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Starseeds, for a long time ago, were beings in the human form living on Earth their human lives. Today, we’ll attempt to define the types of Starseeds and provide common physical and spiritual characteristics of each.

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1. What is a Starseed? 

A Starseed is known as a human existing on earth in the present. Technically speaking, residents on this Planet have arrived at some point from somewhere. But the dissimilarity is that Earthlings have incarnated here hundreds of lifetimes coming back, again and again, to repay karma, learn the new lessons and (hopefully) increase the amount of light inside themselves. 

Cat Poster

Cat Poster

Starseeds still have to learn and experience, but mainly to share their light, knowledge and spread kindness on violent Planet. Starseeds stems from many different higher or alternate dimensions, parallel universes, star systems, planets, galaxies, and planes of existence.

2. How many types of Starseeds?

According to many articles, each type of Starseed and its general traits. It’s likely you’ve ever lived in more than one of these star systems and have picked up traits from a few of those lives. If a specific type resonates with you, it’s likely this is what type you are!

2.1. Orion Starseeds

Orion Starseeds come from the Orion constellation. There are a lot of beings from the Orion constellation that migrated there from other star systems. So if you’re an Orion Starseed, you’ve probably incarnated in other star systems before Orion. However, Orion might be the incarnation you’ve had more recently before your earthly one. There are different planets/stars in the Orion constellation you might’ve lived on.

Orion Starseed Traits:

  • The first is scientific beings. You’ll be interested and intrigued in all things science, chemistry, astronomy, genetics, etc.
  • The second is about mental but not emotional beings which express the way to learn how to love and experience emotions.
  • Some Orion Starseeds have bright color, sky-blue or ice-blue eyes.
2.2. Arcturian StarseedsWitch Summer Tank Top

Arcturians are a type of Starseed from the star Arcturus, a red giant located in the Bootes constellation. They are other-dimensional, advanced star beings that incarnate on earth frequently. The star can be contacted through channeling and divination. According to lots of old stories, some believe once we die, we pass through the Arcturian realm during the process of return. Thoth, which is known as the Egyptian god of wisdom, has a home in Arcturus.

Arcturian Starseed Traits:

  • They have a mission to set up a new society where technology and spirituality meld cohesively.
  • They are not in tune with their emotions and therefore this is one of their lessons here on Earth.
  • They have telepathic abilities: can read people’s thoughts easily or transfer their message to others telepathically.

2.3. Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiadians are a type of Starseed from the Pleiades star system. The Pleiades consists of seven bright stars. Pleiadians live in multiple aspects. They also can incarnate on earth from any of those dimensions.

Pleiadian Starseeds Traits:

  • Empathic: feel and take on others’ energies, can transmute when they are in alignment.
  • People-pleaser who sometimes to a fault because this allows them to be taken advantage of.
  • There may struggle with food sensitivities, sensory issues and anxiety when not in alignment.


2.4. Draconian Starseed 

Draconian Starseeds are from the Draco constellation. Draco means dragon. Therefore, many Draconian Starseeds are linked to dragons and reptiles of various kinds. The Reptilian race, Lifgarians, and other Draconian come from Draco. otherwise, some Draconians are selfish and some say “evil”, while others are here to help wake humanity and raise consciousness.

Draconian Starseed Traits:

  • It has power when in alignment and from a higher dimension, want to unite people and work towards a common goal.
  • They may have lizard-like physical characteristics: thin, long faces, thin bodies, lizard-like eyes, and facial features
  • They can find jobs in politics, community leaders, military, architecture, construction.

2.5. Sirian Starseeds

Ancient Egypt, African tribes, and other people in the world have legends and connections with the Star Sirius based on good reason. They are the brightest star in the night sky which are also called Alpha Canis Majoris. In recent years, scientists were discovered that Sirius is a two-star system…a fact the Dogon tribe in Africa has been saying for years.

Sirian Starseed Traits:

  • “The salt of the earth” type people: spiritual individuals that also embrace the ways of the Earth.
  • It suggests that “Don’t express their emotions well; have a hard time with communication in relationships”.
  • Let enjoy tattoos and piercings and expressing themselves artistically through clothing and accessories.

2.6. Lyran Starseeds

Lyrans are a type of Starseed from the Lyra constellation. There are a few stars in the Lyra constellation, but Vega is the main original planet. It’s said the first humans originate from Lyra. A race of ancient beings, which is called Felines, also come from Lyra and helped establish much of the ancient world on Earth including Atlantis and ancient Egypt. The beings from Lyra include Felines, Vegans and Lyrans.

Lyran Starseed Traits:

  • They can take great pleasure in good and exotic food, beverage, sexuality, etc.
  • They enjoy social environments but prefer to observe rather than be the “life of the party”.
  • Love to travel and explore – have a catlike curiosity.
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