that humans have.

#4 You like being outdoors

Do you want to be outdoors, regardless of the weather? You may also like being outdoors at different times of the day and night. You will love the smell of grass after being cut or the smell of summer rain. You can even smell snowfall in the winter because the witch is a child of nature.

# 5 You feel attracted to a particular animal

 Thinking back to your childhood days, was there an animal, bird or insect that was always with you or found you wherever you were even on vacation? It can be anything from spiders to cats or crows. It may even be stray dogs seem to follow you. These animals seek you because they are what we call families, animals, birds or insects as your companions. These families are your gifts of the spirit to protect you and take care of you.

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#6 You feel called to help others

Motivated by compassion, you often find yourself devoting yourself to serving others. From helping with a mission at hand or offering a shoulder to lean on, you're a sincere helper. Sometimes, you may even be too quick to put others before your own needs, however, it is always motivated by the drive to serve and give love.

You want to help create a positive change in global consciousness, in fact, what the whole world needs.

# 7 Children and animals are attracted to you

Do you find that children and animals prefer to be near you instead of their parents and others? The reason children and animals are attracted to the white witch is that they can sense the magic and wonder in them. You also make them feel safe and they know that they can trust you.

# 8 You care about the universe and the solar system

You may like to watch documentaries about the Universe and all the different planets. You may know in essence that there is more life in outer space but you also know that we are all connected. That all the paths and motions of the planets affect us here on planet earth. You may be interested in zodiac and astrology.\

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# 9 You recycle

You care deeply about the earth and the environment and try to protect it whenever you can. You admire the seasons and the natural changes they bring. You recycle long before everyone else does. You love fall, winter frost, spring flowers and buzzing bees in summer park.

# 10 You believe in better things

You do everything with kindness in your heart. You try your best in everything. You also believe in magic and all that it means including the abilities of fairies and other elements of the earth. You can also believe in ghosts. However, in all your beliefs and in all that you feel strong, there is a good force and you are part of it.

5 Powerful Signs You're A White Witch

If you answered yes to eight or more of these questions, you may be a witch and a white person. And one thing to remember with witches is that when a witch is born, she is always a witch. You have been here and now the witch is looking for you again, so hold on to it. Witches do not mean hard or challenging; It can shape your life with such simplicity that you will realize it was part of you.


  • Posted on by Bella Ana Arendt

    Hmmm i do like being outside i like to sing in the dark sometimes

  • Posted on by KOTIE Anderson

    I want to know who I am. I’ve always felt different and strange. I’ve always been drawn to rocks and crystals and have always collected them as well as feathers and fossils and bones. I have always felt the want and need to help others. I have a gift of calming and the ability to help others understand or see why things are happening the way they are. All my life Children and Animals have been drawn to me. I can gain the full trust of a child almost always immediately and I can relax and calm animals by the way that I look at them and I can get their trust by the way I touch them. I’ve always done it. It’s almost as if can let them understand by feelings almost like I can release an emotion or energy that they understand upon touch. I have also had the same Dream over and over. It is of me and I can only see myself as if I’m looking down. I’m wearing a long skirt I’m barefoot and my feet are dirty. I’m walking in woods and there is nature all around me. I don’t hear anything in the dream I feel it. I have a feeling of peace. I feel like I am where I belong. I feel ok with myself it’s hard to explain it’s a feeling that I don’t think I’ve really ever felt before and it’s hard to put in words. I have also had a voice speak to me all my life. It’s a vice from within and I am familiar with it. It’s a woman and I can hear her at any moment. I can be doing anything and I will get a feeling of something an then I will hear her. At first she sounds far far away but then all of a sudden it’s like she is screaming in my ear and it is loud and then it is gone I won’t hear it again for long periods of time sometimes years. She always says the same thing. My name Kotie. Like she is calling for me she only says it once and then she is gone. I have herd and felt it so many times that I almost know when it’s about to happen. I also feel my SOUL I feel it inside of me. It’s very much alive and I feel as if it’s part of me but also separate. It feels as if it has it’s own life. Almost like I am my own self and am alive inside of my body an also inside of my body my soul lives and it is alive and it knows things that I don’t know and it feels like we both live inside of me and we are both connected and are also separate at the same time.I am very concerned with it and and I Love It and feel as if it’s an Old Soul. Sometimes I feel as if I was in another life before and I feel drawn to certain things I feel was from a past lIves? I am very sensitive and remember everything by feelings. When I remember things it’s never by what happened or how or who but by the feeling it made me feel . Thats how I relate to everything in life. I have been very mistreated in life. I have been hurt and abused I have hurt myself and scared my body I have felt enormous pain and put myself through hardships but even through everything I’ve gone through I am absolutely BEAUTIFUL I have very distinctive look I do not look like others. And it’s almost as if I am become more beautiful the older I get I am almost 40 and I still can give young girls a run for their money. I am also very very very seductive. My appearance is Witchy and always has been. I have very earthy natural look with thick long long dark very curly hair, I am very tall, slim, and have really fair skin, and blue gray cat eyes. What am I??? Will someone please help me?

  • Posted on by Willow

    I been a witch since birth my family is as well

  • Posted on by Brandon Brown

    Hi my name is Brandon Brown and I go by Brandy and since I’ve been a little girl I’ve always been different even my mother said I was different I’ve always been curious and wanting to just be adventurous and I loved animals since I was born and I call the moon my God and my spiritual Mama passed away and the white owl became her and it protected me and so later on I met a guy which he explained the white owl and the moon are greekathon Athena Greek Athena the goddess and it made sense and just now I made or more questions right and my mother she has got abilities which she is older now I am 51 and I’m trying to connect with others cuz I always feel alone and I need help to understand my abilities and how to use them I would love to have more friends of this nature and I do thank you for your quiz I’ve always known oh and astrology I’m a Capricorn thank you Bebe Brandy Brown

  • Posted on by Patricia Casey

    I never realized that the personality traits I have could mean I could be a natural witch, I’ve always known I was an empath,

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